Son of Nyahururu peasant angling to take up SONU leadership

One of the oldest and most formidable Student Unions in Kenya is about to get a surprise President – and a man few expected would rise to such a vaunted position.

The Presidency of University of Nairobi’s SONU, now known as University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA), has been one of the hottest and most coveted Student Leadership positions not just in Kenya but across East Africa as well.

And that probably explains why leaders like Babu Owino, now a Member of Parliament, stayed put in that position for so long.

Now, a son of a peasant from Nyahururu is angling to take up leadership of UNSA.

Steve Chege, born and brought up in the dilapidated Maina slums of Nyahururu, has surmounted some of the greatest and most daunting challenges in his stellar rise to the apex of Leadership.

The affable 25 year old, who was brought up by a single mother and encountered serious hurdles in his earlier schooling, refused to let the hardships of his past define the vision of his future.

And, lucky to have joined the Nairobi University, the brilliant hotshot, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management, quickly noted the sorry state of affairs at the Institution – poor leadership, discrimination, lack of amenities, and dysfunctional school systems.

Armed with that realization, the firebrand leader, who also worked for the President Uhuru reelection team as the Laikipia Youth Coordinator, threw his hat in the ring.

And purposed to lead the revamped University of Nairobi’s Student Association (UNSA).

Elections are scheduled for March 2018 and the indefatigable Chege is more than ready for the polls.

“I want to tackle burning issues like unwarranted suspensions and expulsions, high cost of living in campus, delayed HELB disbursement, university’s non-commitment to securing internship and job opportunities for students,” says Chege.

“”The previous regime privatised the student union. It’s leadership was designated for some few people. I will be the voice of comrades from poor backgrounds. I will fight for them because we matter and have a stake in running this country. I will give them hope and keep reminding them no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid,” he added.

Looks like the oldest and most reputable Student Association in Kenya is a out to experience a rebirth – and a robust leadership that will not only revolutionize student leadership but cement the legacy of a young poor man from a village Ghetto.


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