Dr Ofweneke reveals why he is charging Akothee Sh 1.4M to host her white wedding

Its funny that Akothee has been dating her young Mzungu boyfriend for a few weeks now and we’re already hearing rumors about an upcoming wedding….and I’m thinking Akothee doesn’t waste time huh…?

Anyway as you’ve probably already heard, Akothee is allegedly planning a white wedding with her new man and since the event will go down in Kenya, the singer wants Dr Ofweneke to host her ceremony….simply because she approves.

Anyway sharing new details of her upcoming wedding, Akothee through her Instagram page shared a photo of Ofweneke to which she wrote;

Wee I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official Mc on my wedding day both white and traditional, ????????????

Ofweneke on why he is charging Akothee Sh 1m

Well seeing how expensive the comedian is charging Akothee for the show,we couldnt help but wonder why…i mean, it’s just a wedding right?

However according to Ofweneke the reason he is charging madam boss 1.4 is because once again, Akothee is choosing a Caucasian over African brother…..

 Kwani Kenya Hakuna wanaume ? Ni madharau Gani hii unatuonyesha, wewe lipa 1.4 ksh ama ulete MC Mzungu basi ????

But again….the heart wants what it wants, and for Akothee i guess white men are her fantasy.

“Ofweneke is mine” Akothee confesses

Singer Akothee is one of the those artists who rarely give shout outs to fellow celebrities but when it comes down to comedian Dr Ofweneke – the mother of 5 can’t hold back from showering praise on this guy.


As seen on a new post aimed at appreciating Ofweneke for being her favorite MC, Akothee earlier this morning shared a long post talking about her work relationship with the comedian saying;

There are those who say they have your back ,then there are those who gives you their back to sit on when all the chairs are taken. That’s my Personal Mc Without @drofweneke in my Event ,I’d better cancel.

Why Akothee praises Ofweneke

From what Akothee says is that working with the comedian has always been easy for her since he always delivers as promised; and unlike working with other MC’s who will probably let you down or even fail you – Akothee says she’s never had to struggle when it comes to this particular comedian.

Akothee to Ofweneke

Just to prove how much his work is appreciated by Akothee and her relatives – the singer pointed out that her own mum looks forward to seeing Ofweneke MC; and incase he is not coming for Akothee’s event  – then she (mama Akothee) won’t show up either.

Akothee made this known on the same post where she went on to say;

Applause for the baddest MC
The most booked, the most active my mum always ask Is OFWENEKE the MC ? Then I am coming . This guy is Active❗️ He is already booked 4th june for me & 26th June for my sister in laws wedding ???? And 3rd December for my other event ???? You can now take him for the rest of the dates. Please 4th June 26th June 3rd December OFWENEKE IS MINE ????????????????????

Well – we’re not saying the madam boss is kissing @ss (she doesn’t) but looks like Ofweneke is really making her happy, right?

Imagine if all celebrities celebrated their MC’s this way… they’d be challenged to better their skills even more, right?