Njambi’s baby daddy reacts after actress branded him a violent man

Mambo ni mengi masaa nayo ndio machache. While Azimio moves to Supreme Court, the rest us are playing family court on social media with everyone breaking up; and baby daddies insisting on making deadbeat dad a thing.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Anyway, incase you missed out on last weeks article on former TRHK actress Njambi relationship woos – then allow me. Okay, from what she told fans on social media is that she left her man after years of putting up with his violent behavior and abuse.

Although she admits walking away was one of the hardest things she had to do…in the end she chose herself and her two kids hence the breakup.

Boyfriend shares his side of story

With everyone pointing fingers at the guy for allegedly beating the actress and putting her through a lot; Nelson Njemwa- the baby daddy seemed to have a different story from that of his baby mama.

As seen on a post shared on his pages, he shared a post talking about ‘not being enough despite trying to be everything’ for the person you love. Although he didn’t say anything about the breakup with Njambi….I’m sure he used the post shared below to explain himself.

However you have to remember mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu….and this is the second time we have them breaking up on social media alafu kidogo kidogo new couple goals photos surface online.

Former TRHK actress Njambi ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive 

Former TRHK actress Njambi says she had to walk out of a toxic relationship without anyone having to talk to her. This not being the first time she is addressing such a topic, Njambi this time around says she is serious.

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According to the actress, she had been living with a violent partner and although he abused her physically and mentally…she never really felt the need to leave. Probably because toxic love always has some sort of spell you cannot run from especially when hooked…and to prove how indeed she was…Njambi ended up having a kid with her alleged abusive partner.

Almost 3 years later and the lady says she is done and dusted from hanging on to a relationship that keeps breaking her.

The shame of being in a relationship or having fallen victim to an abusive relationship actually kept me in it longer than I should have been. I finally had the courage and am sticking to that

No shame in leaving

Well like she said, she’s finally decided to move on with her life and now that she is a mum of two…probably its time she focused on the kids and let the heart heal before jumping into another relationship.

As for those struggling to leave their toxic relationships, Njambi had this to say;

Wenye Wanasema you wish you had the courage to get out…imagine hiyo courage itakuja tu ata hautaamini ni wewe. All in all you deserve happiness….life is too short for unhealthy relationships.

ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive

Actress Njambi changes tune days after exposing husband for cheating

It’s always best to leave lovers alone when they argue; this is because they often end back together (some) and in this case, actress Njambi and husband Nelson are back together despite bitter expose.

Well, right before Christmas Njambi went on to reveal that she had received information claiming her husband Nelson had been cheating. According to the QnA posts shared on her IG stories; this information came from unnamed ladies who had proof that the guy had been rolling around in his x6 with a certain chick.

And just like that, the actress decided to expose her man; but come to think of it – for Njambi to publicly share such posts means all was not well at home, right? But hey, we can’t judge them since all couples fight at some point in life and I bet they have been there more than once.

Back together

unfortunately this time around, Njambi ended up washing her dirty linen on Instagram and as usual, the internet never forgets.

Anyway knowing the damage she may have caused; Njambi and her man recently came out to prove their haters wrong. Turns out that despite what blogs and people are saying these two continue to stick together.

The husband through Instagram wrote;

mnavyo thani ndivyo kumbe sihivo

Njambi and husbae