Akothee to daughters: Don’t do not come bragging to me that you are carrying a celeb’s pregnancy. Fame comes and goes 

Singer Akothee is famous and knows one thing: fame comes and goes. She therefore never believes that one should fall for someone just because she or he is famous.

The singer, who has been topping headlines for the better part of last week, warned her daughters not to fall for someone famous because there’s never true love in such.

“Do not fall for celebrities, fame comes and goes, do not come bragging to me that you are carrying a celeb’s pregnancy simply because he is famous, I will beat you up and squeeze that stomach, you know me. Fame does not pay bills, do not mess your life at an early stage,” she said. 


Akothee, who has been in some very awful relationships in the past, instructed her daughters to fall for someone who can take care of them and their kids.

“A responsible man who wants a family, should first look for a stable job and a roof over his head, how would you get pregnant for a man living with his brother, mother auntie, you think you and the baby are welcome too?

“How I wish I was a bit patient, I would not have landed into so many multi-failed relationships, please don’t end up like me with several dads , I do not think you are brave enough to face and tackle three men, women cry over one man for years Akothee is here with supermarkets of baby daddies,” she added. 

Akothee: I don’t work with Kenyan artists because they have cheap scandals 

When was the last time you saw an Akothee song that featured a  Kenyan artist? Probably never.

The singer has explained why she never works with fellow Kenyan artists saying that they love cheap scandals that just revolved around affairs and sex.

Help those who help her

Akothee, who has worked with several big shots around Africa so far including Diamond Platnumz, said that she also supports only those who support her.

In her post, she tagged Victoria Kimani, Nyota Ndogo, Eric Omonid, Nameless and Sossun as some of the people who support her and therefore returns the favour to them.

@victoriakimani@namelesskenya @nyota_ndogo@nebulazzkenya @sosuun@musajakadalla_ @delathedelz@ericomondi @owago the rest I have never seen my work on their pages , neither do they follow me , when I learnt this, I also went for the unfollow button ???? @jalangoo ni kichwa mbaya yeye hata huweka kwa bio yake , thanks for the massive support , wengine tunaongea tuzidi kuwa marafiki tu tusisumbuane , tunaongea juu ya kushukisha bei don’t mix the two topics, ya support itakuja baadae.” she posted. 


Akothee gifts fan with exotic trip after vehemently defending her on social media 

There two paths you can take when dealing with singer Akothee.

You can choose the Cyprian Nyakundi’s way where you throw insults to her and get destroyed in a social media battle or you can agree with her and be rewarded.

A fan on social media recently sided with her and won big.

The fan, who goes by the name Sensei Moshéy, defend Akothee for her flamboyant lifestyle saying that she’s not bragging but just living a normal life.

It all started after Akothee posted the amount of money she churns to maintain her swimming pool. A clean Ksh 120,000.


A fan going be the name Lucy Blessings then commented on the post saying that the singer is just but bragging.

“This is bragging why post your bill like seriously?? I saw someone on the TV he pays 2m electrical bill but don’t Bragg,,, so hii inatusaidia na nini as your IG followers??” she said. 

Akothee then replied:  “ooh I just paid 1.6 m to kplc and I posted while you were off line , data bundles issues ama.”


Sensei Moshéy then came into the picture saying that sometimes people are just living a normal life and they say such things because it’s normal to them but might end up looking like they are bragging to others.

Akothee was so impressed by this comments that he asked Kenyans to choose a holiday destination for him because he had just won himself one.

“Moshet, thanks for giving advice on my behalf. I am taking him on holiday after reading his comment, where should I take him?” She posted. 




Who’s ugly? Akothee’s daughter bags yet another beauty contest award 

Akothee’s daughter Dion Okello aka Rue baby has bagged another award just weeks after being named face of Nivea for two seasons running and after being called ugly by some Kenyans.

Akothee was one proud mum after her daughter scooped the Diaspora Entertainment Awards and Recognition (DEAR) awards 2018 edition on Monday as the Best Model of 2018.


On Instagram, Akothee celebrated the win after her daughter bagged the award.

“Congratulations my love , you girls brought light into my life , discipline is ke5 to success, let me take the opportunity to thank all my fans for the mighty support, this is the work of your hands witg God’s favours , thank you for your votes and helping me raise this girl who has been brought up by the community,” her post read.

She also made another post thanking the DEAR Awards for the honor and insisted that her daughter worked hard to gain recognition.

“The best model of 2018 Dear Awards is Aggrey Dion Okello. Aka @rue.baby.
It doesn’t matter where you start from, the end is what justifies the means, tag her father to come and see what a role model of a mother I am ????, my fans our fans our daughter has won Team single mothers representative #presidentofsinglemothers thanks to the wonderful fan @justakidnamedfiona11 thanks for this one.”




Akothee orders daughters to block man after he gave them a harsh reality check 

Akothee is on a blocking, dissing and unfriending party and anyone hating on her and her family is cordially invited. The controversial singer has been spending a lot of her time lately addressing the hate she’s getting from her fans.

In the process, she has been blocking and exposing them on their social media. She recently had another encounter with yet another fan who attacked her daughter after she posted a photo.


Akothee asked her daughter to block the man, of which she did instantly.

“Three beautiful sisters having a good time…#akotheelets.@akotheekenya we love you mumy..”shared Vesha Okello

The fan then commented:

“Money is a good thing, money can make you look beautiful instead of ugly, money can make you younger instead of older, also can make you rude instead of polite, but money can’t buy you HEAVEN, it’s by the way” Son Pepe Kenya wrote.

Akothee fired back:

@Son _Pepe _Kenya and being broke isn’t heaven itself. @Veshashaillan block this loser from your wall” advised Akothee.

Other social media users also joined the conversation saying @son_pepe_kenya Hehehehe… This is jealousy of the highest order. Let people enjoy and flaunt their money in peace, they worked hard for it so they are allowed. Just as you are allowed to also flaunt your ‘brokeness”.

Lioness! Akothee responds with fire after fan threatened her on Instagram 

Singer Akothee had a ruthless response to a fan who threatened to report her to authorities and ban her from travelling to West Africa.

On Instagram, the fan said: “Akothee like seriously do you know what you just did. I will put a sanction on you. That will stop you from visiting any West Africa countries. Am the law in West Africa and you should know what that means. I will write to your government. Enough is enough.”

Keep talking

Akothee, however, was not scared by the threats and fired back with an angry reply.

IBEZIM.C .Prosper
My friend, the only law I respect ,is me eating and not being able to go to the toilet & get the shit out of my system, when you block my arse from going to the toilet! Constipation can make me commit suicide! The law you talking about! You can only use it against women while asking for sex because you look like you have been bitten by a wasp! In fact you look like pancake! I dint know people with fat lips also talk too much! The West Africans you are talking about Left West Africa for you I have them with me & they be my best friends!


“Do you know that I am the president of the single mothers? And baby mama to West African Ambassador? Forget about you being government official’, that’s a title you use to seduce women & sooth your ego! You could be earning less than what one of my guards earn! So use that energy to go to the gym so your face can get some shape I don’t want to talk about your stomach it looks like a wholesale where people come to buy corruption MAGGOT. Get the fuck out of my page,” she said.


Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua attacks 10/ 10 after hosting Akothee: It was a shame to see someone claiming to be a mother of 5 parade her nudity on TV 

Moral cop Ezekeil Mutua was on another attacking spree after Citizen TV show 10 over 10 angered a section of Kenyans.

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO, who is not a fan of the show, attacked Citizen for hosting Akothee and “letting her show her nudity while young kids watched”. On Facebook he blasted Akothee  saying that she could have been better.

“Since Friday night, I have received numerous complaints from TV viewers regarding inappropriate content on 10/10 on Citizen TV hosted by Willis Raburu. Of great concern was the segment featuring Akothee but some viewers also say that some of the audience appeared like underage children. It’s not the first time we are receiving complaints about 10/10 and the infantile behavior of the Show hosts. It was a shame to see someone claiming to be a mother of five parade her nudity on TV as the Show host cheered on and urged the young audience to cheer as well,” said Mutua.

He went on:

“Yet, apart from the allegations of having underage children on the Show, it’s outside the remit of the Board as it comes past the watershed period (5am – 10pm). Obviously, media houses have a duty to uphold morals and professionalism in their work, but we all know that most journalists in Kenya lack creativity and think the only way to popularize their programs is by airing lewd and obscene content. Willis Raburu is such one character.The Board has proposed a raft of measures to protect children from exposure to premature sexual experiences on media. Last week we had the chance to share this with the Senate Committee on ICT and we are hoping to meet their counterpart in the National Assembly in the coming weeks, after which we shall push for an amendment to the law, including redefining the watershed period. “


“In the meantime, we continue to appeal to parents and adults in general to be responsible and guide the children on the kind of content they watch. Most of the challenges we have in society today, particularly the unrest in schools and bizzare incidents of homosexuality are as a result of the bad content kids are exposed to. It’s not just Citizen TV that’s a problem. We have issues with Churchill Show on NTV having a segment on children (Totos Corner), yet most of the jokes are of adult nature. Most media houses do not observe ethical standards and are out to make money at all costs. There’s need for concerted efforts to build a morally upright society. The media must set the agenda by observing the watershed period to ensure that content aired during prime time is suitable for family viewing. Let’s not trade our values for money!

Akothee: The life am living now, some people have to work for 50 years to have it

Singer Akothee was once a very broke lady with two kids. She has struggled in every imaginable way and it’s from this struggle, she managed to change her life and build a new one.

On Instagram, she once again dropped some advice telling her fans that financial freedom is something easy to find but first, you need to really look at your life to understand where the problem is coming from.

“You have to ask why bad luck is always following you , you must be doing bad things to innocent people behind closed doors , I am a very lucky girl, I should thank God for everything, I am blessed for sure,” she said.

Relationships won’t make you rich

She went on to share that her life is better now but she had to focus. She also asked fans not to go into relationships thinking that it will make them rich.

“It’s not easy to have everything in your thirties , this is God’s blessings, the life I am living now , some people have to work for 50 years to have it , to God be the glory , don’t get jealous be inspired , it’s not by my might it’s the hand of God telling you , it can be done . Success is not sexually transmitted , don’t go into a relationship expecting to be rich , you will get into situationship , go with the flow & the rest will follow , goodnight #presidentofsinglemothers.” 


Akothee’s daughter nominated for modelling award abroad 

Since she won the Nivea Face of East Africa, singer Akothee’s daughter Celly Rue Brown’s career as a model has been blossoming.

We have seen Akothee’s second born graced red carpets locally like a true model and now she’s about to take over international arena soon.

An African awards organisation based in Houston, Texas has her as their best model. Taking to IG, Akothee couldn’t hide her excitement.

“Waking up to God’s blessings @rue.baby from Rongo to the World , go my baby go , VOTE @rue.baby BEST MODEL OF YEAR @Dearawards , Well , I did your visas before you became a professional model thinking of just travelling with you the World, but now you travelling for good & better reasons , My daughter just do what you are good at doing , you never know who is watching , congratulations on your nominations POWER OF MANIFESTATION.” she posted.

Apple falls

The organisation also applauded the young girl saying that she’s working hard to make a name for herself.

“The apple does not fall far from the tree. Just like the mother Akothee Dion Okello has mad a name for herself in the modeling industry. Please congratulate Aggrey Dion Okello for her nomination at DEAR awards 2018.” 

Akothee ignores her piling baby daddies in this year’s Father’s Day, sends this message 

With all the drama that follows once singer Akothee mentions her baby daddies, it seems the singer wants a break.

The mother of six who has hit the headlines in the past over her baby Ds, decided to give them nothing but blue ticks this year during Father’s Day celebration.

Not this time

On social media, unlike what she has been doing other years, the singer ignored the men wishing her father instead.

“Happy father’s day daddy the only love I have is the one I received from you , thank you for being there for us , thank you for education and your presence in our lives , GOD BLESS Ajos tingana I love you,” she posted.

She also shared her daughter’s post who wished her happy Father’s Day.

“Happy fathers day to the strongest woman i know..you’ve played both roles all my life and I will forever appreciate you..I love you # mumDad,” said her daughter. 


Akothee roasted badly by fan after attacking Kenyans

Not many are happy with how Akothee danced during her six-minute performance in London where the mother of five jetted for the One Africa festival.

After numerous trolls, the singer clapped back with a vicious message saying that some of the ladies attacking her are just jealous.

“Representing black girls I have laughed so hard @oneafrica_musicfest was a bomb @beyonce come see some messed up shit ???? imagine If I had bleached? what my inner thigh would be speaking about !!! ??? don’t mess up my black shit leave it there ??? nyeusiiiiiiiiiii WAKANDAAA oya tag @beyonce here ??

“I AM NOT BEYONCE I AM MADAM BOSS AKOTHEE PRESIDENTOFTHESINGLEMOTHERS , that’s why am as black as charcoal & you can’t do shit about it, all of you be bleaching to look like someone you admire ?? don’t infect me with your useless fantasy ! My arse is even blacker than my face ???& you can’t tell me shit #callpolis if offended or block me from coming back to Kenya ! ????just because I am black yet you don’t even have a passport maggot.” she posted.


Bullet for bullet

A fan, however, wasn’t taking her explanation and made a clap back that has left many shocked. The fan claims Akothee got the wrong message in the trolls and should listen to what fans are saying.

Read the post below:


Funny! Look at how Akothee daughters cried at the airport before she left them

Singer Akothee AKA the president of single mothers didn’t have time today for her usual wisdom quotes. The popular and controversial singer is on her way to London where she’s expected to perform in different clubs as she kicks of her European tour.

Happy or sad?

While At the airport, Akothee shared a rather funny clip that has her daughters bidding him goodbye. What’s funny about the clip is how they cry when she announces it’s now time to leave.

Their cry leaves Akothee confused not knowing whether they are happy for her or sad.

Watch the funny clip below:



Akothee to single mothers: Don’t entertain broke lazy guys. You’ll do everything for them but they’ll still cheat

The president of single mothers might be currently busy abroad but she still has time to advice all the single mothers that follow her.

Akothee once again was on Instagram to share some advice to all single mothers out there who are entertaining broke guys just in the name of trying not to be single.

Ditch them

According to the singer, it’s time women understand some of these men are never loyal and that they’ll still play them despite their hard work.

Here is what she said:

“Single mothers walk alone , make decisions alone & struggle in the middle of all fiasco alone . They need no distractions , things I learnt in life as a single mother you don’t need any negativity , or being around people who reminds you of your situation or making it worse ! Avoid broke lazy guys if you are a single mother, you end up selling what you have to keep him and he will eventually dump you for the next babe, Sex , relationship / companionship is not kidney that you will die without.” 



“Emotions might drive you to have a baby for him, but remember you are already single 1 being 2 to 6 is like a a flash , before you know it you have 6 children and broke as a church mouse, stop there with baby making and start building yourself , children don’t keep men, take care and collect your mess life first before you mess it further ?? your money is your first husband , even to have good sex you need food, roof over your head & a good bed good day #presidentofsinglemothers,” 

She continued:

“Who told you that having children is an abomination and that any nan available for you is doing for you a favour ? Never met any woman who is as sexy as a responsible mother, no one does any single mother a favour by dating them ! If the kitchen is too hot exit , a single mother has a heart backbone made of steel and a heart of gold , single mothers TANO STRONG good morning.” 


Akothee forced to slam her friend who has been backstabbing her

Controversial Kenyan musician Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee is one person people should learn not to mess with. The singer has no chills and will always expose you if you cross her path.

She was recently on social media to throw shade on one of her friends, actually enemy, who has been spoiling her name while pretending she’s supporting her. Remember it’s not the first time the singer as done such a thing.

Stalker or just bugging?


The singer said that she recently met with an old friend and exchanged contacts but the lady became a pest flashing her all the time till it became annoying. Then one of her ex-boyfriends informed her that the same friend wanted to have a child with him years back and Akothee lost it.

“Please fake arse keep off me even the men I dated 10 years ago are free now you can have them.” she posted.

“I am sad because I am not an island, I also want to interact with normal people! I don’t know how to play a diva it’s not my character! But At this rate sorry I fear for my circle.”

Akothee: If he comes with a bunch of money to pay a 2k bill, he’s broke

Kenyans, mostly ladies, have been trying to decode how controversial singer Akothee manages to prune rich men and isolate broke guys. Though Akothee said there’s no particular formular to it, the singer has one or two secrets on how she does it.

Avoid flossers

One secret, according to madam boss, is avoiding those men who carry a bunch of money in clubs just to clear a bill worth KSH 2,000 or Ksh 5,000.

“Listen, if your debts are bigger than the number of assets you own my friend you are broke ????? riches are not measured by liquid cash ,” She said on IG.

“Stay away from men who take out a bunch bundles of money in clubs to pay a bill of 5k and gives you 2k for taxi back home , the rest of the money back in his pocket is to keep you on your toes , so you worship his next invitation ???? utakuja achwa mataani ?? rich people don’t splash money they worked for it so they respect the presence of money.” 



“Money easily earned easily spent , be warned , flashy life is a lifestyle not an investment , you don’t get rich by spending money , you get rich by earning & investing money ??None of your children will ever enjoy your flash lifestyle after you dead & gone because it’s not an investment that can secure their future , it’s short term solution to a longterm problem TANO STRONG, do the show and don’t forget the biz part of it , that’s why it’s called showbiz ??”


Akothee to daughter: When you get pregnant let me be the first to know

Akothee has seen the ups and downs life has to offer. She knows life is not easy but is trying all she can do to make it better for her kids. In a recent post, Akothee confessed being married at 14 years and narrated how life then forced her into such situation.

“We shall party yes, but remember you have a future to focus on, so consume what your body can handle my daughter, thank God you have a dot.com mum! During our days, we had to sneak and jump over the fence with clothes to change huko mbele just in the name of going to Nyatiedero, or stay in omega disco Migori from the day they tie the music to the date they untied it for the fear of going back home there were no phones,” she said. 

“So the day your parents will see you or hear from you is when you report back this fear is what made some of us end up with your father’s we just decided to settle in the fear of not going back home at 14 years of age but still got pregnant in the middle of the fear Monday is school @veshashaillan call me anytime you wanna go out my love!” 

She asked her daughter not to be afraid when in such a position and should tell her immediately.

“I will take a flight from Mombasa come hang out! Unless you want a ME time do it my love but do let me know with whom you are out just text! Yes mum am out with……. When you home, do the same just to make sure you safe. #Thatsbeingresposibleoveryourlife.

“If you have a catch, pliz introduce me so I know & when pregnancy checks in let me be the first to know my love , never hide anything from me mama, I am the final recipient anyway. Nitajua tu but for now focus on building yourself I love you @veshashilan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia cc @highclub254,” she said.


Exclusive behind the scene photos of Akothee’s upcoming new video that has costed Ksh 5 million

Akothee’s latest release Oyoyo featuring MC Galaxy will be the talk of town. This comes at a time when the singer had just came from being hospitalized for fatigue.

That did not stop her from leaving the hospital and shooting her music video as planned.

 “I, madam boss  the president of the single mothers is urging all the women to get off their pity party and stand for their rights,” Akothee said, “I shot the video at a time when I was meant to be in the hospital and on bed rest for exhaustion. Never stop believing in yourself. My fans should expect more hits and entertainment, after all, my life, your entertainment.”

Set for a Thursday, March 29 release at 9pm on Akothee Kenya’s YouTube page, the music video for Oyoyo will definitely be a fan favourite.

Akothee did not spare any expenses in shooting the music video. She went all out to showcase her lifestyle as a boss. A showbiz boss.

Costed 5 million

In the music video there is a private jet, luxury car waiting to pick her once she walks down the blue carpet, a presidential suit to chill in at top hotel and fine dining.

“I can tell you for sure the budget came up to Ksh 5m,” Nelly Oaks, the star’s manager revealed.

Adding, “The video was a collaborative effort between Akothee and top brands like Silverstone Airline Limited, Moet & Chandon and Acacia Premiere Hotel in Kisumu.”

Akothee explains why this time round she has shot the music video, not only in Kenya but in her home county, Kisumu.

“I stopped shooting videos abroad because I want to promote my culture and my country let the resources revolve around my country. The video was shot in my home town of Kisumu and I am proud of that,” Akothee said.

Akothee is not one to do anything in a subtle manner. During the shooting of the music video with MC Galaxy, she brought Kisumu to a standstill. The set of the music video that was shot on the street was swamped with spectators.

The track, Oyoyo, is produced by Spell “MagikBoi” while the music video was shot by One Montage Production.

Here are the photos:

This is one of the deepest post Kenyans will ever see from Akothee, It will give you hope

Singer Akothee started from the bottom and hustled her way up to the lady she’s currently now. It was not easy.

The singer recently took to social media to share a very emotional post of how she struggled and almost lost hope but kept on hustling. In the post she asked Kenyans not to give up but keep going and grab any opportunity that comes.

I learnt to grab any opportunity that landed on my door step

Now that she has money, she wanted her fans to know that she hasn’t changed and still the same person she was back then.

Read her post:

Behind every smiling woman there is broken little girl ! With this pregnancies I chased the owners till I got tired !when I woke up from my dreams and realised that I use less energy to chase my dreams than chasing men ! Trust me ! I gained my strength and stood on my feet 

I learnt to grab any opportunity that landed on my door steps , where you are right now I know you are broken , you feel like the end has come and you should just die ! Don’t hold God’s hands you will get tired and drop him Let him hold your hands He never gives up, He is the Living God remind him of your troubles and worries, He knows what you are going through now, But he allows you to go through so get ready for the bigger plans ahead !

Akothee with her kids

She added:

“Trust me if God showed me whom I would be today in 2009! The world would have been folded ! Don’t give up my darling ! He is teaching you to patience ! he wants you to learn from experience so you have a taste of both lives, lest you forget the less fortunate. Things that comes easy don’t last, that’s why you wonder when rich people die they only leave a legacy but all the wealth vanishes , simply because , the wealth they left behind ,lands in the hands of people who dint sweat or toil for them ! Be patient ,God is teaching you to be humble Goodnight my darling and when God remembers you also let us know of the miracle of THE LIVING GOD . Some of us would have been long Gone if it were not living by faith SOMEONE TYPE AMEN”


Unlike her daughters, Akothee celebrates her birthday in a low key party held in her ‘dala’

Akothee turned a year older a day ago and for the very first time she opted for a low key party that saw her spent her special day with her parents and other relatives.

She flew all the way to Kisumu where she had a cake session with her loved ones and shockingly none of her children were present for this party. However, as usual her handsome manager tagged along and judging from the pictures she shared I am pretty sure the lady couldn’t have spent it any other way.

Also read: Akothee’s manager Nelly Oaks shows off loads of cash before flying off to Masai Mara for holiday with his boss in a private charter flight (Photos)
Akothee however did not reveal her age… but all we know is that her eldest daughter turned 19 years a few months ago and as revealed in the past we understand that she got married at a tender age and by the time she was 20 years she already had 4 children…so lets assume she is in her late 30’s…right?

Below are a couple of photos from her special day.