DJ Soxxy comes out to defend himself after wearing ‘un-gospel attire’ at Groove Awards 

It seems secularism in gospel industry in Kenya is here to stay. Kenyans have been complaining that gospel artists and entertainers in general sound and even look nothing like what the bible suggests. Just ask Jalang’o.

It seems yet another entertainer, DJ Soxxy, has been forced to declare which side he’s on in this ever thinning line. The DJ was attacked after appearing on stage wearing a similar outfit as Aggie ‘the dance queen’, known for the hit song Short And Sweet by Sauti Sol.

Pastors told me it’s fine

Kenyans were quick to state that the attire is not gospel since it associated with a secular song. But defending himself and the gospel battalion, DJ Soxxy claims that he consulted a few men of God before wearing it.

“I actually consulted a number of pastors for advice before I did this stint. I don’t just get up on stage and do without soul searching. Either way thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated. Baraka,’’ he said.

Here’s what fans had to say:

  • jilljacqueI feel as Christians we are the hypocrites. Being quick to judge yet the word of God clearly says show love and that’s what will win souls to Christ. Our duty is to love whoever and whomever without judging. Some people behave as though they have book with List of people who will go to heaven. Stop it!!! LOVE!! Love wins!!


  • louisvuittonie@jilljacque sure let’s love each other but let’s be honest if a lost soul was seeking salvation and came to the Groove Awards that night would he /she wanna be saved? Cause truth is they’d probably say they ain that bad wherever they are. Let’s not forget baby Christians. They get conflicts as to whether they should continue living the same way they used to. Forget not the stern and loving words of DAD when HE says, GET OUT OF HER AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU. This is not the time to argue, it’s the time to save souls and odi nonsense will save nobody or reprove nobody out here but keep the body parts swinging in the wind.


  • louisvuittonieBro @djsoxxy let’s not forget what is the Great Commission. Not to spread odi dance to the world but to get the GOSPEL to the four corners of the world. Let’s remember, there are women and men who hunger for the LORD but since we want to party they think they are alright. Let’s not forget them. Souls first, hii kelele nyingine tafadhali let it take stay in the boot!

  • dharma_joBro, I didn’t get to watch the event but I know you so I’m sure you killed it. I’m reading some of the comments here and now I know why most people like Christ and don’t like Christians. Anyway, ya muhimu ni ati unapenda Mungu na Yeye anakupenda. Good job bro. If the world hates you remember it hated Him first


  • zafaraniafrikabykatesaichIf something is to cause a brother to stumble.. .. The Bible says.. Please keep off.. Najiuliza how many people went back to watch the song so that they can relate to your odi dance.. I know its a thin line.. But if something strikes even the slightest doubt.. Its just best to stay off the fence with it.. Hio odi apana..


  • sunnywapeterWhat a disappointment. Is a secular world and award show. Jesus must have been sad looking down at everything going on. Nothing glorified God or brought him honour. The devil was surely happy. Search your heart brother, do not allow yourself to be yoked together with such people in such a manner. I’m sure the Spirit told you it’s not right but ignored and went ahead….It’s not about pleasing man, but God. I’ve really sad


  • louisvuittonie@djsoxxy GOD BE GLORIFIED thru your ministry. Feed the hungry souls and let them burn when JESUS opens the SCRIPTURE for them


  • sunnywapeter@djsoxxy I think that’s where you went wrong. All you needed was to consult the Holy Spirit. The Bible says the Spirit will tell us everything we need to know. But you’re welcome and keeping you in prayer


  • sunnywapeter@louisvuittonie I agree with you. Many assume all Christians are hypocrites. There is one gospel in the Bible, Jesus. It’s all about him. We were created to worship him. It’s very painful to watch people with such a huge mandate conforming to the standards of this world. Jesus should be the centre of every meeting, especially if ity supposed to glorify Him. It’s obvious Jesus is not the centre in this show, nor was He consulted. This is about making the soul of man happy. The Spirit…..was not anywhere there…..regardless of whether there was a pastor or not
  • louisvuittonie@sunnywapeter GOD knew this day and age would come that’s why HE gave us the SCRIPTURES and HIMSELF thru the HOLY SPIRIT to guide us through this. We need wisdom with this. We are not behaving wisely


  • sunnywapeter@jecintawarenga the Bible clearly says rebuke a brother even in the presence of everybody. I’m not judging, only pointing out the wrong. Why are Christians afraid to rebuke and correct today? Could be we mistake everything for judging
  • gladykib@djsoxxy next time consult The Holy Spirit, Our Helper, not pastors…Come to think of it, why justify your actions by consulting pastors? Hata hao pastors wako are questionable. Nothing glorified God at all.
  • gladykib@sunnywapeter There is no better way to put it across. Barikiwa brother.

Groove Awards 2018 winners(Full List)

Since 2004, Groove Awards has celebrated excellence in gospel music in Kenya and across Africa. Entering its 13th year, the awards are Kenya’s most prestigious and recognized gospel awards. This year’s Award was marred by many controversies especially after Jalang’o came out to shun some of the artists for lacking content.

Noel’s night

Citizen TV’s Timeless Noel topped all other artists with five wards, winning The Song of the Year, Dance of the Year, Most Downloaded Skiza Tune, Hype man of the Year and Collabo of the Year through his song Odi Dance.

Here’s the full list of winners:

Artist of the year – Guardian Angel

Song of the year – Odi Dance

Teens song of the year – Chini ya Mwamba by Masterpiece

Breakthrough Artist of the year – Jabidii

HipHop song of the year – Cheki Vile by Eko Dyda

Reggea song of the year –  Shoot Satan by Jabidii

Praise & Worship song of the year – Haniachi by Reuben Kigame ft Gloria Muliro

Collabo of the year – Odi Dance by Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi

Music video of the year – Jigi Jigi by Willy Paul

Dance style/song of the year –  Odi Dance by Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi

Media personality of the year – DJ Mo

Hypeman/MC of the year – Timeless Noel

Breakthrough DJ of the year – DJ Terots

Western Counties song of the year – Come to me by Fenny Kerubo

Eastern Counties song of the year- Kiwango Kingi by Wilberforce Musyoka

Rift Valley Counties song of the year – Arusi by Cyrus Koech

Coastal Counties song of the year – Watangoja Sana by Anastacia Mukabwa

Central Counties song of the year – Irema by Shiro wa GP

Outstanding contributor of the industry award – Angela Chibalonza

Songwriter award of the year – Reuben Kigame

Gloria Muliro scores 6 nominations for the 2018 Groove Awards (Full list)

Nominees for the 13th annual Groove Awards with Safaricom were unveiled at an exclusive red carpet event held at the Movenpick Hotel on Wednesday evening June 6th.

Gloria Muliro scored 6 nominations; Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, twice under the Praise and Worship
song of the Year, Collabo of the Year and Western Counties song of the Year categories.

Jabidii, one of ODI dance creators, scored the highest number of nods for the 2018 Groove Awards. He leads with an impressive 7 nominations including; Song of the Year and Teens Choice Song of the Year (in which he received 2
nominations) Breakthrough Artist of the year, Collabo of the year and Dance style/song of the Year in which he also received 2 nominations.

Full list