Former TRHK actress Njambi ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive 

Former TRHK actress Njambi says she had to walk out of a toxic relationship without anyone having to talk to her. This not being the first time she is addressing such a topic, Njambi this time around says she is serious.

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According to the actress, she had been living with a violent partner and although he abused her physically and mentally…she never really felt the need to leave. Probably because toxic love always has some sort of spell you cannot run from especially when hooked…and to prove how indeed she was…Njambi ended up having a kid with her alleged abusive partner.

Almost 3 years later and the lady says she is done and dusted from hanging on to a relationship that keeps breaking her.

The shame of being in a relationship or having fallen victim to an abusive relationship actually kept me in it longer than I should have been. I finally had the courage and am sticking to that

No shame in leaving

Well like she said, she’s finally decided to move on with her life and now that she is a mum of two…probably its time she focused on the kids and let the heart heal before jumping into another relationship.

As for those struggling to leave their toxic relationships, Njambi had this to say;

Wenye Wanasema you wish you had the courage to get out…imagine hiyo courage itakuja tu ata hautaamini ni wewe. All in all you deserve happiness….life is too short for unhealthy relationships.

ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive

TRHK actress, Njambi lights up the internet with cute photos of her blended family

Real Househelps of Kawangware actress, Njambi has for the first time spoken of and introduced her blended family to the world.

Early in the week, the popular actress shared photos of her 3 children online, lightly captioning:

Every time I tell them to pose I get this ????????( Random photos on a random day)…….

Real names, Njeri Gachomba recently delivered a baby after miscarrying her first and she has never been more grateful and proud.

Njambi admitted that she ¨never thought she would be a mum at the age of 28 years¨ – a mother of three to be precise.

Spirited and elated, the celebrated actress gushed:

….mababycrushmonday….. Meet my happiness, my life????????, my wallet emptiers???? ….. #blendedfamily

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Online fans and followers could only stare and admire the blended family of three kids.

Your doing well my dear utafunga chapter wengine wakianza …baraka tele


Blessings u r must soon you will start slaying sisi tukigagania second born


Izo ni baraka mob sana




This so now nice such a blessing


Ati uko na watoto watatu ????nmejua leo kanjambi