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Surfing the wave: Ochungulo Family releases Pandemic

April 16, 2020 at 15:50
Surfing the wave: Ochungulo Family releases Pandemic

Ochungulo Family is out to ride the Corona Virus wave with their latest release, Pandemic. The jam, contrary to what the name might suggest, the song isn’t really about the disease.

The song which is produced by Moti di Don doesn’t rely on stereotypical Gengeton instrumentals, rather, is heavily flute based before cutting to the keyboard and drum kit.  Alehandro opens the track with a verse that celebrates the use of weed. At some point, he goes in on the fact that terrorists don’t currently have anyone to bomb and Pastor Ng’ang’a doesn’t have anyone to con. Fantastic dark humour! Interestingly, in the video, he has chosen to show off his skinny frame as he raps in short shorts while he is bare-chested.

NellytheGoon handles the chorus before going on to list different situations that are just about as bad a pandemic as Coronavirus such as not having a Samsung charger, having a handsome girlfriend and running out of weed. What is interesting about the jam is that it is a follow up single to the previously released Make Up which saw them actually rap and they did a fantastic job of it. This leaves me wondering whether we are seeing them purpose to diversify their sound.

But back to the track, Dmore rounds up the trio’s verses of the very catchy song. No seriously, it has to be some sort of an earworm. Dmore’s verse is performed in a playful way -he isn’t really rapping but more reciting a children’s rhyme. Remember the ones we all sung as children? Something akin to that. Check out the jam below:


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