Stop asking musicians what else they do!

Sometimes I get vexed when an interviewer asks a musician what else he/ she does. It really bothers me because they don’t perceive music as a serious profession yet it puts bread on many people’s tables.
Granted, some musicians could be engaging in other activities lines their pockets but that does not mean that they are not making money from music. In most cases, they have a side hustle or something to shelter them during rainy days.

About a decade ago, if you told your parents that you want to be a musician or a disc jockey when you grow up, you would get a thorough ass whooping so to drive some sense into your head. Those who pursued these two careers were seen as jokers who lacked ambition.

However, in the last few years the tables have turned so much so that many people have had to ditch their day jobs to do music full time. They discovered that they can earn a good living while doing something that they actually love.

Most of the established local acts ask for nothing less than Ksh. 500,00  for a show – bear in mind that they will perform for an hour or less. Interestingly, people still don’t perceive music as serious profession yet local musicians laughing to the bank.

Avril Nyambura
Avril Nyambura

It’s time we stopped asking musicians what else they do because their profession is as good as any if not better. Some of the most successful artists in Kenya focus solely on their music because they have learnt that it requires their undivided attention.

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