Stop listening to Kamene Goro’s relationship advice

Kamene Goro is literally creating delusional and entitled young women with her truly vapid relationship advice that negates any form of self-accountability and responsibility when it comes to dating and I think it is high time we stop listening to her “baby girl” BS!

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To begin with, there is the obvious fact that this is a woman who boasted about having 27 lovers under her belt like it was a badge of honour. She clearly does not take herself seriously or she doesn’t think she is worth a lot if she thinks being a free pass for 27 men makes her special in any understanding of the word. No really, promiscuity is often the symptom of an underlying issue with self-esteem stemming from neglectful parents or absentee fathers.

Kamene Goro with ex-husband

Let that sink in, a woman who has been run through by 27 men thinks she has anything to teach my younger sister about self-worth?! Nah, Kamene Goro is clearly full of it! And then there is the fact that she was already a divorcee before hitting the 30-year milestone. This honestly tells us she is not only a poor judge of character but doesn’t truly understand how commitment and relationships work. And that’s if we assume her ex-husband was the one with the issue.

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Just let me paint the picture more clearly for you, a man got her while she was still at her youngest and brightest, weighed her on the scale of what would be his ideal wife and he found her wanting. That same woman came out to blame him for the failure of their relationship, not once taking any responsibility for the end of it and she’s now telling you why you are too special for your partner? No mama!

Kamene Goror-IG

And then there is the issue of her vapid, vacuous advice. Kamene Goro loves dolling out stupid drivel like,

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“Baby girl, ringa yako yote. It is unnerving to see how available some ladies are to everything. Ladies, know your parameters. Be selfish with your time and space.”

Kenyan fine babe Kamene Goro

This is garbage advice. This is going to destroy an entire generation! Unaringia nani? Be selfish with your time while expecting the man to avail himself wholeheartedly is why Andrew Kibe’s message resonates with so many men. This advice amounts to:

Kamene Goro is a hypocrite always playing the victim

“Baby girl, go be an energy vampire.”

Can you imagine that this is the same person who turns around and describes Andrew Kibe as toxic? She is everything wrong with millennial women in that she gives younger women advice meant to keep them single and unhappy because even if they manage to find a weak, spineless man who cannot stand up to their BS, they end up unhappy because they know all too well that he is not a real man in any definition of the word. Meanwhile, she is dating a man in DJ Bonez whom we cannot help but wonder whether he is a weak spineless man -because if she does use her own advice in her relationship then there is no way Kamene Goro doesn’t ride roughshod over her man or if she could potentially just be lying and conning young women with her advice.

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However we shop it up, Kamene Goro’s advice is designed to leave young women hurting in future. I would advise young women to be more selective indeed but do not for a second think you are entitled to any type of respect or special treatment. Such things are earned. Learn to find worthy men and then earn their respect because ultimately that is what dating is all about; getting to know each other. Then show him why he should treasure you. If he doesn’t move on but do not waste a good man’s time trying to teach how to reach a princess while all you are is a frog who swallowed rubbish advice. Do the work to earn. It’s why we say, “I paid the cost to be the boss”. Sio hiyo ujinga ya,

Kamene Goro

“Baby girl, how he treats you has nothing to do with you”- Kamene

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