Speaking from experience? Tanasha Donna’s video on why men should shower regulary is a must watch

Tanasha Donna has lately been focusing on herself and ever since she parted ways with Diamond Platnumz – the mother of one also ‘sort of’ lost interest in the celebrity lifestyle….and now more than ever, she is exploring her potential.


With her living a private life, we havent had the chance to meet any of her new male friends or partners – I mean, you can’t tell me she’s single, yet is living such a lavish lifestyle a year after she was rumored to be broke….with so many debts including the one from her cosmetic procedure.

Anyway with that said, Ms Donna recently left many talking after her video on hygene where she urged men to take regular showers to avoid the funny funny smells that leave you gagging as you gasp for fresh air.

Ms Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna speaking from experience?

Okay….i know what she is saying is true but for someone who doesnt use public transport or interact with kawaida….i cant help but wonder, where would Tanasha Donna would have come across a man smelling more or less of an animal if not pig?

Well the only explanation is that yea, Donna did come across a stinky man but where? Hasn’t she been in Europe this whole time for Paris Fashion week or is it that she’s throwing shade at someone from her past?

Either way, all i know is that Donna is right to have shared this video considering there are those who don’t understand the importance of Bidet showers in their washrooms….and knowing that most Nairobi houses dont have this, bado kuna kasuku ya mafuta, blueband, jag, empty icecream tins that can come in handy.

But again, until you smell the sweat from your own azz crack….youll never understand why water is so important.

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