Stivo Simple Boy Releases New Song Criticizing Fake Preachers

Budding musician Stivo Simple Boy has released a new song titled “Makasisi” (which means “Preachers” in Swahili). The song is a criticism of the many fake preachers in Kenya, who have been accused of exploiting people’s faith for their own personal gain.

The song begins with the sound of an old woman who was rescued by the police after being held captive by a fake preacher. The woman had been forced to fast and pray for days, and she was in a state of physical and emotional distress.

The song then goes on to criticize the false promises that fake preachers make to their followers. Simple Boy sings about how these preachers take advantage of people’s desperation, and how they often lead their followers astray.

The song ends with a plea to God to forgive Kenyans for believing in false prophets. Simple Boy sings about how he hopes that Kenyans will learn from their mistakes, and that they will choose to follow true prophets in the future.

The song has been met with positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Many people have praised Simple Boy for speaking out against the problem of fake preachers in Kenya. The song has also been seen as a call for Kenyans to be more discerning about the religious leaders they follow.

It remains to be seen whether Simple Boy’s song will have any impact on the problem of fake preachers in Kenya. However, the song has certainly sparked a conversation about the issue, and it is possible that it will help to raise awareness of the problem.

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