Stivo Simple Boy needs to start protecting his brand

Stivo Simple Boy is everywhere and while this can often be a great thing for any celebrity, it puts him at risk of brand erosion for two reasons; the audience might experience fatigue about his brand and secondly, this level of publicity only makes sense when you have projects coming out.

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What he has managed to do with regards to generating a buzz around himself is actually pretty impressive. No one would have thought he would have become one of the biggest stars in Kenya, let alone Nairobi.

Stivo Simple Boy was meant to be a joke, someone who blows up with one hit and eventually becomes the subject of “Whatever happened to…” but he has somehow managed to do is to make himself not only a legit musician but also a bonafide star.

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And the media is eating it all up! Why else do you think they all are falling over themselves for an interview with him? He literally found a way to hack the system. He is the very cheat code that most stars have failed to acquire.

His first songs went viral but not because they were smash hits but because it was comic relief. But he kept grinding and for some reason only known to the lords of the cosmos, Kenyans fell in love with him. But Stivo Simple Boy wanted more than just to be the butt of the joke.

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He came up with a rather ludicrous statement that quickly found its way into the Kenyan lexicon with the whole “Freshi Barida” statement and then he teamed up with a super producer and that phrase became a runaway hit.

Stivo Simple boy

That said, he needs to slow down on the interviews. And my advice is informed by simple laws of business and economics; demand and supply. And Stivo Simple Boy needs to be more discerning of who gets to lean in on his star. He needs to stop giving everyone a piece of the pie.

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Actually, if he is going to do so, he needs to do it on his own platform and start creating captivating content. Well, there’s that but there’s also him simply releasing a bunch of songs that are well done so that he rides this wave into a couple of concerts and club performances. And maybe that is the move to make for Stivo Simple Boy. But he needs a whole buncha songs so he can have a full set to perform.

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