Sofiya Nzau addresses revenue split from her mega hit song “Mwaki”

The gifted Kenyan artist Sofiya Nzau, who wrote the hit Kikuyu song “Mwaki,” has responded to the recent uproar over her vocals being underappreciated on the number-one hit song.
After Brazilian producer Zerb was given credit instead, the musician responded to a lot of fan inquiries by giving her version of events.
On her Instagram page, Sofiya Nzau disclosed that she has been busy producing vocal packs and disseminating them so that producers all over the world can access and utilize them for their projects.
It turns out that one of these platforms provided the vocals for the song “Mwaki.”

Over the last few years, I’ve been doing vocal packs and placing them on various websites where artists and songwriters get exposure and also get to pay their bills. So that’s where the amazing producer who did the song, Mwaki, got the vocals from, made the beat for the song, and made a hit,”

Sofiya defended Zerb on social media despite the controversy over the song credits, pointing out that producers usually aren’t obligated to give credit to vocalists when employing such approachable vocal packs.
She explained that Zerb produced the amazing track by using the vocals from one of those platforms, which was a legitimate use of them.

“Normally, the producers are not expected to credit the vocalists since the vocals are accessible to many. So Zerb rightfully used the vocals from one of those platforms and made the song,”

Sofiya conveyed her appreciation to Zerb and his group for making sure she gained financially from “Mwaki’s” popularity. “We have an agreement to make sure I benefit financially from the song and its success, which I’m truly grateful to Zerb and his team,” the performer said in acknowledgment of their arrangement.

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