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“Stop texting me” Zari Hassan’s son screams after online ‘uncles’ allegedly jump into his DM

January 12, 2021 at 13:31
“Stop texting me” Zari Hassan’s son screams after online ‘uncles’ allegedly jump into his DM

January has not been an easy month for bosslady Zari Hassan thanks to her 13 year old son, Raphael Junior. This is after the young man went on an IG live session to declare that he was only attracted to fellow boys.

Judging from the video, the young man is heard talking about having been taught that women are for men; but having soul searched, he discovered that he is different.

Raphael declares he is gay

This move however cost both him; and his family as social media fans rushed in to get more tea from the minor. His mother however tried to fix the mess by claiming her son is not who he claims to be; as he already has a girlfriend. But went on to add that just in case he turned out gay – she would then support him no matter what.

Raphael asks for peace of mind

Well, as you all know Tanzanians in social media can be quite aggressive even when it comes to bullying; and thanks to a post shared by Raphael, we have every reason to believe his DM is overflowing with messages from Tanzanians and others.

Raphael comes out

According to a Tanzanian news outlet, they suspect that after Raphael announcement may have triggered online ‘Uncles’ who are now proud of Raphael’s decision of being different.

Of course this was bound to happen sooner or later; hence Zari’s bitter live session where she went on to shield her son. This is probably because she understood the damage he may have caused; and judging from his latest post where he wrote;

Okay stop texting me

Zari’s son

It’s clear to see that despite using the ‘gay move’ to keep off older women away; only to drift all the attention to the opposite sex – which probably isn’t as pretty. Anyway since this is a matter Zari and family are currently handling- let’s hope Raphael finds his peace soon.



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