‘Some Drugged Me’- Huddah Monroe Reveals Why She’s Scared Of Making Friends

They say your worst enemy is your friend- And this proves itself over & over. The same dynamics that create a palpable friendship chemistry in the first place can be part of the reason that close friends turn into enemies. Finding a true friend to trust & share with is one hectic thing to find nowadays.

This has manifested itself on Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe; and it has converted her to an introvert she never knew she’d become. Why? Well, according to Huddah, her friends turned rogue & each time she tries to make new friends, she ends up being exposed & even sometimes, being drugged by them. Most of them are jealous of her achievements.

Sharing via her Instagram stories, the flamboyant socialite explained why she had to cut off 20 friends;

”I used to be the girl with almost 20 girls in my house daily drinking & chewing khat. Doing drugs. They all betrayed me & some even drugged me! I’m very scared on trusting anyone to that level. My friends don’t even know where I stay. I don’t invite anyone into my house and I rarely go to peoples houses even coz I’m scared of letting anyone that close.”

Huddah continued to demystify that it’s not pride holding her back from making new friends;

”I love y’all for supporting me despite looking like I’m too closed in. People might think I’m proud but I’m not. I have social anxiety. It scares me to even plan a date with friends… Or a link up. You can tell by how I don’t do video talks.”

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