“Why hire when I can do the job myself?” Betty Kyallo’s best friend denies hiring goons to beat up Saumu Mbuvi

Earlier this morning rumor has it that Saumu Mbuvi was accusing her ex husband, Senator Anwar and his girlfriend Aeedah Bambi of hiring goons to beat her up during her birthday party at a certain popular joint.

Aeedah denied fighting Saumu Mbuvi

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From what Saumu says is that she was beaten by Aeedah herself with the help of close friends who left her bleeding. To prove this, the lass shared a bloody photo showing her fingers and I’m guessing the injury suffered was from a broken acrylic nail.

However we now have Aeedah Bambi’s side of the story and according to the lady – nothing of that sort happened. Actually, Aeedah says she has no memory of bumping into Saumu at the club nor was there a confrontation between the two of them.

CCTV Footage to be provided

In her defense, the mother of one says even the CCTV cameras at the club don’t show any fight between these women; which leaves her wondering why Saumu would accuse her of assault.

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She went on to add that in case she wanted to have Saumu Mbuvi beaten; then they’d be no need to hire goons since she can do it herself.

Mmh…the fact that the two were in the same club says a lot especially with their ongoing beef; but with no footage to show how the fight went down – I guess it’s Aeedah vs Saumu’s word.

Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new girlfriend exchange blows at a birthday party (Photo)

Saumu Mbuvi is back to attacking her baby daddy Senator Anwar on social media; and this time around she claims ex husband had his girlfriend attack her at popular joint where she went out to celebrate her birthday.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi back at it

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This was revealed by Saumu in a post shared on her Instagram page exposing both Anwar and Aeedah Bambi for allegedly attacking her. On the post, Saumu parades her bloody index finger and middle finger probably hurt from the attack. Captioning the post she wrote;

Anwar shame on you!!! Sending your woman and her friends to beat me up on my birthday, leave me in peace.

The allegations made by Saumu come a few weeks after she exposed him for neglecting his daughter; adding that he had never been a father to their girl since he doesn’t know what and how she survives especially being a minor.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi beef

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We also can’t forget that Aeedah Bambi and Saumu have been beefing for the longest time now – due to Anwar. From what Saumu says is that Bambi backstabbed her by stealing Anwar from her – despite having considered her as a best of friend.

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Since then these two women can’t help but feel like fighting each other – all in the name of a man – that doesn’t seem to be hurry to marry either of them. But I hear the ratio of men to women is 1:7 – so yea highest bidder gets the man, no?