Akothee Shares Romantic Moment With Lover Nelly Oaks (Video)

Akothee has once again gushed over her lover and former ex-manager; Nelly Oaks after sharing a romantic moment with him in her home. The two sweethearts can be seen having cosy moments while in bed. Akothee and Nelly Oaks have taken to their Instagram to confess their love for each other on several occasions. Akothee is the latest to share their sweet moments on her page.

Nelly Oaks is The man in my life, Tukiachana nitawaambia -Akothee Confesses her love for Nelly Oaks | Pulselive Kenya
Akothee and Nelly Oaks-Google

Akothee and Nelly OaksThe self-proclaimed president of single mums has finally found her gem; with whom she claims she’ll have more kids with. Her love for babies is still evident; especially the fact she already has 5 kids and wants more.

On the other hand, Nelly Oaks seems to have succumbed to Akothee’s pressure and accepted to love her back despite their age difference.

How Long Will It Last?

Her doubts are however pilling up on how long their intimate relationship will last.

”He is the man in my life Now . The rest are my past and left gifts that we share . The cake now Belongs to him and him Alone ????Stop pressing your frustrated life on my wall @nellyoaks is The man in my LIFE NOW. Tukiachana nitawaambia ????????????”

This were her words 2 months ago when their re-ignited love was at it’s peak. For now, they are still holding on to each other.

The Things We Do For Love- Akothee Shaves Her Hair Upon Nelly Oak’s Request

There’s definitely no doubting the fact that Akothee has been swept off her feet by her former manager Nelly Oaks. She continues to confess her love for him every now and then on her social media. And since actions speak louder than words, the self-proclaimed president of single mothers has now shaved her hair after Nelly Oaks requested her.

Akothee discloses that Nelly likes her with short hair; and a clean shave for him would suffice.

@nellyoaks : Babe I miss your Short hair ,natural beautyful face with no make up ,
ME : as you so wish my love , tomorrow morning kinyozi pap ????????????????
Kwani ni kesho…
The only man who can order me around @nellyoaks ????????????????.
You will have to come to Mombasa to see my new look ???????????????? ”

After shaving off her hair, Akothee posted her new look and captioned;

”Nelly Oaks asked for short hair. Now I also ask him to pull down the beards”

The woman I want to wake up to everyday.
@nellyoaks satisfied. ????
Kama hutaki wacha Basi ????”

Akothee after shaving-IG

Akothee and Nelly have been having a tumultuous time in their recent relationship. At one time, Akothee expressed her disappointment after Nelly Oaks deleted her photos from his Instagram. However, their love for each other is still intact. Akothee is willing to do crazy things for her new catch, but will Nelly Oaks reciprocate the same upon Akothee’s request?

Akothee Disappointed After Nelly Oaks Deletes Her Photos From His Instagram

Just when we were about to witness a sweet love story between Akothee and her former manager, Nelly Oaks, things have already gone south real quick. Akothee has expressed her disappointment after she alleged that Nelly deleted all her photos from his Instagram page; suggesting that he no longer wants her.

Akothee In Love With Nelly Oaks

Akothee and Nelly Oaks-Google

Akothee has recently been publicly confessing her love for Nelly Oaks, claiming that she doesn’t mind if he doesn’t love him back the same way.

????????????????????The only person I want to be with right now , and the only man I wish to be next to my labor ward , @nellyoaks you all don’t know what we know , this guy has been there, when I almost lost it both physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

The two lighted up social media with cosy photos which they took during Nelly Oaks surprise birthday getaway; which Akothee gladly gifted him as they spent quality time together.

Akothee has now taken to her Instagram to tell him off for deleting her photos;

”Mmmm son of pharaoh just deleted my photos from his Instagram @nellyoaks ????????????
Haki mapenzi wewe ????????????”

It’s not yet clear why he decided to delete Akothee’s photos; but it’s definitely something personal.


He’s The Only Person I Would Like To Be Next To My Deathbed After My Kids- Akothee Reiterates Love For Ex-Manager Nelly Oaks

Entrepreneur and musician Akothee is deeply in love with her former manager Nelly Oaks, and she’s not hiding it anymore. Nelly Oaks and Akothee have been on and off for years; but every time they re-kindle their love, they just can’t stop gushing over each other.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks-Google

Coupling Up

Akothee started to express her undying love for Nelly Oaks during his birthday this month, where she surprised Nelly with a free getaway through her company Akothee Safaris. We saw intimate photos of them; with suggestive captions.

Turns out, they’re now an item. And Akothee claims that Nelly was with her even during her tough times.

On her Instagram, she has written an elating message to him stating;


????????????????????The only person I want to be with right now , and the only man I wish to be next to my labor ward , @nellyoaks you all don’t know what we know , this guy has been there, when I almost lost it both physically, spiritually and emotionally.
During this time I was going through ba mental health problem ????????????.
I had to make a decision which is the brand AKOTHEE NOW . He will tell you one day @nellyoaks baby ????????????????????????
You know this day ????????????
You understand this day ????????????????????????
One day please tell the story”

In addition, Akothee had hinted at having kids with Nelly Oaks pretty soon. Not just one, but two. It’s only a matter of time before we find out if she’s bluffing or not.

I Love Him To Death-Akothee Confesses Her Undying Love For Ex-Manager Nelly Oaks

Singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee has come clean about her perpetual love for her former manager Nelly Oaks. The singer has taken to her Instagram to pen a cozy and suggestive message that has wowed her fans. To begin with, Akothee shut down her critiques for claiming that Oaks is way younger than her to make love with.

Nelly Oaks encourages Akothee as her fight with her baby daddy rages on
Nelly Oaks and Akothee-Google

Age Is Just A Number

She wrote;

”…He is the man in my life Now . The rest are my past and left gifts that we share . The cake now Belongs to him and him Alone ????Stop pressing your frustrated life on my wall @nellyoaks is The man in my LIFE NOW. Tukiachana nitawaambia. ????????????
????I Love Him to DEATH. I believe and can feel that He LOVES ME TOO ????
THIS GUY GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS… For those complaining that he is too young ,well , He is not complaining why do you feel for him”

Giving Love Another Shot

Despite all her previous relationships ending in failure, Akothee refuses to give up on love.

”Having past failed relationship , doesn’t mean ,I won’t date ????????????
Let me manage your frustrations
I even moved into his house by the way with all my belongings and dumped my big homes ???????? ????????. Now call police. The boy is mine .”

She continued by saying that she’ll have two of Nelly Oaks kids soon.

”I am having 2 kids for him soon . And if he dumps me or whatever the case ,he will also belong to my baby daddy list. I will still give him the same love and respect like the rest who left ????.”

Akothee has recently been spending her time with her French baby daddy and their two sons. Seems like her eyes are solely focused on Nelly Oaks.
Check out their video below;

‘Most Men Thought I Was Difficult To Handle But He Knows My Buttons’ Akothee To Her Ex-Manager

Akothee surprised her former manager Nelly Oaks on his birthday week by giving him a free and planned getaway through her company Akothee Safaris. Nelly celebrated his birthday last week, July 7th and couldn’t afford to miss going on a getaway with Akothee.

Akothee and Nelly shared exquisite photos of their getaway, where Akothee expressed her gratitude for her manager.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks-IG

”….Keeping up with Esther Akoth Kokeyo for 5 years ????????????????, This guy needs a medol ????????It’s a birthday gate away With The King of my QueenDom @nellyoaks Happy Birthday Jakamagambo”

Love Or Frienship?

Akothee and Nelly on their getaway

Akothee and Nelly Oaks have however raised eyebrows with their intimate ‘friendship’. It’s even more clear that Akothee is clearly Nelly’s admirer; judging from her most recent posts on her Instagram. On the photo above, she captioned with suggestive words saying;

”Love is a beautiful thing , make your family a priority book with us @akotheesafaris
GoodMorning ????#couplegoalswithAkothee”

She continued to praise Nelly on her Insta stories saying;

”Most men thought I was difficult to handle. How comes @nellyoaks knows my buttons. See big things that melts my heart. He has organized an office for me in his house????????????. His words ‘I have an office for you here, you can work from home. All your files are already arranged????”. I have organized a house girl coming daily you don’t need to touch any house works.”

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

However, Nelly termed Akothee as his best friend; and said he was grateful for the birthday surprise from her. Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way Akothee does for him.

But from the look of things, their getaway definitely made their bond stronger.


Read this lovely letter Akothee has written to her children

We all know how Akothee loves her daughters.

The singer has confessed more than once that her family is the most important thing to her. She loves them unconditionally and no matter how they sometimes fight, she knows nothing will ever separate them other than death.


Akothee recently took to social media to share a long letter for kids appreciating them.

Read the letter below:

I place my hands onto your heads ,I bless you this morning my uterus may the almighty ashame your enemies, may all success be celebrated and all failures taken as challenges, may you grow as God fearing children just like your mother.may you never take that what doesn’t belong to you .may you learn to own your space because you are great. Walk tall because you own the land under your feet, always compete with time and yourself, you have no competition in this world. There is power in Uniqueness , Greatest of All time , I love you my darlings bye????????????????@@veshashaillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia @oyootheprince @princeojwang love you


Akothee’s daughter ‘secretly’ competing in Miss Universe Kenya

Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby has revealed that she’s competing for Miss Universe Kenya competition but hasn’t told her mum yet.

“Actually my mother doesn’t know about this. I didn’t tell her because I didn’t know I was going to make it this far. I am waiting for a good day, when I’ll sit her down and tell her that I’ve made it to this point,” she said. 


Rue added that one of the reasons why she decided to be silent on this one is because many people claim her mum gets her into most of these competitions.

“I have seen many negative comments, saying that it’s my mother that got me into the competition. I have worked myself so hard and I’m also very competitive to get the crown. It is my hard work that has gotten me there. You see now my mother doesn’t even know about this,” she said.

“If I had it easy, then I don’t think I’d have conquered the challenges. I don’t have it easy. It’s very hard on my side. I have to go all out and be outstanding.


Ezekiel Mutua praises Akothee just weeks after shaming her for parting legs on stage 

Kenya Films Classifications Board (KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has no problem with Akothee’s dress code.

Speaking in an interview with NTV, the popular moral cop said that though he was against her controversial performance, he likes her dress code and she should continue looking good.

“Akothee is a performer and she has to look good I have no problem with her dress code as she said her legs are longer than the skirt. You know Akothee is a superstar and she has reformed she looks beautiful,” he said.


His message comes just a few days after Akothee was kicked out of parliament for wearing a rather short skirt. Mutua said that he doesn’t have issues with people’s dress code but just their content.

“I will only have an issue with inappropriate content when it is displayed in the public. However, if such was in the privacy of their homes, then KFCB will have no business with it,”  he added.  


Akothee’s ‘parting legs’ performance that Ezekiel Mutua and other Kenyans hated made her very rich

Singer Akothee has come out to reveal that the performance she had at Papa Remo beach, Watamu that left Kenyans pissed, mostly morality cop Ezekiel Mutua, was a true blessing.

Taking to social media, the singer claimed that she made a lot of money from the performance because it trended positively in Italy despite people hating it here in Kenya.

Akothee said she has also been booked to perform for Italian dignitaries after the “lovely” performance.

“Stay around people who love you for you and lights your candle! Roberto invited me for a show in his Hotel in papa Remo for the Valentine’s. Which to Kenyans they thought I was a disgrace, the show trended negatively locally, and trended positively internationally, Kenyans called me a disgrace but Italians called me MADONA OF KENYA,” wrote Akothee.

Thank you

Akothee took the opportunity to throw shade at Mutua saying that he really blessed her by mercilessly attacking her performance.

“Someone tell Mutua he was a blessing, I thought you should know that, if you ever fought for me online it has brought blessings,” Akothee concluded.

“The show trended positively in Italy and that changed the position of my pocket and a breakthrough in my career, because of this show I will be performing exclusively for Italian dignitaries on the 7th September in Kilili baharini everything was already paid for, and I have an invite for another exclusive show in MONACO I am here to finalize the purchase of my new home in Watamu.”

Akothee after Zari “bought” a house: Tonight some men will not have s@x because of bitterness in their women

Word is that Zari Hassan has just bought a new house now that Diamond Platnumz is getting his back.

Zari allegedly married her mysterious lover in a low key wedding and is now preparing to move out of Diamond’s mansion in Pretoria, South Africa and into a new one in the same city this September.


Singer Akothee took to social media to celebrate Zari’s new look saying that some women are now bitter because Zari bought the house.

She wrote:

“Babe they didn’t see it coming ???????????? cheers to the 2 major moves; Another mansion in your name and a ring on top ???????????? with 5 kids and looking like a teenager. I always warn people to mind their business[but]they don’t listen, see now.???????????? Tonight some men will not have sex[because of] the bitterness in their women ????????????, they go buy viosks today today, bikos[sic] Zarina Tale Got a mansion ????????????LANES MY FUEND LANES???? WOMEN EMPOWERMENT! Don’t even show them bae. The legs and waist are enough for us, the face is for you ????????????????????????, hide the white ball for dem hiiiiiideeee ????????????????, ???????????????????????????? tell us MGANGA WAKO NI NANI ????????????????????@zarithebosslady #Zarinachallenge???????????????? 2019 is done, let’s meet 2020.

Volume iko sawa!! Associating yourself with successful people or rich people won’t make you rich- Akothee

Singer Akothee has offered yet another round of unsolicited advice to her followers. According to the singer, people should focus on their goals and avoid trying to get rich through association.

Akothee posted a long confession on Instagram saying that her confidence is the major reason why she’s rich and famous right now.

Work hard

She believed on herself and wants everyone to do the same.

Here’s the long post:

“I have only one problem, I believe so much in myself that people around me think I am crazy, I am that woman who will get things done even if it will take me an arm and a leg ???? If I left my life in the hands of people to run ,

I would be whom I have always been , doing the things I have always done , and being in the same shit I have always been, the strongest belief exists within me and always follow my instinct , it has never lied to me, even when my brain convinces me that its alright , my stomach always say No Esther No .

“Being the wife of a doctor doesn’t make you a nurse ????, being an accountants wife doesn’t make you his clerk????, being a lawyers wife doesn’t make you above the law ! Marrying a British will never change your stonch Luo Accent , Marrying or living with a French man will not make you speak French automatically

“I lived with papa Oyoo for 6 years I never learned one word in French ????so I wonder why you think associating yourself with successful people or rich people will make you rich or achieve your goals ????????, nothing comes on a silver plate , the difference between the successful and the average , is that ,successful people are willing to go out of their way to do things average people wont do ???? average people are full of blames and complainins , blame everyone until you have yourself to blame . bottom line, you are the weapon formed against yourself , Success can and will never be sexually transmited , or inherited!

“Even if you marry a bank with no brains at work to invest , the bank will eventually close down .invest your time wisely , give yourself a target , write down the things you would like to achieve , and follow them with lots of discipline .I travel alot and I keep learning alot , so travel if you can ????????, even if its going to the village , lovely week.”

Akothee forced to cancel show abroad due to health issues, some think it’s fake

Singer Akothee will no longer perform in Europe due to health issues.

The controversial singer posted on social media that she had to recoil since her busy schedule has become life-threatening.

In a long post, the singer explained how her health has grown into a huge concern forcing her to cancel all her scheduled shows abroad. Some Kenyans, however, thought it was just another stunt claiming the shows were all fake in the first place.


“Please allow me share with you that ,tonight will be the last show for the Europe tour due to very sensitive issues within my organization.the brand has overgrown my current organization and I feel my head on my neck ???????? kindly after the cologne show tonight , allow me fix me first , because if I dont fix myself first???? I am going to loose everything???? everything as a mother , an artist , an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a mentor.” she said. 

In the post, Akothee, confessed that she realized that if she continues pushing herself the way she has, she might end up losing everything.


“I can not motivate you or inspire you when I am broken and down , I cannot entertain you when my heart is full of pain and worries , I can not grow bigger if the wealth I already accumulated is not attended to or taken care of ???? I am a person who never live in fantasy or miracles , I am a person who belives in hard work and bring responsible RESULTS .its all rubbish to even think that things happens automatically, I took a break to come to Europe and look at my life from a distance , and I have realised, that I have been diging an early grave????


I have no one to blame here, I am not even going to blame myself because I can still fix it , its hard and heavy ???? what I control ,???? some people would be in hospital everywhere for burn out , God has given me energy , brain and a good heart , he will not allow me suffer ♥ ???? I will pull through , I know and understand that my children are still young, and some commited in school , I cant wait for them to Grow up and take over the wealth I accumulated for them???? I am proud that I am overwhelmed with work and nor that I am looking for a job , its a blessing , I cant complain. wherever you are , pray with me, I know my grandma is praying with me too, she doesn’t know I only had one meal yesterday since I work up at 5.00 am , my first meal was at 4.00pm ????, its all with love , I am not perfect , I am blood flesh and bones too ????
I AM GOING TO LOOSE EVERYTHING ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Akothee on men with fake promises: I once dated a pilot and he promised me land in Bamburi but I never got it

Singer Akothee is urging women to avoid men who sneak up to them with nothing but sweet words that never materialize.

On social media, Akothee confessed how in 2007 she was dating this pilot who promised her land but Akothee waited and waited until she realized it was all a scam.

“I once dated a pilot who promised me land in bamburi 2007 ????????????????????, land iko viusasa. If I waited for him, even paying rent in a two bedroom house would be on viu sasa ????????????” she posted. 

“Nothing can hold a woman back than fake promises, most people think I am rude. Yes. I am. [that is] because I have no time for fake promises and false statements to keep us going, none of the fake promises ever built my mother a mansion ????????, neither paid my biils, neither can I take them to the bank to acquire loans. Personally, I never give promises that I cant fulfill. I have no stores to keep rubbish. A no is also an answer.”

Words and actions

Akothee went on to add that men shouldn’t approach women and shower them with fake promises. She also asked women to focus on their investments and understand that relationships are a two way traffic.

“Don’t try to to please me with words while your actions speaks volumes. I will be the most stupid woman to sit down and wait for any human to come change my life both positively or negatively. It didn’t happen before and it will never happen. Stand up woman! Any investment done for you in a relationship, just know when its over, most of them wants to take you back where they found you ???????????????????????????? that’s when you will know you don’t know. Call me a thief I will tell you Jesus is lord ????????. Relationships are a two way traffic. Goods once sold, no returns.  Success is not sexually transmitted otherwise all our mothers and fathers would have been rich.

Akothee shares she dropped a clean KSh 74,000 for her new hairstyle: ‘Know that before you date me’ 

Singer Akothee has revealed that her new transformation isn’t just for any lady. It’s for the moneyed ones who are ready to part with almost half a million.

Taking to social media, the singer shared that her new hairstyle costs 74,000 and that’s for a single wig.

She needed four so she spent a total of 296K just to look that nice.

“Babe just know that this hair alone is 74,000. I need 4 different ones to carry me this month ????,” she said. 


Akothee’s hairstyle has left many impressed since we are all used to seeing her with short hair. The singer made the transformation on her birthday. 

Several celebs in the past have confessed how much they spend on their hair and make up. Socialite Vera Sidika once surprised many after claiming that she can use as much as 500K on her hair.


Akothee to daughters: Don’t do not come bragging to me that you are carrying a celeb’s pregnancy. Fame comes and goes 

Singer Akothee is famous and knows one thing: fame comes and goes. She therefore never believes that one should fall for someone just because she or he is famous.

The singer, who has been topping headlines for the better part of last week, warned her daughters not to fall for someone famous because there’s never true love in such.

“Do not fall for celebrities, fame comes and goes, do not come bragging to me that you are carrying a celeb’s pregnancy simply because he is famous, I will beat you up and squeeze that stomach, you know me. Fame does not pay bills, do not mess your life at an early stage,” she said. 


Akothee, who has been in some very awful relationships in the past, instructed her daughters to fall for someone who can take care of them and their kids.

“A responsible man who wants a family, should first look for a stable job and a roof over his head, how would you get pregnant for a man living with his brother, mother auntie, you think you and the baby are welcome too?

“How I wish I was a bit patient, I would not have landed into so many multi-failed relationships, please don’t end up like me with several dads , I do not think you are brave enough to face and tackle three men, women cry over one man for years Akothee is here with supermarkets of baby daddies,” she added. 

“Nelly Oaks dumped me!” Akothee reveals

Singer Akothee is one who rarely filteres what comes out of her mouth. She is however said to be the realest female musician in the country and this has seen her rise to the top.

Going through her Instagram page you will notice her wild lifestyle and don’t care attitude portrayed in her videos.

Probably this is to help brand her image but one thing is for sure – Akothee knows how to entertain her fans.

Break up with Nelly Oaks

On this Valentines Day; Akothee shared a sarcastic video of a few handsome men on her Instagram page describing them as heartbreakers and heart thieves.

Despite her funny caption, one of her fans couldn’t help but ask what happened to the relationship Akothee had with Nelly Oaks. With no chills, the singer responded by saying;

“You are useless, hopeless with no future” Akothee shares most painful statements men told her 

We all know Akothee’s rag-to-riches story. And if you still don’t, just know it was a tough time for the singer, then a dancer cum taxi driver, before she landed on her pot of gold.

The self proclaimed president of single mothers recently took to social media to share some of the demeaning things men tell women when they are not interested in them and, it’s really hurtful.

Doesn’t care about marriage

According to the singer, men told her different hurtful things but they have never broken her spirit. Akothee says that it is liberating that she now feels like she has the decision of  whether to get married or not despite he ugly past.

Here’s what she said:

“WOMEN WE STICK AROUND TOO MUCH ?? what is the most painful statement a man ever told you just for you to understand that its over ????
ME 2006 3 kids (man 1 : you are useless, hopeless with no future, you are just but a form four leaver???????????????? )
Man no.2 in 2009 with 4 kids , (no one can marry you because you have too many children,) “?? but remember his child even increased the number ???
?????? look at me now ,
I even choose whether to get married or not! infact I make the decision , before I cared so much about marriage , now I even wonder if it makes sense or just live with the person who understands , loves me the way I am , marriage is a commitment and a project , put your Ass down ???? and stop rushing our girls with marriage ??? while many are running out of the sane marriage,” she said.



‘I don’t want to think about what fans will say’ Akothee shares why she will never post a man she’s dating on Social media again

Singer Akothee has been dating Nelly Oaks for almost two years now and has flaunted him on social media several times. But after Lilian Muli was heavily trolled for splitting with Jared Ombongi, Akothee has confessed that posting her bae on social media is now a thing of the past.

She took to social media to say that the problem with posting your lover on social media is that you are afraid of what people will say upon learning that you have broken up.

“The problem with posting your love life on social media is that, when you want to break up, apart from you thinking of how painful it will be, you are also thinking of what fans will say, and they actually demand for clarification. I will never post a man I am dating again on social media, just to be safe” wrote Akothee.

Stop judging

The mother of five explained that sharing your love life on social media demands a lot and therefore she has resolved to lay low and enjoy life away from the public eye. She asked people to stop judging others because this is something that has been happening even in the past.

“Your mother broke up with your father, got married to several men, even have a child with your uncle ! she has never even pointed out to you who fathered you and has never settled till to date, but she is your Hero, somebody’s daughter has been struggling with several failed relationships till date she is a whore, your sister is dating a rich man, it’s a blessing in your family, somebodys daughter is married to a rich man & living well , she is a gold digger right, now do this, #CALPOLIS, or come beat all the WHORES AND THE DIG GOLDERS, I will only stay in a healthy relationship, anything that tampers with my peace and happiness is TBT even if I am dating 50 cent with all his fame, love doesnt recognise fame or money , unless its fake Kama mbaya mbaya, tembeza kiatu” wrote Akothee.

Akothee’s daughter forced to explain why they call their mother a b*tch

Kenyans understand that controversy runs in Akothee’s family, but fail to see how her kids refer to her using an expletive.

Not once has Akothee’s second-born daughter Rue Baby refereed to her mother as a bitch on social media.

The first time Rue publicly called her mum a bitch was in March when she complained that her mother was making too much noise and apparently, Akothee didn’t have an issue with it.

“Waaaahh… bitch you be making that noise this early morning @akotheekenya… eiii please am sleeping,” she posted.

“@rue.baby, yes bitch you know me at 6.00 am everyone is up No wonder you threw me out of your hostel na God will see you I love you my chuchu.” replied Akothee. 

Not an abuse

During a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Rue explained that she’s actually not abusing her mother but that’s how they refer to her at home.

“It’s not an abuse, si matusi. Hapana.  I would say we have the best relationship with our mum. Our mum is our best friend so anytime tuko na anything tunaeza ongea hata ukiona tukiongea pamoja you would think we are 4 sisters. So when we call her a bitch it’s not a big deal, people on the internet should not take it as an insult. We are close to our mum, we have built a strong bond. We call her whatever name we want to refer to her and she doesn’t mind. As long as your mother doesn’t mind I think it’s okay,” Rue explained on Radio Jambo.


Akothee: I held two men by their balls and now they are women in trousers 

It’s official, Akothee has managed to floor two bloggers who a lot people would do anything to avoid appearing in the same sentence with.

Ever since Cyprian Nyakundi and Robert Alai turned their cannons to the controversial singer, she hasn’t stopped insulting them on social media to a point the two have retreated and now gone silent.

Akothee recently made a celebratory message on her social media platforms for “winning” the war.

“The only GOAT who scares broke Ass men and turn them into gossipers ???? rich , famous and talented , argue with me at your own risk ????AKOTHEE CHUMBI CHUO held 2 men by their balls , now they are women in trousers, GIRLS WIN ??? LOTTO LINK ON MY BIO 
IF this is how COCAINE PRODUCT LOOKS LIKE , then Niongezeni dose please ??? I need more??? Any successful woman is a threat, calm down and choose a struggle , this GOAT can make you hate your life , come slow, my success isn’t the cause of your brokenness LANES LANES ????.” she posted.

Man up

She went on to ask the two bloggers to act like real men who are not focused on abusing women but helping them. 

“They are feeling baaaaaaaaaad ,baaaaaaaaad Real mean are making love to their wives , you busy guessing on the ceiling board on what other insult you can give to The GOAT?? I AM EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY TODAY AND TOMORROW, the fact still remains , YOUR TBT IS STILL YOUR CURRENT SITUATION ??” she said. 

Comeback!! Nyakundi makes a comeback with insults-laced post directed to Akothee after she gave him a good lecture online 

Blogger Nyakundi, as expected, has fired back at Akothee after her long post lecturing him.

The two have been going back and forth on social media abusing each other with unprintable words.

It all started when with Nyakundi’s post directed to Akothee in which he called him a spent cartridge.

“Wewe Victoria Kimani! Rudia Victor Wanyama. No need to waste your youth listening to sterile advise from a spent cartridge like Akothee. Ako na watoto kama 8, and you’re still child-less. Are you barren? Acha kutupwa na huyu shosh. Pata watoto wa Wanyama. Saa hii Nairobi nobody wants to date nyinyi madame wa kujifanya mko na standards. So jipange haraka before it’s too late.” wrote Nyakundi.

Akothee fired back:

“Show me your wife and children, or are you impotent? Enemy of progress, you belong inside a condom, enjoy 2 minutes of fame. I live in Sankara for more than a week, you only come there to be bought Fanta with other men. I am not a politician, and I don’t date frozen heads like you briefcase slave at my age, I own what your father is seeing on TV. If at all he knows the full meaning of KPLC, which I doubt, save your parents first before you point fingers on success, mandoyuech, YOU HAVE NO LIFE, YOU LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PUBLIC FIGURES I PITY YOUR MOM, if I was her, I would have squeezed you in between the pelvic bone, that you never see light again you are bitter than a horny cockroach, go get some sex and calm down, stop masturbating on celebrity’s walls.”


Fans begged Nyakundi to reply, and giving in to pressure, the controversial blogger sure replied. We don’t know how long this will go on because the two can really keep going and going.

Anyway, he’s what Nyakundi said:

“Watu wananipatia pressure ni-respond kwa matusi ya spent cartridge Akothee, but nilijaribu kusoma that post with the many typos nikashindwa. Typos ni mingi almost kufikia Number ya watoto wake… I did hear that she was bragging about sleeping in Sankara. Sasa, what’s so glamorous about that? Just there next to the hotel there’s a club where malaya’s are bebwad and kulwad in Sankara by Wazungu’s. Kuwa mboch mwenye umeisha grip pale kwa mzigo juu ya kudinywa sana, is not a privilege. And then ati utasema ati I belong in a condom. Kwanza wewe unajua condom ni nini? Ushawai tumia condom na vile uko na watoto kama soh mbili? You over-rated mboches need to chill.  Sasa juu umelipa Maina Kageni to overplay your shitty songs, unafikiri hatutaishi na amani? Lea watoto na upole. Mimi I was just giving that malaya of Naija men some advice.  Hata sikuwa nimeku-address. Uli-catch ma feelings sana. Najua unataka nikumange, but I’m afraid utaniambukiza herpes,” wrote Nyakundi.

Diamond reveals how much he charges per show and it’s enough to buy you a bungalow in Syokimau

WCB President Diamond Platnumz is one paid kid. While some artists are struggling to make money in the industry, the singer is really making a killing from his music.

Diamond recently had to remind the Tanzanian government how much he makes per show after they banned Rayvanny’s new hit “Mwanza” because of its explicit lyrics.

On Instagram, Diamond said that his music targets a bigger fan base than just Tanzanians therefore he puts a lot in consideration when making the songs.


He went on to explain that he’s called for performances in other countries and they pay him at least $70,000 for a performance which is same as Tsh168, 300,000 or Ksh 7 million. How much does a 3 bedroom bungalow in Syokimau cost again?

He added that banning of his songs would not only affect his career but also the government in terms of taxes.

“Wazee wetu, vijana wenu ama wasanii wenu sasahivi tumefanikiwa kuingia kwenye masoko mbalimbali hivyo sio kila nyimbo ni kwajili ya soko la nyumbani Tanzania tu, mfano: UGANDA kuna Tamasha Linaitwa NYEGE FESTIVAL….na kwa nafasi niliyonayo UGANDA na kwajinsi nyimbo hii ilivyovuma kwa kishindo kila kona ndani ya siku tatu tu Viewers 1.5+ Millions Youtube, basi naamini kabisa Mwakani lazima NYEGE FETIVAL waniite kutumbuiza…na kama mnavyofahamu bei zangu huwaga si chini dola elf Sabini za kimarekani ( $70,000) kwa show
sawa na milioni (160,300,000 za kitanzania).…mbazo kwa show moja tu ningeweza kuchangia pato la kodi si chini ya milioni (48,090,000 ya kitanzania)…hivyo naomba mlitazame na hapo Balaza letu Pendwa” 
wrote Diamond.


Akothee forced to expose thirsty wicked man trying to feast on her and her daughter 

There’s a popular saying about a “fisi” that even animals in the wild are familiar to: A hyena has no boundaries or ethics when it’s time to eat. It will eat anything in any way possible.

That’s the situation controversial singer Akothee found herself in after a thirsty man tried to feast on her and her daughter.


The man, who claimed that he’s been mesmerized by both the singer and her model daughter, had the balls to DM Akothee on Instagram asking for an “appointment”. With both of them.

We are not sure what kind of appointment he had in mind.

“Hello madam boss, I really like you and your daughter. Can I have an appointment with her please?” he said. 

Akothee, as expected, didn’t spare the man and blasted him leaving fans in stitches.

“This one wants to eat chicken and its eggs ???? my fans are my world! Oha choose one life , hii ingine wacha,” she said. 

Here’s the post



Akothee’s ruthless reply after being asked to bleach her skin like other Nairobi ladies

Singer Akothee has bashed fans and other Kenyans who have been trying to arm-twist her into lighten her skin.

Skin lightening, popularly know as bleaching, has taken over in Kenyan, especially Nairobi where ladies are all trying to be light-skins in almost every possible way.

But not Akothee.

In a post on Instagram, the singer said she can’t go for bleaching because she has her own unique features which are God given. Her long legs for instance.

“Show me one surgeon who has ever fixed height, that’s when you know you can’t dictate God’s way of building, Long legs for days ?? hapa nimewachapa 10Nill ???, hii hawes make God given ????? before you tell me to bleach my skin , get your legs to my height ????????????.” she said.

Doesn’t care

She then went on to say that she doesn’t care what people think about her skin tone and they can continue hating on her.

“Love me or leave me alone, go bleach the people around you , the ones you have direct contact with , coz I annoy you and may be you will never shake my hands ???? you annoy yourself for no reason , bleach your entire village they will come to your funeral ,??” she posted. 


Akothee to Nelly Oaks: Don’t dump me before you give me a baby

Singer Akothee has five children but doesn’t mind adding a few more. She recently made a public plea to her lover Nelly Oaks asking him to get her pregnant before they separate or something comes in between them.

“I hope you are not thinking of dumping me soon! Because I will definitely come with you @nellyoaks Don’t go without leaving a baby behind!,” she told him on social media. 


Akothee has been sending different signs when it comes to her relationship with Oaks. She has always confused fans on whether the two are in a serious relationship or just fooling around.

Sometimes she claims she’s single while in other instances, she says she’s in love with the her manager. In her post she confessed to be in love and that she will miss Oaks in case they separate.

“How will I keep contact with you ?????, you know us women with our evidence ! We live your life with the baby till death do us part ? baby mamas are we there 
When I miss you ! I will call to tell you the baby want to talk to you “Baby baby talk to papa ????? , even a 1 month old jowadu ??women will kill me one day 
I love you honey @nellyoaks
WENYE MLIACHIWA SHIRTY PEKEE HAPO VEPEEEE ???? tukutane nyuma ya tent ya blue.” she added.