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‘Somebody might just be pregnant” Vera Sidika teases possibility of baby number 2

March 28, 2022 at 19:09
‘Somebody might just be pregnant” Vera Sidika teases possibility of baby number 2

It’s barely been 6 months since Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo welcomed their first baby, Asia Brown; and thanks to a recent post shared by the former socialite – we now have reason to believe that she could be trying for baby number 2.

Vera Sidika with daughter, Asia Brown

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Vera Sidika who is known for publicizing her private life shared the news through an Instagram story; talking about her current baby fever adding that she is now ready to have a baby boy.

I’m having crazy baby fever. Well not just me, hubby too.we really want another baby. Hopefully a boy. Maybe we should consider and try. At this rate somebody might just be pregnant again this year.

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Sidika on baby number 2

However, this doesn’t come as a big surprise considering that she started asking for another baby weeks after Asia Brown’s arrival; but since she’s already financially stable – why not?

Life with Brown Mauzo

Although many have implied Mauzo is with Vera Sidika for financial reasons – chances are that they could be wrong that is judging from how Vera Sidika describes their relationship.

To her, Brown Mauzo is not only a perfect husband but a loving one. While fans criticize him, turns out that he is the only man that managed to tame Sidika from her wild ways and the two will soon be marking 2 years of their happy marriage.

Stunting on haters, Sidika wrote;

The longest relationship I’ve ever been in my adult life turns out to be with the love of my life, my husband. In 4 months time we’ll be celebrating 2 years anniversary. Wow.

So just in case you thought this relationship isn’t going no where, guess you now know what’s up!


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