Someone needs to keep Tedd Josiah off social media

Ted Josiah seems to be Kenya’s social media equivalent of Terry Crews. Everything he is saying is just rubbing people the wrong way -and by people, I mean Me, Myself and I.

Ted Josiah’s revelation on marriage reveals his hypocrisy in attacking Jalang’o

The guy first got under my un-erring gaze when he started talking about Jalang’o, essentially virtue signalling the fact that he is the better man for having his moral convictions and not being caught ever trying to optimize his evolved reproductive urge.

ted josiah

You see, Ted Josiah was among the loudest voices when Jalang’ o was caught out and exposed by Edgar Obare for trying to get laid. the problem with this is the fact that Ted Josiah isn’t exactly a great example of moral authority.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

You see, Ted Josiah is one of those fathers who had left his wife and children. Yep, back when Ted Josiah ran off to the United Kingdom claiming that he feared for his life, he left his then and apparently still current wife with their children and he left.

ted josiah

Then Ted Josiah came back and he reportedly did so with a white woman. But because this isn’t an autobiography we will simply fast forward and say that he ended up starting a family with another woman who unfortunately died.

My first wife left me because I was a really bad boy and immature – Ted Josiah

And now we are at the point where Ted Josiah just won’t shut up.

He is literally talking his way onto the public radar and as a result, he is attracting the attention of those who know him better than most, his old friends and wife.

Tedd Josiah’s secrets from the past exposed by ex wife

And as a result, he is getting unmasked as a possibly um… socio no! As a flawed man, husband and father. It is unfortunate that He is getting exposed because it seems like he has genuinely turned his life around and he is a much better man.

ted josiah

You see, ted Josiah is not only introspective but he has even come to own the sins of his past but because he doesn’t know when to keep quiet, he keeps being exposed.

At this point, his friends really must get him and his phone separated. get him away from his social media accounts. He is probably a great guy right now but he keeps giving his past a reason to not only get dredged but to dredge itself up.


He is an example of a man who is his own worst enemies. He really needs to learn the meaning of silence being golden.


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