Akothee explains why she prefers death over divorce

Self declared president of single mums Akothee is back with another lesson for all of single mums thinking divorce is the solution to their failed marriages. This being a topic she’s tackled in her book Akothee Sibuor Madhako Quotes, the singer opens up on reasons why most separated couples should avoid dragging their personal lives to court.

Having had 3 failed marriages already I want to believe that Akothee knows one or two about marriages and relationships which explains why she continues to remain single.

Well according to Akothee it’s easier to live knowinv your spouse is dead rather than having to deal with them in court each and every time there’s a hearing. Addressing this, the single mum of 5 through her Instagram page wrote:

Pg 33) Its easier said than done , Divorce is worse than death , especially when children are involved. When you lose a loved one , you mourn you are broken once for the lose , you hurt you miss them ,and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them ????

Choose your battles right

Not that she’s encouraging couple to stick to toxic relationships but she encourages many to have a discrete separation to avoid messing with the kids mental health. She went on to say;

But with divorce where children are involved , if you don’t choose your battle wisely , you will be broken daily , buried daily , hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment ✍ breaking up with a loved one leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes TIME. . If you have to divorce or break up , do it descently , you are not the first or last ,people survived We are with you in prayers ????

But again – all relationships are different and they also end differently. Her advise many not work for everyone but at the end of the day – at least we get her point – and that is your mental health and that of the children should always comes first!

Akothee reveals why most slay queens with sponsors often amount to nothing

The president of single mums, Akothee always has something educative to tell the many young girls following her on Instagram. Of course being a mother of 3 lovely girls, Akothee understands some of the things they go through; like landing themselves rich boyfriends among other things.

Well, her latest post talks about women who score sponsors but still end up being poor after they are dumped. As seen on the post, Akothee went on to urge young women to invest wisely since these sponsors end up changing with time.

Akothee talks about divorce

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The lady opened up about this through a post where she wrote;

Supervise your work. You have to be present to achieve your goals ,no one will ever make you rich ,not even a sponsor. A sponsor will invest in your life style, business class tickets ,five star hotels , expensive weaves ????. But try ask for capital for your business ???????? very few will see a potential of investing in you ,for the fear of you being independent and dumping them.

Be wise

Just to prove that money from sponsors should be used for investment, as she currently investing on a spa as seen on the photos shared on her page. Well, if you thought sponsors can’t change then let Akothee fill you in more.

Businesswoman, Akothee

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sponsors are also not stupid ,they know why you are with them ????????, so they hide the white ball very far , and when they dump you for another hot cake ,you fall like a rotten tree ,for they will want to take you back where they found you or worst, in fact some of them ,will even revert the things they gave you just to see you frustrated and begging ???????????? sponsorship is a scam it can land bad ????????????.be wise @thejumba_suites_spa