Meet the successful lady gearing the Sonko PR team….everybody she works with always wins

If the latest tallying and what is being projected on social media is anything to go by, then Sonko is surely on the way to becoming the next governor of Nairobi; that is if manages to beat the mighty Kidero.

He has not done it alone though as he has a successful team rallying behind him which I can guarantee has never lost an election.

It is the formidable force of Cynthia Nyamai the PR goat from Cynthia Communications who has led to the successful election of notable figures not only here in kenya but across Africa.

She was spearheading the campaigns for the current president of Nigeria, Buhari who won by a landslide and also Yoweri Museveni who won in the last elections.

As we have gathered, she’s the person running the show in Sonko’s fort and she’s expecting nothing but a win.

Here she is posing like the boss she is:




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