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Stevo Simple Boy opens up on getting arrested over rape allegations

June 22, 2022 at 09:44
Stevo Simple Boy opens up on getting arrested over rape allegations

Stevo Simple boy May be making headlines thanks to his freshi baridi hit song but also, let’s say his involvement with Pritty Vishy has also boosted his fame in the industry and life now looks way much better than he’d expected.

But before all the fame and money there was a time Stevo was way broke than a church mouse. Actually, he says life back then was like punishment – he didn’t have anything nor did he have relatives to support him either.

Stivo Simple boy

This is why he got a job as a guard earning 7k a month…so he was basically living on a hand to mouth situation. Despite the struggles of life, Stevo at some point had to deal with the law following rape allegations made by a lady that was attracted to him.

Born to suffer?

Speaking about his past recently, the rapper narrated how he once ended up in police custody….simply because he could not allow a slithering Eve taste his apple.

According to Stevo, the young lass who’d be smitten by him went on to come up with a rape story – and being the person he is (shy, quiet, confused and a little scared) Stevo couldn’t get himself out of the situation hence ended up in a cell.

She told her mum that I tried to rape her and she became agitated and wanted to know the truth. So she got hold of me and took us to get tested to ascertain whether the allegations were true or false.

Well since Stevo didn’t have money back then – can’t help but wonder what the lady could have been after……mmmh.


Luckily for him, the rape allegations were proven false and Stevo finally regained his freedom back.

The test results proved that she was lying. I was jailed for a week and of course, you get beaten inside there,


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