“Society is quick to judge an older woman” Zari addresses the huge age differences between Diamond and her

Zari Hassan has been trolled countless times for getting in a relationship with a man who is way younger than her. The mother of five has since addressed the huge age difference.

Diamond and Zari hooked up sometimes in 2014. Their relationship has been dogged by incidences of cheating and criticisms since the day they announced they were dating.

Some people argue that Diamond cheated on Zari because of the age difference. For starters, Zari is 9 years older than her baby daddy.

Women always faulted

Zari recently took to Snapchat to address the age difference debate. The mother of five questions why older men dating younger women is not an issue in society.

“Sitting here and thinking. Society is so quick to judge an older woman dating a younger guy, but not a 40+ guy dating a 19 yr old. So typical! Watu na vibabu vyenu,” wrote Zari.




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