If you know, you know! Akothee introduces boyfriend to the ‘green lodge’ and he likes it

Singer Akothee has been having lots of fun with her new found love and we cant blame her for that. Lately she has been sharing nothing but happy posts on social media and despite losing her pregnancy a few weeks back – she’s back to entertaining her man.

So, if i may ask when was the last time you had fun with your spouse? Like have some cute fun and games just to keep things spiced up? I bet you don’t remember but thanks to Akothee, she gets to remind you how love feels in the money moon months.

As seen on a new post, Akothee brings out her kienyeji side by introducing her caucasian fiancé, Omondi to the green lodge….if you know you know….and its just hilarious coming from the mother of 5. Imagine at 40 years, Akothee still behaves like post teen and we love it….i mean who wants boring when you can get extra with Akothee?

Akothee showing Omondi her kienyeji side

Well, since many dont know what the green lodge means then watching Akothee’s new video might just help you figure what that means….not forgetting also show you how wild she can get.

Ahh Mr OMONDI Deno ,it was just a joke Yes we called it green lodge but I never had an action here ???????????? Omondi weri koda @misteromosh

And you still wonder why Akothee can find love at 40 something years, yet you and your gorgeous 20 something age can’t bag a man…..inaitwa kujituma.

Akothee take it slow, you don’t have to win every online battle

Singer Akothee must be facing some tough time judging from how she has been moving on social media. You see, for the past few weeks, the lass has been dealing with family drama – then there was the sibling rivalry story that claims she has been competing with her younger sister Cebbie.

Well, judging from Akothees weekend post we can now tell that the her mental and physical health are not so good – which leaves me wondering why she exposes herself to such situations when she can hire a social media manager to handle such situations on her behalf.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Akothee admitted to hospital

Okay we get it, Akothee isn’t the type of woman to let bloggers troll or paint her in a certain way; nor is she willing to let relatives pick on her – yet she is the reason they are who they are today. So she claims.

Anyway with all this pressure the singer was recently admitted to hospital and Akothee being ‘a star’ she had to post it on social media – maybe for pyblic sympathy or something….but either way she still publicized it.

Akothee admitted to hospital…….again

But come to think of it…..why wouldn’t she just avoid the whole drama queen stunts to avoid landing herself in hospital every now and then….I mean is it really worth it?

Akothee crucifies bloggers for her sins, says ‘Mtanilipa 300M’

As soon as I came across Akothees latest post on Instagram where she threatened to sue bloggers…immediately Jay Rock ft kendrick lamar’s certain song started playing at the back of my mind jamming to miss with that bullsh.t….cause someone is tripping.

Akothee performing

And nothing personal but is it just me or does Akothee always cast the first stone before she crying foul or rather portraying herself as the victim? Okay – you see Akothee is now complaining about bloggers writing negative stories about her on social media instead of focusing on her music or projects like they should.

But again, if the drama in her personal life is more interesting than her music, why blame the messenger delivering news. Right?


Anyway as seen on a new post the singer threatened to sue bloggers for Ksh 300M….a statement she put out shortly after claiming these same bloggers are broke keyboard warriors, poor at heart and bitter broke…..but still wants to sue them for Ksh 300M? Zima hiyo kitu.

Akothee brand depends on clout

Well, truth is – Akothee did not lie about bloggers not focusing on her music and she wasn’t also wrong about that broke part…I mean who isnt?


Most of kenyan bloggers are beggers per say ,poor at heart and bitter broke.. They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down ,it fulfills their emptiness. I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog ,when they said they wanted me to talk about my life ,to inspire peioke , ” “me Inspire people ???????? with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?” And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, that was the End of our engagement ????????????, they never post my shit and I equally don’t miss them ,I am a blogger myself .and I only blog about my life because I have one .


To All kenyan Bloggers ,This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand ,tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand . I don’t need you ,you need my content , period . Wacheni kunipost sitaki

But come to think of it, Akothee’s brand depends on the drama revolving around her. For some reason her fan base wants to hear about the famiky fights, the baby daddy drama, her life and kids….and not what song she just dropped or what mzungu she is currently dating.

If you don’t believe me….watch how the lady will make news this week compared to the past few weeks she’s been oversharing stuff about her new man.

Again….I don’t think Akothee should be pointing guns at bloggers calling them names – just to get their attention….wewe weka family drama and sit down we help you clout chase.

Why Akothee will not be attending her sister’s wedding in December, she spills tea

Akothee says her famiky has been stressing her with issues for months but in December 2021 she decided to cut off people bringing negative energy around her Aura.

Well, among the people she cut off are younger sister, Cebbie Nyasego and I strongly believe ex boyfriend, Nelly Oaks found himself in the mix too. Speaking during a live session on her gram, Akothee left many of her fans surprised by her confession – exposing her family for ganging up against her – yet she has no problem with anyone.

While on live, the singer let it slip that due to bad blood between her and Cebbie Nyasego – she will not attending small sister’s wedding set to happen in December. A hurting Akothee was heard saying;

We are having another event in December which I am also happy about. I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart, I mean well. The only thing is I was not going to go to that wedding anyway because me and my younger sister have not been in good terms for close to a year now, maybe you do not know. I haven’t said she is evil but I packed my bags out of that relationship.

She gossips me alot

As if that was enough – Akothee went on to clap back at her sister who allegedly claims the singer never defends her whenever dragged by tabloids or comments from fans.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

To her, she has no control over such matters especially when Cebbie Nyasego is the one doing the gossiping. She said;

Again, another message landed on my table that my sister said that I don’t defend her when you people are attacking her. Please, I am human, I don’t know how I’m supposed to defend my young sister. She is the one who was gossiping me somewhere for reasons I don’t know then this thing went viral. This internet will kill me. Please delete those things. She was lying, she accepted she was lying, now delete it, it is not her.

And in conclusion – the mother of 5 begged fans to quit trolling her sister and Nelly Oaks – since the blame is landing on her.

Today I have asked for forgiveness on her behalf, please leave me alone I beg you. Don’t drag my younger sister on my wall, don’t attack Nelly Oaks, please let these people live their own lives. Please let me live my own life too,”

Akothee ready to walk out & abandon family, says “she has had enough”

Akothee is back to publicizing her family problems on social media and although she is one big artist…not forgetting wealthy – i still cant understand why she chooses her social media as a place to seek therapy for all her family problems….but yea, were back at it and this time around she wants to call it quits with her family.

Well, a few hours ago the singer shared a post venting about her family which she says has been stressing her over the few months. From what I can tell is that shes back to having issues with her siblings who btw – don’t seem to be her biggest fans.

Through her IG stories, Akothee started with

I have no idea why its always me in question. Was it wrong for me to be born in this family?


I wish my grandfather was alive

Where are the parents?

Okay…not that I know Akothee’s family but I want to believe she has a mother and close relatives to intervene in such situations; but since she wishes her grandfather was around to sort the current issue – means she on her own.

In addition to the rant…Akothee went on to add;

You’re the one to live with the dents of upgrading people to a level they couldn’t, behave faithful at because they had not grown into it organically.

And lastly….Seems like the lady is thinking of abandoning her family because at this rate, Akothee is fed up with her close relatives.



“I have never felt like this my entire 40 years” Akothee cries after finding true love in young mzungu boyfriend

Akothee is in love and whether you like it or not she is not about to keep her mouth shut just because Kamati ya Roho chafu is watching and hating on the side lines….and since most of yall cant enjoy love with this bad economy – i guess mapenzi mtaionea kwa Akothee social media pages.

Akothee enjoying birthday vacation

Well, days after sharing a cute video spending time with her mzungu…wait the video was something like a music video where the young man is seen chasing after Akothee while on the beach at slow motion he carries her, spins her around before they fall on the sand….and the whole time I am watching the clip – I’m thinking kwani Akothee ameadd weight, ama huyu muzungu hana nguvu. But all in all they looked so cute, right?

Days later Akothee has shared an intimate photo while in the company of her new man to which she captioned;

6.8.2022 in Alba Italy never felt like this mu entire 40 years. Allow me to enjoy myself

Love is beautiful

Although Akothee has found herself  the perfect man – young, husband, Caucasian I bet she can now start planning for another child – that is if she isn’t already expecting her 6th child who she said would be from sperm donor.

Anyway I guess this is the only time most of her ex boyfriends might end up getting bitter…I mean have you seen her man?

Akothee distances herself from mzungu man rumored to be her latest boyfriend

It’s really been tough for Akothee now that her relationship with Nelly Oaks ended in the worst way ever. I mean, for some reason the president of single mums made it known that she had been fooling the guy for almost 6 months before she dumped him; and problem is – the way she said it sounded really bad.

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

Okay, yea we get it – she’s older than Nelly Oaks but honesty the man didn’t deserve such treatment and if he did, Akothee should have found a better way to do it; and not belittle him in public.

Anyway that’s water under the bridge and after months of staying single – Akothee recently shared a video enjoying breakfast with a certain Mzungu man; and knowing how she likes her European men – many concluded he is the latest man warming her bed.

‘Chill It’s not him’ Akothee denies dating mzungu man

Well having come across the many posts ‘introducing’ Akothee’s latest man, the singer now says blogs need to chill out and quit claiming the guy seen on her videos is her new man.

The singer revealed this in a post shared on her page where she went on to say;

Hey these are my guests visiting, I haven’t posted the man dating me, ????????????No ring on the finger yet ????,don’t be in a hurry,

However she promised to unveil her latest man very soon, but as for now – all she wants she wants is for news outlets to chill and give her time until she’s ready.

when time comes you will see him.just calm down Wacha MBIO ✌️‼️

Akothee on handling problematic people around her “I delete and block”

Akothee says depression almost had her losing her mind at some point in life that she had to be hospitalized. From what she says is that things were so bad that she needed help from professionals; an exhausting phase of her life she never wants to ever experience again.


Not that we haven’t heard the story before – but I guess this memory from her dark days is often triggered whenever she’s beefing with a family member. About 2 weeks it was reported that Akothee and one of her siblings (small sister) were fighting over something only for Akothee to openly claim si beef ni wivu.

And just like that – we automatically knew something is up in their family. For some reason Akothee and sister Cebby often fight behind closed doors – and still somehow it ends up online. Still on the same matter, Akothee earlier today shared a post talking about depression saying;

WHEN YOUR MIND GOES INTO A DEEP REST ( DEPRESSION) MENTAL ILLNESS Has no shame nor class ???? Never underestimate the power of negative thinking. I used to judge those who commit suicide until I lost my mind and realized that, once you loose your energy to the negative environment Akothee on handling problematic people around her “I delete and block” , and you can’t breath nor sleep anymore ,there is no reason to live. Have you ever felt alone in a world full of people? I still can’t understand???? When nothing makes sense anymore and you craving for sleep , is nothing to joke about.


I remember asking the doctor if He can inject me with a very strong medicine so I can sleeeeeeeep without waking up ????????????
I was crying like a child for sleep. No one could understand me and I insulted them in my heart ???? If I picked up a phone of a loved one I would just start crying, I also dint know I was into this mess

Experience with depression

With everything she’s been through including an abusive baby daddy – Akothee says it took only took self love for her to heal; and now more than ever – she never lets anyone distract  her peace. Just block and delete!

It Took me self love to start Addressing what is ailing me . I took a pen and a paper .wrote down all the things that drain my energy and cover my mind. I spoke to myself and consulted a few people. I had to make drastic decisions however hard they could be.
Trust you me ,I FEEL GOOD LIFE IS SWEET. Good morning Am I talking to you or taking to myself .Speak out speak up and stand up.Nowdays anything that wants to give me kidogo pressure. I delete and block

“I have always been the first to apologize” Akothee vows never to settle

Akothee has had 10 years of therapy to help deal with some issues from her past and now that she is stronger – the lady says she will not be allowing toxic energy around her aura.

Well – it hasn’t been easy dealing with a baby daddy that wasn’t supportive during her struggling days; to family members who feel they deserve a cut in her wealth now that she has money.

Speaking about this experience, Akothee earlier today shared a post where she wrote;

Now I know I am not the problem. For a long time I have fell a victim in the hands of mean family members ,I have always been the first one to say sorry even when they are on the wrong , wait ,it dint take a week before I was crying again ???????????? hurting again , ????

Everyman for himself

According to the lady some of her family members are well known takers and if not handed what they want – the relationship becomes bitter. Like it’s her place to provide and fulfill their every need and if not – there’s bad blood.

It took me 10 years of therapy ,crying and trying to figure out what else can I do ????, then I realised Ooh Esther takers have no shame Guvers must creat boundaries ???????????? today I can tell you for free ,I have blocked doors to even the closest family member , people I THOUGHT I couldn’t do without , people I EDUCATED and seen through life .and I don’t feel guilty about it . I am at peace and happy???????? .

But at 40 years, the mother of 5 has learnt that she owes no one anything not even her own kids! With the knowledge she now has, no one can guilt trip her even if it means becoming rivals.

AT 40 I cant afford to loose my sleep over lost envy in the name of rivalry . There is no rivalry Call it JELOUSY  PERIOD ????We can be in a family gathering and I don’t get carried away by the fact that ooh we are together ,shit ,I suffered and not going back . No hello ,no nothing ,not even them attending to forget about my wedding but even my burial .

Lanes: Akothee on why she remains the highest paid musician in Kenya

Akothee is not getting off her high horse anytime soon and if you don’t like her – then that’s on you! Well after sharing details of how she dumped her ex, Nelly Oaks – the self declared president of single mums is now letting fans now know why she is the highest paid musician in Kenya.


Speaking during a recent interview Akothee went on to reveal that her rate card is what has her making money left right and center. This is because unlike other musicians who charge small amounts for their performances, she charges millions. Not Ksh 1M but Sh2, 352, 000.

Right now my rate-card is $20,000 (Sh2, 352, 000). Its value for money, I bring value. I think I’m the number one earning artiste in Kenya right now.


Well her only reason for asking for the crazy amount is because she always delivers what is expected of her; that is giving fans a perfect performance and the organizers also make money off her too.

Tough times

This is however new information since she had earlier revealed to charge Ksh 1 million for her services; but with the economy weighing down on everyone – she too has bills to settle and kids to look after.

Iwapo nikiitwa kwenye show mi hupeana rate card yangu ambayo ni Sh1 Miliion kwa sababu nauza brand… it is the value I am bringing on board.

And just like that – she’s able to keep her brand at the top and is never approached by con event organizers because she’s not one to play with her money or investments.

Ouch! Akothee reveals she was mentally & emotionally disconnected from Nelly Oaks while still dating

Singer Akothee recently revealed she’d parted ways with boyfriend Nelly Oaks following issues that were affecting her health. According to the singer, relationships were not only weighing her down but also distracting her.

The mother of five shared this through her Instagram page while announcing her breakup with Nelly Oaks saying;

I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise. It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my new Found happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment, questions, or answers to what transpired just didn’t want to hurt anyone. but sorry it is what it is

Despite the breakup post,madam boss made it known that she still respects the fella as they share a long history;

Me and Mr. N have a family Relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let’s respect family and keep family RESPECT, He is not someone I just picked on the streets. So for that matter Wishing All of you the best of life

Detached from relationship

However speaking to presenter Ali on a recent interview Akothee now says she detached herself from Nelly Oaks in December 2021. So basically the guy was in the relationship by himself for 6 months not knowing Akothee was done.

Okay – sounds really mean but then again Akothee isn’t the type to sugarcoat her stories meaning things didn’t end so well for the two.

  I would never announce a break up if I’ve not walked through it. Even the biggest of the biggest celebrities out there struggle with relationship… actually, according to me I had walked out of the relationship back in December.

And I guess this explains why the two no longer follow each other on social media and why they’ve since deleted each other’s photos on their social media pages too.

Akothee explains why she prefers death over divorce

Self declared president of single mums Akothee is back with another lesson for all of single mums thinking divorce is the solution to their failed marriages. This being a topic she’s tackled in her book Akothee Sibuor Madhako Quotes, the singer opens up on reasons why most separated couples should avoid dragging their personal lives to court.

Having had 3 failed marriages already I want to believe that Akothee knows one or two about marriages and relationships which explains why she continues to remain single.

Well according to Akothee it’s easier to live knowinv your spouse is dead rather than having to deal with them in court each and every time there’s a hearing. Addressing this, the single mum of 5 through her Instagram page wrote:

Pg 33) Its easier said than done , Divorce is worse than death , especially when children are involved. When you lose a loved one , you mourn you are broken once for the lose , you hurt you miss them ,and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them ????

Choose your battles right

Not that she’s encouraging couple to stick to toxic relationships but she encourages many to have a discrete separation to avoid messing with the kids mental health. She went on to say;

But with divorce where children are involved , if you don’t choose your battle wisely , you will be broken daily , buried daily , hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment ✍ breaking up with a loved one leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes TIME. . If you have to divorce or break up , do it descently , you are not the first or last ,people survived We are with you in prayers ????

But again – all relationships are different and they also end differently. Her advise many not work for everyone but at the end of the day – at least we get her point – and that is your mental health and that of the children should always comes first!

Akothee shares reasons as to why she has no female friends

Singer Akothee is not shy to admit that she is a loner. Unlike your usual female celebrities rolling around in group of friends – Akothee says she likes to roll solo and this is because she understands how friendships between females work.

Well – speaking from previous experience, the singer revealed that having female friends is a bomb; it can be fetal, unpredictable and once it goes off – things just become ugly. Doubting her? Ask Huddah what happened after she started making more money than her friends…they poisoned her.

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For this reason, Akothee through her gram explained why you will never catch her with female friends – even if it meant that life depended on it. She wrote;



When they start as friends they become very open to each other,open their hearts and pour out their hearts to each other! Their emotions lie to them they are in love with each other ???? When they realise the other persons have more than what they have ! Mrs JELOUSY ” AKA competition gets its way INN ” ????They forget that, everyone woman have different strengths capabilities and different up bringing, different calculations, origine and destination ???? every woman has a different way of seeing things.

Competitive beings

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From what life has taught her is that women will always have some jealousy hidden somewhere in their hearts; however what many don’t understand is that they all can’t be equal. She explained her point using breasts as example saying;

Akothee with the only besties she trusts

we can’t All be equal and it has never happened and will never happen! Women should understand the narrative of Breasts???? ????Some are round ,some are “yago”, some are huge some like nipples , some are standing ovation some are onto your marks ????
But hey ! they All qualify as Breasts ,and met have different taste of them.

Also having seen what happened in Young, Famous and African, I guess you can clearly see why Akothee prefers keeping to herself; instead of surrounding herself with women rooting for her downfall.

Any woman competing to be the Number one woman of All women is making A fool of themselves! There will always be another woman doing other things you ain’t capable if doing . In short we all have different strengths so Stop BEING THE PREFCT IN THE CIRCLES OF YOUR FRIENDS,
As A woman ,don’t hesitate to walk out of a group of friends that make you feel small. RUIUUUN  GOODMORNING

Akothee on why she regrets the day she became famous

Singer Akothee is back with yet another social media rant and this time around, it’s on why she regrets the day she became famous. The singer revealed this through a detailed post where she complained about her fans not respecting her privacy.

According to Akothee some of these fans don’t seem to understand the difference between TV life; and the behind the scenes one – which allows her to go back to her normal self as Esther aka mama Rue and not Akothee the singer.

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Akothee’s rant

Speaking on how fame has affected her life so far, Madam boss through her Instagram page shared a detailed post where she wrote;

I regret the day I became famous,this bulshit ain’t getting funny, Even with my neck support and funny face ,some people would still insist on a selfie ???? Eeee

Akothee in need of a break

From what I’m gathering from Akothee’s post is that she would love to have some privacy for now especially since she is hurting and needs time to herself.

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Addressing the few fans who know nothing about giving their favorite celebrities a break, Akothee wrote;

Is this really love ama ni kitu sijui ?
Sometimes I am in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos PLEASE! I KNOW YOU LOVE EVIDENCE! NGOJENI KIDOGO.
THE YEAR STARTED ON A ROUGH PITCH FOR ME ! hata Nguvu ya kupiga picha Sina mtanisamehe.

But again, aren’t Kenyans the most snobbish people especially when it comes to ignoring celebrities on the streets?

“Kifua yako imejaa mafuta” Akothee savagely insults fan who criticized her ‘bad’ music

Akothee has always been a no nonsense and if anything – she remains unapologetic for her actions or rather stunts seen on social media. So far we have seen the singer call out critics on her page; and the latest one involves a fan who called her out for bad vocals that allegedly contribute to Akothee’s bad music. Ouch.

Akothee TBT

Well, this comment did not seem to impress Akothee who would opted to turn the other chick; but being her usual self – the singer decided to slap back and man was she mean. In a now deleted post, Akothee is seen throwing heavy insults at the fan saying;

Me on a Thursday googling Aisha????????????I don’t feel bad when such idiots pull stunts on me. I feel embarrassed ???????????????? wewe pia kuja uimbe na hiyo kifua yako imejaa mafuta tuone kama sauti itatoka.

You’re a pig

Just when you thought 2021 was going to change Akothee for the better; turns out that she actually got worse – that is in terms of insults. Apart from calling out the fan for her fat body; the singer compared her (Caroline) to a pig saying;

Na ata sijasema umezaliwa china manake macho kidogo kama Vile nguruwe hivi, sijui waniona ama waona pia lako tu ????????????????. Hata hivyo hayanihusu mimi macho yako yakuonee upendacho; na sikio lako umelifunika na weave ya kobole ishike adabu madam Caroline. Tuheshimiane na corona.

Akothee vs fan

Not quite sure whether this helped Akothee feel better about herself and her music; but truth is that this fan clearly hurt Akothee’s feelings.

Akothee reveals why most slay queens with sponsors often amount to nothing

The president of single mums, Akothee always has something educative to tell the many young girls following her on Instagram. Of course being a mother of 3 lovely girls, Akothee understands some of the things they go through; like landing themselves rich boyfriends among other things.

Well, her latest post talks about women who score sponsors but still end up being poor after they are dumped. As seen on the post, Akothee went on to urge young women to invest wisely since these sponsors end up changing with time.

Akothee talks about divorce

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The lady opened up about this through a post where she wrote;

Supervise your work. You have to be present to achieve your goals ,no one will ever make you rich ,not even a sponsor. A sponsor will invest in your life style, business class tickets ,five star hotels , expensive weaves ????. But try ask for capital for your business ???????? very few will see a potential of investing in you ,for the fear of you being independent and dumping them.

Be wise

Just to prove that money from sponsors should be used for investment, as she currently investing on a spa as seen on the photos shared on her page. Well, if you thought sponsors can’t change then let Akothee fill you in more.

Businesswoman, Akothee

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sponsors are also not stupid ,they know why you are with them ????????, so they hide the white ball very far , and when they dump you for another hot cake ,you fall like a rotten tree ,for they will want to take you back where they found you or worst, in fact some of them ,will even revert the things they gave you just to see you frustrated and begging ???????????? sponsorship is a scam it can land bad ????????????.be wise @thejumba_suites_spa

“I dint know you could step into 2020 due to your health” Akothee’s moving letter to her daddy!

Singer Akothee is quite blessed to have a man like her old man as her daddy! This past weekend the mother of 5 went on to praise her dad in a well detailed post on her Instagram page.

Akothee with her daddy

Akothee went on to reveal that her dad taught her the hustles of life and for this reason she continues to see him as her role model; and that is why nobody she doesn’t look for inspiration from anybody else’s dad! She went on to write saying;

The gift you gave me has taken me places , thank you for being my role model , I don’t look up to anyones father , you are my everything, and that’s why I keep, I try to keep relationships with my baby daddies ,so that my children don’t look upto other people’s fathers as their role model, As a mother , I will always make sure I swallow my pain and allow my children enjoy their fathers ( sometimes they crush me, they thwart me ,make me fry dozens of onions????????????) but you know what , ,they won’t kill me ????.

Singer Akothee also went on to make it public that her dad and mum did not get along thanks to his music career; that contributed to him being a polygamist! The lady went on to write;

Baba Akothee

I rise above the pain and my children’s interest comes first! I know my mom dint get it easy with you too Dad; and especially that you were a musician ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️. That woman has a story to tell too , but she stuck by you to see us grow. I miss dem days that you took us shopping, brought food with Landrover at home; we never bought meat ,we slaughtered animals.

Invested in his children

Despite it all, Akothee says her father invested in his children by taking them to schools and teaching them discipline. After so many years of keeping his family comfortable; Akothee now says that it is his turn to be taken care of by his children! His health has however been  deteriorating and for a minute Akothee thought her father wouldn’t make it to 2020. She went on to conclude by saying;

My mothers never knew one way to the supermarket, you invested well in your children. From education to upbringing, we were all equal ,dispite you being a polygamous man. I will always climb mountains to see you happy , I dint know you could step into 2020 due to your health; but now see how strong you are AJOS TINGA . I WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF JOSY @joshuaowinokokeyo

“You can edit your photos but you can’t edit your real life!” Is singer Akothee throwing shade at Tanasha Donna?

Madam boss is not one to hold back when she feels the need of addressing a certain issue.

Well, on her latest post she talks about people who like to fake their social media lives by editing their photos one way or another to attain perfection – which is impossible!

Akothee and Zari Hassan call out trolls in untamed public rant

This comes just a few hours after fans called out Tanasha Donna for editing her photos to look skinner – barely 3 months after welcoming her son, Naseeb Junior.

Unfortunately for Tanasha Donna, it seems that her editor left her curtains looking disfigured including her arm that gave her away.

Tanasha Donna editing gone wrong

Akothee’s message to women forcing the Instagram life

Anyway Madam boss has gone ahead to talk about the fake lifestyle most people are living on social media.

She went on to share a well detailed post where she wrote;


You can edit your photos and live a life full of lies, but you can’t edit your life and live a life free from lies , face reality , you can’t lie to yourself , but you can fool the world! Nobody cares until they meet you in real life living a lie ???????? then you will know , that Living an Expensive life on social media is a state of mind ???? live your life like it is ! You are doing better than most of the things you see posted on social media ????????????

Also we cant forget that Akothee and Zari are currently best of friends…so throwing jabs at her friend’s baby daddy’s new woman wouldn’t sound so impossible.