Speculations galore as Zari is seen rubbing shoulders with an Arab man weeks after the breakup with Diamond

Zari didn’t rule out the possibility of dating another man after her breakup with Diamond. The mother of five however insists that she is not ready to get in a new relationship.

“Love only sweeps you off your feet at unexpected places and unexpected time so you can never say never. Lakini this time saa hivi am trying to find myself because ukiwa kwenye relationship most of the time you will lose yourself as an individual in the relationship. So for me this time is about finding myself. But saa hivi am not looking. Baba wa watoto wangu (Ivan) amefariki, kukawa nimedate mtu kabla sijamdate Baba Tee (Diamond). Sasa saa hivi baba Tee katoka tena watoto wanaona kuna mtu mwingine?” Said Zari during an interview with BBC.

Mysterious Arab man

A photo of Zari with an Arab man caused ripples on social media as rumormongers started insinuating that the two were an item.

The Arab man posed with Zari during Prince Nillan’s birthday, back then in December 2017 when Zari and Diamond had not separated.

The Arab man is a professional interior and exterior designer who was contracted to lighten up Prince Nillan’s birthday party.



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