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Still searching for Mr right: Stevo Simple Boy’s fiance spotted looking ‘yummy’ on dating site

October 04, 2022 at 16:28
Still searching for Mr right: Stevo Simple Boy's fiance spotted looking 'yummy' on dating site

Hii Nairobi huwezi date in peace. Like Otile Brown song goes Saa zingine anayekupenda humpendi Unapenda mwingine Anayependa mwingine hata asiye mpendanga Na kila mtu anataka type yake which brings us to Stevo’s alleged fiance who is apparently still searching.

This is after a certain Tinder user came across Ms Gee profile on the app and thanks to the screenshot making rounds on social media we also understand she goes by the name of Mally and is 22 years.

Stevo’s fiance still searching

Well looking at the photos on her profile – lets just say Stevo is in trouble cause his fiance looks drop dead gorgeous. Anyway sharing the screenshot online, the user wrote;

Guess who I found on tinder?” the man asked, adding lots of LOL emojis, “the one and only dem wa Stiveo Simple Boy.

And of course we all had to take notice….i mean what about our boy stevo simple?

Clout chasing?

Okay – although i am sure most of you believe there was never a real relationship between these two but just business….this also confirms most of our celebs rely on clout to remain relevant.

Stevo with fiance, Gee

But then again….the news comes just when Pritty revealed she had broken up with Madini (another clout stunt) and since Man Stevo is also about to become single…the universe might be telling them something. No?


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