Njambi’s baby daddy reacts after actress branded him a violent man

Mambo ni mengi masaa nayo ndio machache. While Azimio moves to Supreme Court, the rest us are playing family court on social media with everyone breaking up; and baby daddies insisting on making deadbeat dad a thing.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Anyway, incase you missed out on last weeks article on former TRHK actress Njambi relationship woos – then allow me. Okay, from what she told fans on social media is that she left her man after years of putting up with his violent behavior and abuse.

Although she admits walking away was one of the hardest things she had to do…in the end she chose herself and her two kids hence the breakup.

Boyfriend shares his side of story

With everyone pointing fingers at the guy for allegedly beating the actress and putting her through a lot; Nelson Njemwa- the baby daddy seemed to have a different story from that of his baby mama.

As seen on a post shared on his pages, he shared a post talking about ‘not being enough despite trying to be everything’ for the person you love. Although he didn’t say anything about the breakup with Njambi….I’m sure he used the post shared below to explain himself.

However you have to remember mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu….and this is the second time we have them breaking up on social media alafu kidogo kidogo new couple goals photos surface online.

Siri ni kukaa ngumu! After 1st baby daddy cheated, actress Njambi goes through the same fate with her latest boyfriend! 

Actress Njambi did not have a merry Christmas after finding out that husband has been cheating on her. The couple who made headlines a few months ago seem to be facing relationship issues sparked by a few ladies sending DM’s to Njambi; as they expose her man for cheating.

As seen on the secreenshots shared by Njambi a few days ago; the ladies who reached out to her confirmed that the boyfriend cum baby daddy has been rolling around with them in his X6.

Well since she could recognize her man’s (Nelson) car, Njambi’s reaction was a sarcastic one; but reading in between the lines one could tell that her man cheating left her feeling some type of way. In one post she laughed off at the idea of leaving him by saying;

we eh!! Mmesema 2021 niingie nikiwa single?

Moves back home

Although she has not yet deleted his photos from her page; nor has he deleted hers, this confirms that there is hope in working out their issues.

Probably this is because women from generation prefer holding on to their marriages; even when they are aware about their partners having multiple partners outside.

Well, Size 8 did it publicity and now Njambi is doing it too.