Ssaru continues to value her bride at billions, but she no longer wants to get married

Renowned gengetone artist Ssaru wa Manyaru has recently announced a shift in her stance on marriage, although she maintains her constant bride price.

Previously, Ssaru had made headlines by stating that she would only consider marriage if her potential partner was willing to pay a bride price of Sh1 billion.

“Let me tell you, I want to tell my current bae, but of course, I don’t want to get married right now. I want to wait a couple of years. But every year, the amount increases; it’s like a billion shillings, just like that,” she had declared.

Drawing a comparison to fellow artist Khaligraph Jones’ significant investment in his home, the rapper emphasized the substantial value she places on herself, saying, “If you can spend that much on a house, then paying someone like me a billion shillings should also not be an issue.”

However, in a recent interview with SPM Buzz, Ssaru revealed that she has had a change of heart regarding marriage.

“Let me tell you. The people who are complaining are not the ones I was addressing. I’m all about billionaires,” Ssaru stated. “But as for the bride price matters, let’s leave that behind. I’ve changed my mind. I no longer want marriage.”

She further expressed her discomfort with the attention she has received since announcing her extravagant bride price, noting that men have been flooding her DMs, which has become bothersome for her.

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