Soko ngumu: Shix Kapienga urged to settle down after revealing she is single at 35 years & still family-less

Time is clearly not on Shix Kapienga’s side now that she is 35 years and is still single. Well all we know is that she could be dating someone on the low but that doesn’t make her his wife until the necessary is done.

However responding to one of her followers asking;

Is it true you turned 35 and still not married yet?

To which Shix Kapienga responded with a sarcastic question asking;

Surely, kwani kuna deadline ya kuolewa?

Still feeling unsatisfied by her response, another fan hit back once again by asking about Kapienga’s marriage plans since time is running out and the looks are also adjusting to the age. The fan asked;

Are you married

Which she responded saying;

Eiiii pressure ya nini jameni?

Times running out

well at the age of 35 years with no signs of starting a family or settling down must be alarming to her fans but judging from how comfortable she seems means maybe – just maybe she isn’t the type to play wifey or mummy to a family.

Shix Kapienga

I mean, by now she could have had a child of her own especially since her two best friends Jacky Vike (Awinja) and Wilbroda (Jacque Nyaminde) have at least one kid although they remain single mums.

But clearly from how Shix Kapienga is moving chances are that she prefers doing life alone with no responsibilities i.e mummy duties – simply because she wants the simple stress free life.

Word has it that Shix Kapienga almost settled down with alleged ex lover MC Jessy who she had been dating a few years back. Rumor on the online streets was that the comedian dumped his wife for Kapienga – but after dating for a few months, unfortunately the relationship didn’t make it out alive.

And now all we know about Shix Kapienga remains single but then again – didn’t Machachari’s mama Baha welcome her first child at 39 years? So yea – Shix might have a little more time to start her own family.

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