Strange reason Stivo Simple Boy’s parents never supported his music career (Video)

Popular urban rapper, Stivo Simple Boy never had his parents support while starting off his art despite the fame he has grown over time through music.

The young musician scaled the heights in the music industry soon after his Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati track hit the market and never looked back.

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He topped the charts with fans appreciating his unique rap skills, an artist who despite his unfavorable background was able to convince masses to stop abusing drugs because the end effect is almost fatal.

Talented rapper, Stivo Simple Boy

From the slums to the city, his music turned a sensation, humble but true to his lyrics.

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Rise to fame

This saw him land numerous gigs with his most paying being a show he staged at Kenyatta University that ran into thousands.

The highest I have even been paid was 50k for a show during Kenyatta Universitys freshers bash.

Fast-rising youthful Kenyan artist, Stivo Simple Boy

Money he ended up giving his parents to meet their basic needs especially regards access to water.

I used the sum to help my parents drill a borehole back upcountry because there is a scarcity of water there.

The very same music career his parents had deemed ´demonic´ was the very same one that was going to see his son scale heights and provide for them.

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Stivo Simple Boy

Further divulging to Jalang’o, that they eventually appreciated his career.

They are now proud of me. But when I started they were against my career because they believed music was demonic. Now, they appreciate my work.

His dream in music is yet to be fulfilled hoping to one day fly off to America and collaborate with Nicki Minaj.

If I work hard enough, God-willing I will fly to America for leisure and do a collabo with Nicki Minaj. I love her flow but I dont like what she sings.

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