Stivo Simple Boy Sends Message To Pritty Vishy On Her New Relationship With Madini Classic

Image: Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

After a nasty separation between Musician Stivo Simple Boy and his YouTuber ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy, the two have been lucky enough to move on. Pritty has found yet another musician for herself, Madini Classic. And the two made their relationship public a few days ago during an interview. They confirmed their relationship after a long period of keeping it surreptitious.

Madini & Pritty met just like many other couples. The musician slid in Pritty’s DM; and she thought it was a gig for being his video vixen. But Madini had other plans.

According to the musician, he liked Pritty from the moment he saw her and decided to DM her just to get to know her.

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Stivo’s Message

After seeing his ex moving on with another musician, Stivo has wished Pritty the best of luck as she turns over a new leaf. He sent a shrewd message to her through Mungai Eve’s channel, stating that they should stick to each other only if they’re genuinely in love.

”Kama amepata ule mpenzi mwenye anampenda kwa dhati, ashikilie. Bora tu si kudanganyana.”

He also addressed Madini Classic;

”Kama anapenda Pritty kwa dhati, ampende. Si mchezo. Sio ati niskie Pritty analia kwa mtandao heri ningekuwa na Stivo Simple Boy. Staki.”

The two sweethearts are looking forward to having babies together. Watch Stivo’s full interview video below;

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