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‘Tafuta Bwana Wa Pesa’-Lady Risper Advices Women (Screenshot)

May 25, 2022 at 13:19
'Tafuta Bwana Wa Pesa'-Lady Risper Advices Women (Screenshot)

When it comes to love, finding a perfect match is a hard nut to crack. The lucky ones end up finding their better half without too much struggle. Either way, love remains to be a beautiful feeling. The nooks & crannies of love remain mystical to those who are yet to discover their one true love.

Love Or Money?

For some, finding someone rich can make them re-consider going for love. Especially during such hard economical times. Who wouldn’t want a rich person anway? Everyone wants to live a comfortable life. Don’t get me wrong, don’t be a gold-digger.

Anyway, Kenyan socialite Lady Risper is advising her fellow women to go for rich men; maintaining that you won’t feed on love. She wrote on her Instagram;

I don’t who needs to hear this but tafuta bwana wa pesa. Mtu awezi kula mapenzi.”

She continued to confirm to one of her inquisitive fans that she looked for her hubby because he was rich.

The voluptuous socialite admitted that she first fell in love with her hubby Brayo because of his wealth. The two are evidently living a lavish lifestyle together as depicted from their palatial home and their visit to sumptuous places.

Risper is often seen gushing over her rich husband Brayo, expressing her perpetual love for him. But is it true love or just love for the money? From her sentiments, you can deduce your answer.



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