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“My son felt my pain and it was affecting him as well” Tina Kaggia narrates the hardships she faced while married to ex husband, JB Masanduku

November 10, 2017 at 11:21
Tina Kaggia

Former radio presenter Tina Kaggia recently confirmed that she had split with her husband, comedian JB Masanduku. This is after some issues which not be resolved in their marriage.

Speaking during a recent interview, the lady revealed some shocking details that left many sympathizing with her. Tina Kaggia revealed that her husband was always out and about with his friends forgetting his family.

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This left her feeling suicidal and depressed – something that also affected her children. According to her she did not know that her children could feel her pain but now that she is sober and wiser she has managed to put the pieces together.

In a new post, Tina Kaggia narrates what had happened in the sad looking photo she shared. She wrote saying

Tina Kaggia

Tina Kaggia

This #tbt .my #2 had finally fallen asleep in my arms after hours and hours of fussing. It was a Sunday and nothing I did would soothe him to sleep.When I think about the circumstances surrounding that day and some previous events, I was under tons of stress so I wasn’t happy at all. My son was feeling my not so positive energy and it was affecting him as well. Your children feed off your energy. When you are happy, they are happy. When you are depressed or sad, so are they. It is very important what you feed your kids emotionally. I’m glad I managed to find my serenity . I can not over emphasize how much good it has done for them. #kagia02 #boylion #heartbeat #son#mummysperfectgentleman

Moving on

The mother of three has sinc moved on and is now building a Christian background for her children. So far she has been using her story to inspire women going through the same situation she was once caught up in.


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