Substance abuse or age catching up? Anerlisa Muigai leaves fans confused with new eyebrow raising photos

Someone once told me most of these celebrities like wearing sunglasses to conceal their aging eye lines and this clearly explains why Huddah, Anerlisa Muigai and other females cant stop walking around with sunnies even on rainy days.

Anyway could be true or could be for fun but all i know i that the only two places that dont lie about someone’s age are their eyes and of course neck….which are normally hit by wrinkles…an obvious sign of aging – which is why fans can’t stop commenting on Anerlisa Muigai’s new photos.

Well you see, she recently shared new photos from a certain event and despite the gorgeous outfit she stepped out in…many couldn’t look past her red tired eyes that actually left one fan asking whether she’s on cocaine…i mean the Eyes have it…see what i did there…but again could also be sparkling wine.

Eyes don’t lie

Apart from the eyes, the other thing fans pointed out is the fact that her neck appears to already have wrinkles…..but at 33 years? How is that possible?

Maybe its the camera or could it be that Anerlisa Muigai has been lying about her age this whole time….or again – could it be the makeup? Because i am thinking – if she looks like this at 33 years with no kids…..can you imagine when she finally gets one?

Any truth is – aging is beautiful but in Anerlisa Muigai’s case….we really can’t tell what she really looks like because one minute she looks 20’s and the next she looks close to 50’s. So which is which?

Anyway below are the few photos that have people talking.

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