Stevo Simple Boy Reveals Pregnancy Of His Wife Was A Hoax (Screenshot)

Image: Stivo Simple boy

‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker Stevo Simple Boy recently revealed to his fans that he’s expecting aa first born with his wife. According to Stevo, it would be his first child in tandem with his wife Grace Atieno.

The rapper revealed the exciting news to the media during the album launch of Ohangla musician Prince Indah.

”My lover and I are doing perfectly well. We love each other. A baby is on the way coming. I can’t reveal the gender because that is God’s plan and I can’t know. Hopefully, that will be my firstborn child.”

Stevo’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy was however, quick to react to the news. She claimed that chances are high that the pregnancy is not Stivo Simple Boy’s, i.e, he might not be the legitimate father.

Either way, her sentiments do not matter anymore as Simple Boy divulged that the news was all a hoax for April’s fool’s day.

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