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‘Stivo Simple Boy Was Flirting With Other Women’- Pritty Vishy (Video)

June 13, 2022 at 13:22
'Stivo Simple Boy Was Flirting With Other Women'- Pritty Vishy (Video)

Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has yet again thrown shade at him for being toxic & a serial cheater when they were still together. She made the revelation while in a recent interview with Oga Obinna on Kula Cooler show.

Damage Control?

The content creator made the revelation about Stivo just a few days after the singer claimed she was cheating on him with over 50 men- giving fans reason to believe it’s damage control.

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Upon seeing how Stivo spewed such explicit information, the vindictive lass went ahead to show vengeance by purporting that Stivo was also a cheating partner. She claims the singer was flirting with other women when they were together.

”Stivo several times nikishika simu yake lazima kukuwe na msichana wanaongea na yeye. Yaani wana flirt… I am not lying. Ata naeza sema jina ya mmoja. Wa kwanza alikuwa anaitwa Vanessa… Karibu tu fight…”

According to Pritty, the latter was the main reason for her to cheat on Stivo with several wababas. Her other reason was Stivo not being romantic and not sharing intimacy with her. Pritty is currently single and ready to mingle.

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Watch Pritty’s full interview video below;


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