“Stop buying v*g!nal cleansing products” Kaz Lucas warns women, says there is no such thing

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Kaz Lucas does not agree with anyone selling or buying vaginal hygiene products and this is because she says there is nothing like that. It’s just people coming up with products giving them fancy names and promising women “fresh smelling vaginas” and yes – women are buying since no one likes being associated with fishy smelling private parts.

Miss Kaz Lucas

It’s a business that has been growing for years…and if anything we have business lady Huddah already dominating this industry. Judging from the reviews she shared from her clients, you see some praising the product – talking about their partners enjoying sex more now that they’re tight (for lack of a better word.)

Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s just a marketing strategy – or maybe it’s also mental? I mean most women have normal delivery and despite pushing a baby as big as mini water melon…their private parts bounce back to their original size.

Kaz on vaginal detoxing products

Well – not everybody knows this and I guess this is why Kaz Lucas decided to address the issue on her page. As seen on one of her posts, Kaz Lucas wrote;

Stop buying products to clean your vag. it is self cleaning.


Tightening your vagina is a whole myth…stop doing it!!!

If you ask Huddah I’m sure she’ll say Kaz Lucas is just hating and bitter (We know her how she takes criticism.)

However from my understanding, I have always known the vagina needs nothing fancier than just water, mild soap and a gentle Pat dry (not rubbing) to remain clean and fresh. Otherwise anything foreign introduced to the Vagina risks tampering the careful balance of bacteria hence the infections etc.

Incase you need a good example…look at your sanitary pads (no matter the brand) they all have “keeps you fresh” but after wearing it for hours….still smells fresh?

But again, it’s all about profits when it comes down to businesses right?


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