Ssaru Advices Diana Marua To Focus On Content Creation, Says Music Isn’t Meant For Her

Kenyan rapper Ssaru has addressed the possibility of a musical collaboration with content creator and rapper Diana Marua, popularly known as Diana B, during an interview with local media houses on November 14.

Ssaru expressed skepticism about the prospect of a collaborative song, suggesting that Diana B might have been intimidated by her powerful lyrics in the collaboration with Bahati on the song “Mambo ya Mhesh Remix.”

While open to collaborating on content creation, Ssaru believes that each individual should focus on their strengths. She acknowledged Diana B’s expertise in content creation but firmly stated that music is not Diana B’s forte.

“Maybe she heard me rap and decided to step back… I can confidently say I delivered an impressive verse, just as Bahati expected me to. We could work together on content creation because she excels in that. However, when it comes to rap, I’ve got that covered,” Ssaru explained.

Addressing the challenges faced by women in the music industry, where success is often perceived to be linked to compromising situations, Ssaru asserted her position as a legitimate artist with undeniable talent. She emphasized that she has no need to resort to compromising favors to make an impact.

“I have recognized my worth, and I don’t need anyone to validate it. Talent sells itself. You don’t have to stoop to unpleasant means to gain favors,” Ssaru stated.

“Initially, people didn’t like me because I projected an assertive attitude. I’m fortunate that few people get that acceptance. Once people embrace you, it’s something no one can take away. It’s talent, and it’s here to stay,” she added.

Ssaru’s comments highlight the challenges faced by women in the music industry while also showcasing her confidence in her own abilities. She remains steadfast in her pursuit of success through her talent and hard work.

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