Susan Kaitany after Betty Kyalo’s drama: Lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya 

They were once friends but now they are enemies. Susan Kaittany and KTN’s Betty Kyalo ruled the headlines after launching their state of the art spa Posh Palace. But less than a year on, the two are in a bitter fight after parting ways and later Kyalo starting her own spa just next to Posh Palace. She also “stole” all her employee.

But according to Kaittany, this is a normal thing in Kenya. Most people are not loyal.

“This is not my first business, lack of loyalty is a thing especially here in Kenya, not just for me , it’s for everyone, ask business people, the people who are close to you will let you down,  the peole who are close to you can even steal from you, it’s not new to me, it affirms my thoughts on like people not being loyal and believing and trusting in yourself first, people will let you down, you cannot have faith in people at all” said Kaittany in an interview with interview with Ebru TV.

She said that the market is can accommodate everyone hence there’s no reason to panic.

“The beauty industry in Kenya is over a billion, there is so much me and her is like a small fraction, even if ten people set business next to me, I will still be cool, there is enough to go around, I don’t know why people see it as, it has to be a fight or we have to have beef, there is so much, that we can even cover, I say welcome to the business join me in the journey of beauty, and discovering” she said.

Betty Kyalo


“We have the best intention we are going into something and we want it to work. The thing is we plan but you never anticipate what is to come and happen along the way. You saw us together we were happy, but shit does happen and when it does, you gonna be really coz I don’t want to hide behind tables and chairs, am really, it’s not working so it’s not working and whatever the consequences that gonna be there after you have to face them, it didn’t work out I decided to move on, we decided to part ways and she decided to start her own business.”

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