“Struggles of a mother!” Nameless leaks video of a worn-out Wahu

Legendary Kenyan pop artist, Nameless felt for wife, Wahu who still had to tend to her daughters even after the day’s hustle.

Wahu Kagwi, who doubles up as a professional woman, a businesswoman and music artist still plays mommy duties to her two daughters: Tumiso and Nyakio.

Wahu Kagwi with daghter, Tumiso (right) and Nyakio (left)

In the face of Coronavirus, it is no longer business as usual with most time spent within the four walls of a home than ever before.

However, what this easily translates into, is putting up with kids who are no longer in school and need the attention of their parents 24/7.

Even more demanding are the roles the woman, the wife and the mother has to play in cleaning the house, feeding her family and simultaneously keeping her sanity levels intact.

Wahu Kagwi is the mother of two and even after the chores and running to everyone’s beck and call, she still had to give a listening ear to her girls.

The Mathenges

Everyone had their demands: Tumiso was story-telling while Nyakio was busy trying to get her mother’s attention.

Helplessly, Wahu had to give up one of the girl’s needs to tend to the other and we both know – the youngest’s demands had to be met first.

It went on and on to an extend Nameless pitied his self-giving woman who still managed to sit up and have a girls’ talk.

Secret recording of a supermom after an exhausting day giving attention to all her kids needs at the same time????????…

Wahu Kagwi

It was Mother’s day and the architect could not help but acknowledge:

Happy mothers day @wahukagwi I secretly see and appreciate your super-mother instincts .????????????????????#fireeeeeMum #ouch #quarantinemothersday #hizindizomunaitaGaltalk?????????‍♂️


to my WIFE @wahukagwi an amazing mother to my kids????♥️ , thank you for being my life-partner????????????????????????.


Comment section

Fans sweetly admired:

jenniferkendi She lucky having someone to wish her, mother’s day single tuko na sinda tutawishia nani????????happy mothers day mama nyakio????
margaretgathii happy mothers day Wahu kagwi????
besttellerpollyanna I love this family ❤️♥️ Nyakio always on her own level
taby499 Every gals rough their mums i.thought thst is only boys. My son terrorizes men ????

Happy Mothers day ????

cheemuturi ???????????????? seems kio is the noise maker kwa nyumba….much love????????????????????????????
wandwati A very happy mother’s Day to her!
hellacredis68 I love this family very much,,hawanaga shida na mtu,may Heveanly Father continue blessings you,

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