Socialite retirement package: Vera Sidika planning for her retirement

Vera Sidika has been on social media of late with one mission in mind: top of the mind awareness for her brand in Kenyans psyche. You see, she has been doing anything and everything she can think of to simply remain relevant in what has come off as a largely desperate play.

“I make silent moves” Vera Sidika brushes off trolls over ‘fake’ lifestyle

Vera Sidika is painfully aware that her trolloping days are soon going to be behind her and no amount of surgical augmentation will change that fact. Add to that the fact that the Coronavirus quarantine has forced her to actually experience what her retirement will feel like -and she is panicking.

vera sidika slaying

She attempted to first keep attention on her page by copying Xtiandela’s twerk show, calling her’s Sin City. It hasn’t achieved nearly as much notoriety as the “original” and this is a fact that no doubt bothers her to no end. Add to this the fact that there are younger, “hotter” lasses like Azziad (makeup is fraud) with whom she has to fight with for attention in what is largely becoming a zero-sum game that Vera Shikwekwe Sidika is losing.
So Vera Sidika has had to adapt to survive. Afterall, adaptability is the greatest skill mankind has as an animal species. And so Vera Shikwekwe has begun to… Drum roll please:

Fans leave no stone unturned as they troll Vera Sidika over failed Instagram live show!

Attack anyone and everyone!

“The only reason people are mad is because monkey was not nyogwad!” Vera Sidika

While she does have a point that only people beneath you, people doing nothing meaningful with their lives will attack you, Vera Sidika reminds one of the phrase “the last kicks of a dying horse”. And make no mistake about it, a dying horse is deadly. Just as a Vera Shikwekwe Sidika with a dwindling attention payload from her fans is going to up the ante to the point she will give us the most entertaining content. She will, however, eventually go the way of a star: slowly become fainter and fainter, eventually only getting attention from randy, useless boys.
And this will not be enough for a woman who has had the attention of some of the world’s most powerful men who according to her ex, Nigerian Yahoo boy Yommy Jones, pay her handsomely for a night of pleasure.

Vare Sidika Yommy Jones

So Vera has to start planning for her retirement. I suspect she is using her IG account as a beta test for a potential-jump to television, perhaps becoming a tabloid show host like Oprah originally was or as part of a reality TV cast member.

Savages! Vera Sidika blasted after suggesting Tory Lanez requested her to be on live session!

If that is the case, then it is smart. Because when she does retire, she will no longer be able to go on frequent globe-trotting trollop trips. And money will dry up. As they say, make hay while the sun still shines so Vera is going to create beef with people she normally would ignore just so she can get some clout she can then monetize later.

vera Sidika chilling

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