Suspected Head Of Rita Waeni Discovered In Kiambu, A Week Later After Her Body Was Found In Nairobi

A chilling discovery has shaken Kiambaa, Kiambu County: a woman’s head, wrapped in a purple blouse and hidden in a black paper bag, was found submerged in a local dam.

Alerted by concerned residents, authorities arrived on Sunday, January 21st, to a scene of unspeakable horror. DCI forensic teams meticulously pieced together the grim picture, collecting fragments of a shattered life amidst the evidence.

A stone clutched within the bag pointed towards an attempt to conceal the gruesome deed, a chilling testament to the perpetrator’s cruelty. The head now lies at City Mortuary, awaiting forensic analysis in the desperate hope of identifying the victim and piecing together a narrative shattered by violence.

Whispers of Rita Waeni, whose dismembered body was found in Nairobi a week earlier, hang heavy in the air. Detectives grapple with the possibility, their lips sealed until science speaks. Rita’s family, still reeling from the unimaginable, revealed a chilling detail: a ransom demand of Sh500,000 issued by her abductors, a cruel prelude to a senseless tragedy.

Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor, seasoned in the grim realities of his profession, expresses stark horror. He reveals a chilling detail: the perpetrator’s attempt to remove the victim’s fingernails, an unsettling effort to silence the silent whispers of DNA.

Kenya’s collective breath hitches. This grisly act of violence ignites a familiar firestorm of outrage. Women’s rights groups, civil societies, and human rights advocates echo the deafening cry for justice, their voices amplified by the weight of countless silenced stories.

Beyond the cold facts and forensic details, a human life was brutally extinguished, a family shattered, and a community left reeling. Kiambaa’s dam now holds not just water, but a stark reflection of Kenya’s struggle against gender-based violence. The fight for justice begins with remembering her, a nameless face etched in the memory of a nation, until her name, and the names of countless others, can be spoken without fear.

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