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Stivo Simple Boy needs to realize his worth

December 30, 2022 at 14:22
Stivo Simple Boy needs to realize his worth

Rumor has it that Stivo Simple Boy was recently spotted at a bus stopover in Mtito Andei; and seeing that he had a show in Mombasa…this only meant Stivo was headed for this particular gig – where Nigerian superstar – Ruger was also allegedly ment to curtain raise for our boy Stevo.

However unlike the other artists and management teams that used air as a means of transport to mombasa; the star of the show ended up in a local bus and this is why KoT cannot keep calm about Stivo’s management.

Change management, again!

Okay….we’ve said it time and time again that Stivo Simple boy needs a management that will not use him to their benefit; but either way – he still ends up with a bunch of people posing as legit management team then later we learn Simple Boy hasnt been pocketing much from his million deals… where does the rest of the money go to?

Stivo with Ruger

As you already know, the new management claims they upgraded his living conditions from the ghetto to a more well developed area; yes, they’ve been dressing him with good outfits but either way….he remains in the same position

With his 2022 gigs, I believe that was enough money to set up a startup which can be a side hustle right? But again, how would this be possible when the money goes through other channels before getting to him?


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