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Stivo Simple boy confirms breakup, blames ex girlfriend for ugly scandalous split

March 30, 2022 at 18:05
Stivo Simple boy confirms breakup, blames ex girlfriend for ugly scandalous split

Stivo Simple boy must have really been fed up by his ex girlfriend, Pritty who he now blames for their untimely breakup. Wait. If you haven’t heard it yet, then rumor has it that Stivo Simple recently dumped his long term lover for a new petite light skinned lady from the coast region.

Bad boy Stivo breaking hearts in town

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From what Pritty (the ex) said is that Stivo dumped her without a notice; and is currently living large with a new lady who he also paraded on his social media pages. To her, the breakup was unfair and was carried out in the worst way possible considering the love they shared.

Stivo Simple boy leaves ex, Pritty in tears following untimely breakup

But – si mlisema Nairobi haitaki feelings?

Stivo confirms breakup

Well – I know many feel this is Stivo’s management creating hype for an upcoming project…and believe me – it’s working. We’re talking about it, ain’t we?

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Anyway whether clout or not – Simple Boy has finally confirmed that he is no longer with Pritty but with Adassa – the new burning flame in his heart.

Simple boy spoke about the split with Mungai Eve, revealing that Pritty’s character is what drove him away; and after everything he had to put up with – there’s no turning back.

You know when someone’s behaviour does not amuse you, you leave. And when you see something that you like, you go after it and you say everything about you and hope that they will understand you.

Ouch. Mapenzi wewe. 

Anyway with Pritty out of the picture – does this mean that Stivo’s management will now pay him well? Just asking.



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