Stevo Simple Boy Urges Women To Keep Off His DM (Video)

Stevo Simple Boy is letting ladies know that he’s not ready to trade the love of his life monikered Gee for the numerous women sliding in his DM.

Before fame and money, Stevo was just some ordinary hustling dude, who was being curved by ladies for his looks. I mean, have you seen before and after photos of the fella? Who would want to date him before?

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Women Crushing On Stevo Simple Boy

That’s the past anyway. For now, not only is Stevo rich, but he has a new look after a makeover that costed him thousands.
And this is why women can’t keep off his DM.
The musician divulged the latter in a recent interview with Presenter Ali, where he maintained that he’s a virgin despite having a girlfriend and receiving numerous proposals from women.

”Mabinti wananitaka, mi naringa. Mabinti wengi Wananimezea mate. Kuna wale pia wanataka umaarufu, na pia kuna wale wanataka hela. Kuna wale wanataka kuwa na mimi wajibambe. Na pia kuna wenye wako na hio mapenzi ya ukweli. Shida inatokea kujua ule mwenye akona mapenzi ya ukweli.”

Stevo recently confirmed that he’s on the verge of getting married to the love of his life, Gee- after she gladly accepted his proposal.

Watch his full interview video below;

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