Akothee Emotionally Remembers Unborn Child She Miscarried Last Year

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has emotionally remembered the unborn child she miscarried last year.

In an Instagram video, the 43-year-old musician, who is currently in Europe, shared a video of herself holding a baby and trying to calm them down. She said that the little child reminded her of the unborn baby that she and her husband, Denis “Omosh” Schweizer, were expecting in July this year.

“This one has reminded me and just reminded my hubby our baby would have been 1 month one week today, July. 22nd was our D day,” she wrote.

Akothee, who is a mother of five, said that she was still grieving the loss of her unborn child. However, she said that she was grateful for the opportunity to hold a baby again.

“I’m still healing but I’m grateful for this moment,” she said. “Congratulations to all mummies.”

Akothee’s video has been met with an outpouring of support from her fans. Many people have commented on the video, expressing their sympathy for Akothee’s loss and their admiration for her strength.

Miscarriage is a common experience, but it can be very difficult to cope with. Akothee’s openness about her experience is a reminder that it is okay to grieve and that there is no shame in seeking support.

If you have experienced a miscarriage, there are resources available to help you cope. You can talk to a therapist, join a support group, or read books and articles about miscarriage. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, so take the time you need to heal.

Akothee Weighs In on Kenya-Tanzania Rap Beef

Kenyan singer Akothee has weighed in on the ongoing Kenya-Tanzania rap beef, siding with Tanzanians.

In a series of posts on her Instagram, Akothee said that she has a large fan base in Tanzania and that she does not want to be involved in the feud. She also advised Kenyan artists who struggle with speaking fluent Swahili to focus on improving their writing skills so that Tanzanians can understand them better.

Akothee also spoke about colorism in the entertainment industry, saying that Tanzanian fans often judge artists based on the shade of their skin. She said that this is unfair to many Kenyan artists who are black.

Akothee’s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for speaking out, while others have criticized her for taking sides.

The Kenya-Tanzania rap beef began last week when Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones released a diss track aimed at Tanzanian rapper Harmonize. Harmonize responded with his own diss track, and the two artists have been trading barbs ever since.

The beef has divided fans on both sides of the border. Some people believe that it is a harmless way for the artists to promote themselves, while others believe that it is disrespectful and harmful to the East African music industry.

It is unclear how the beef will end, but it is clear that it has sparked a lot of debate about the state of hip hop in East Africa.

In addition to the points mentioned in the article, Akothee also highlighted double standards from Kenyan fans, saying that they do not show support until it suits them. She said that Kenyan fans are quick to criticize Kenyan artists, but they are quick to praise Tanzanian artists.

Akothee’s comments are a reminder of the challenges that Kenyan artists face in the East African music industry. They are often criticized for their race, their accent, and their music. However, Akothee’s support for Tanzanian artists is a sign that there is still hope for Kenyan hip hop.

Reason Akothee is desperate for meeting with Ruto

President William Ruto made a cultural statement on Tuesday when he donned traditional Maasai attire to open the inaugural Maasai Cultural Week in Narok. The event, which coincides with the annual wildebeest migration, is taking place at Sekenani in the Maasai Mara region.

Ruto’s decision to wear Maasai attire was met with mixed reactions. Some praised him for his respect for Maasai culture, while others criticized him for cultural appropriation.

Singer Akothee was one of those who praised Ruto’s decision. She took to Instagram to say that Ruto’s photo “killed it” and that she envisioned a national cultural month that would showcase Kenya’s rich heritage.

“The rich culture we have in our county is to die for,” Akothee said. “Let us embrace it. If this is documented and shared with the whole world, the Kenyan tourism sector will take a different turn.”

Akothee also shared her experience of being let go from the Talanta Hela initiative along with other nominees, without any prior notice. She called on Ruto to give her 30 minutes in his office so that she could explain how they could move forward.

The Talanta Hela initiative is a government-led program that aims to promote talent development in Kenya. It was launched in 2022 and has since supported over 10,000 artists and creatives.

Ruto’s decision to wear Maasai attire has sparked a conversation about cultural tourism in Kenya. Some argue that it is a positive step that could help to promote Kenya’s rich culture to the world. Others are concerned that it could be seen as cultural appropriation.

Only time will tell how Ruto’s decision will impact cultural tourism in Kenya. However, it is clear that the photo of him in Maasai attire has captured the imagination of Kenyans and sparked a conversation about the country’s cultural heritage.

Akothee breathes fire and attacks everyone mocking Bahati and Diana Marua

Award-winning Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has expressed displeasure with those trolling and cyber-bullying musician Bahati and his family.

Bahati and his family have been trending online after unknown Kenyans photoshopped other celebrities into their family portrait.

The act has elicited mixed reactions with many condemning the incident that has exposed Bahati and his family to public scrutiny and cyber-bullying.

In her hard-hitting message, Akothee appealed to Netizens to refrain from abusing Bahati and his family for the sake of their kids.

This photoshop should stop there for the sake of the children. If you hate Bahati and Diana Their Children have nothing to do with the Children 🙏. I wish we all had Humanity,”she said in part.

“Social media is becoming demonic. People have lost empathy, respect, and self-discipline. How can you take a whole family foto and start comparing people’s children with other individuals? What exactly came into your mind? That’s what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminated society,”.

Akothee challenged those cyber-bullying Bahati and his family to put themselves in his shoes and see if they will handle the insults.

“THIS PHOTOSHOP SHOULD STOP THERE FOR THE SAKE IF THE CHILDREN. If you hate Bahati and Diana Their Children has nothing to do with the Children 🙏. I wish we all had Humanity Social media is becoming demonic. People have lost empathy, respect and self discipline. How can you take a whole family foto and start comparing peoples children with other individuals ? What exactly came into your mind? That what happened? This is how society paints women in this discriminate society. How painful will it be if it were you on this picture,be it a man or a woman ,a father or a mother even the children in the photos? Bulshit, really bulshit🤔😠😠😠. The same photos will be used by bullies in school,to bully the innocent children on behalf of their parents. Which world are we living in? Dunia Gani hii jamani? As celebrities we post our families first as our albums, secondly as motivation to some of the most irresponsible parents I know and third as entertainment. Don’t take this for granted, your jelousy won’t stop celebrities from being celebrated, where Children are involved,I won’t keep quite. s celebrities are equally raising broken children, because of you bullies , you bully us , bully our families, bully our children , Yani Humanity left this streets . The entitlement internet people have is sickening. All are sadist, and narcissist causing people pain left right center. If I am DIANA & BAHATI Will sue your Dahm Assess. Even if you are as a small fan as a maggot . Chieth Nkt. Nimekasirika asanaaaa.SOME SMALL RESPECT FOR FAMILY ESPECIALLY CHILDREN 💪 Go for Bahati & Diana ndio Rika Zenu .”

Akothee & Omosh To Charge Ksh 50k For Details Of Their Love Story

Kenyan musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has said that she and her husband, Denis Schweizer, will be charging anyone who is interested in the details of their love story.

In a post on Instagram, Akothee said that “nothing is free anymore” and that anyone who wants updates will have to pay 50,000 Kenyan shillings (about US$450). She said that those who pay will receive photos and updates on her future plans with Omosh.

“If you don’t have 50,000 shillings, don’t ask about my love life,” she said. “I will block you and you won’t be able to do anything. You’re all too used to getting things for free. Here, you have to pay to get the raw update.”

Akothee and Omosh held the first part of their wedding on Easter Monday at the Windsor Golf Club in a glamorous event attended by government officials and celebrities.

Akothee’s decision to charge for updates on her love story has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised her for her entrepreneurial spirit, while others have criticized her for being greedy.

However, Akothee has defended her decision, saying that she is simply trying to protect her privacy.

“I’m not a charity case,” she said. “I’m a businesswoman, and I’m entitled to make money from my story.”

Only time will tell whether Akothee’s decision to charge for updates on her love story will be successful. However, one thing is for sure: she is certainly not afraid to be different.

Akothee reveals why she and her family abandoned church

In a recent post on social media, Kenyan singer and businesswoman Akothee revealed why she left church and why she never takes her kids there anymore.

Akothee said that she was misjudged and left alone when she needed the help of the church. She explained that after her marriage hit rock bottom, all her friends from the church took the side of her ex-husband and she was rejected and severely judged.

“I was rejected and judged harshly, none of them reached out to me, and I was left to die,” Akothee said. “When I reached out to them, they felt like they were talking to a sinner who had just resurrected from hell.”

Akothee’s experience left her feeling hurt and betrayed. She said that she no longer feels welcome in church and that she avoids going there because the songs they sing trigger bad memories.

“I took my kids to the big tree on the beach every Saturday instead of church,” Akothee said. “I knew it was wrong, but I wasn’t strong enough to go back to church at that time.”

Akothee said that her children are her source of inspiration and that she is determined to provide for them. She said that she has never forgotten God, even though she felt like he had forgotten her when her ex-husband was doing well and getting married.

Akothee’s story is a reminder that even people who are active in church can be judged and rejected. It is important to remember that everyone makes mistakes and that we should be kind and compassionate to those who are struggling.

Akothee has decided to become an inspiration to kids

Akothee is a popular Kenyan musician and businesswoman who is known for her outspoken and unfiltered personality. She has been criticized for her lifestyle and how she portrays herself and her three adult daughters, but she has also been praised for her entrepreneurial spirit and her willingness to speak her mind.

In a recent statement, Akothee asked society to let her inspire their children. She argued that even if parents try to shield their children from her, they will eventually find out about her one way or another. She also said that she is a source of inspiration for many people, especially young women who have faced challenges in their lives.

“So before your children download the entertainment and all this nonsense about Akothee on social media as you do, allow them access to Esther Akoth Kokeyo. Give me a chance to walk them through the reality of life’s struggles and challenges.

They will listen to my songs on the radio, see me on your screens and be curious to Google who this Akothee that stops the nation debates using your WiFi is. Some hateful and vengeful words you throw at brand Akothee will descend into your homes.

I have those who love me for how I raise my children. You might think you are hurting me, but you could be hurting your sister, aunties, and mother, who sees something different in me,”

Akothee’s statement is a reminder that there is no one definition of a role model. What matters is that someone’s life story can provide inspiration to others. Akothee may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she is certainly an inspiration to many.

Akothee responds a 2nd time about being kicked off mentorship program by Ngiya Girls High School

Renowned Kenyan singer and businesswoman Akothee was recently invited to speak at Ngiya Girls High School, but her invitation was cancelled after objections from the school’s church leadership and alumni.

The church that runs the school felt that Akothee’s lifestyle and public persona did not align with the school’s values. They also expressed concern that her presence would be a distraction to the students.

Akothee was disappointed by the cancellation, but she respected the school’s decision. She said that she is still willing to support the school in any way she can, and she encouraged the students to stay focused on their studies.

The cancellation of Akothee’s invitation has sparked a debate about her public persona and her influence on young people. Some people believe that she is a positive role model for young women, while others believe that she is too controversial.

Akothee herself has addressed the controversy, saying that she is not perfect and that she has made mistakes in the past. However, she also said that she is a strong woman who has overcome many challenges in her life. She said that she wants to use her platform to inspire young people to follow their dreams and to never give up on themselves.

The cancellation of Akothee’s invitation to speak at Ngiya Girls High School is a reminder that her public persona is still a source of controversy. However, it is also a testament to her influence on young people. She is a role model for many young women, and she continues to inspire them to achieve their goals.

In a separate interview, Akothee also lashed out at society for placing too much pressure on her to be a mentor. She said that she is not perfect and that she does not have all the answers. She also said that she is not obligated to be a role model for anyone.

Akothee’s comments are a reminder that she is a complex individual with her own flaws and strengths. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. She is a role model for some, but she is not a role model for everyone.

Akothee responds after high school humiliated her by rescinding mentorship invitation

Akothee was invited to speak to high school girls at Ngiya Girls High School. The school reached out to her because her organization, the Akothee Foundation, could reach out to other like-minded companies to support the school’s initiative. However, the invitation was revoked after protests from parents and alumni who felt that Akothee did not fit the speaker profile.

Akothee graciously accepted the cancellation, but she also expressed her disappointment. She thanked the school for considering her as a mentor and said that she was surprised by the protests. She said that she has a lot to offer young women, and she believes that she could have been a positive influence on the students.

Akothee’s cancellation is a reminder that not everyone is comfortable with her outspoken and unconventional lifestyle. However, it is also a reminder of her resilience and strength. She has faced many challenges in her life, but she has always come out stronger. She is an inspiration to many people, and she will continue to use her platform to speak out for what she believes in.

She took to her social media pages to share the following statement:

“Ngiya Girls High School is now on the map, known globally, even those who didn’t know Ngiya Girls, Now they know ????????, I pray that your new development of having a foundation within the school will uplift a lot of souls. ????I really appreciate the love and faith you have for me????. I will still support any course that will leave a positive impact on our society. I will still support where I can even from where I am standing. May God bless you.”

She also called out the person she thought was behind it

“To the Arch Bishop, I understand where you are coming from, continue praying for us sinners ,so we could all meet in heaven on that day ????i. In Jesus’ name Amen ????”


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Wanaume wamekuwa wangapi?! Akothee finally talks about her marital history:

Akothee has clarified her marital history, insisting that she has only been married once, to her current husband, Denis “Omosh” Schweizer.

Akothee’s first marriage was to Jared Okello, the father of her three daughters. She has said that she was very young when they got married, at just 14 years old, and that she did not know much about marriage at the time.

She explained that her ex-husband was traveling to the Bahamas and the only way she and their children could follow him there was to first officially marry him. Their wedding was a very small and simple affair, with a budget of just 2,500 shillings.

Akothee’s marriage to Jared ended after he fell in love with another woman. After the divorce, Akothee moved to Mombasa, where she started working as a taxi driver to support herself and her children.

In 2011, Akothee’s divorce from Jared was finalized by the Supreme Court. She is now married to Denis Schweizer, and they have one son together.

Akothee’s story is a reminder that marriage is not always easy, and that it can take many different forms. She is an inspiration to many women, and her story shows that it is possible to overcome challenges and build a happy and successful life.

Akothee reveals what its like having her 3 baby daddies in 1 WhatsApp group

In an interview with TV47, singer Akothee shared some surprising insights into her love life and experiences as a parent.

Akothee, who has five children from three different fathers, revealed that she created a WhatsApp group to foster co-parenting among her baby daddies. However, she said that managing the group has been challenging, as one of her baby daddies is quite dramatic and possessive.

“When I am in a relationship, he starts drama. He does not want me with another man,” Akothee said. “The same baby daddy makes me cry every day. My son is 14 years old, and I still think that I have 4 more years to cry. He is very stubborn and keeps on leaving the WhatsApp group. He blocks me, unblocks, then returns to the group. He is very stubborn.”

Akothee also opened up about her past relationships and marriages. She revealed that her first marriage, which took place when she was just 14 years old, had a budget of only Sh2500. Her most recent wedding, on the other hand, cost her about Sh8 million.

The singer also spoke about her struggles with an ex-husband who fell in love with another woman and denied her access to essential documents. This led Akothee to take matters into her own hands, as she started working as a taxi driver in Mombasa to support herself.

Speaking about her love life further, Akothee revealed that she met the ‘stubborn’ mzungu who desired to have a child with her while she was working as a dancer. The self-proclaimed “Madam Boss” stated that she has never been dumped by any of her ex-lovers, asserting that she always leaves them.

“Wazungus go crazy over my long legs and start chasing me. Just know I can’t be dumped. I am the one who leaves them,” she confidently stated.

Akothee’s recent marriage to Denis Schweizer seems to have brought her happiness. However, she warned her husband, should they ever part ways, urging him to avoid unnecessary drama as she feels she is too old to handle additional pressures.

As one of Kenya’s most outspoken and controversial entertainers, Akothee captures the public’s attention with her life stories, music, and remarkable personality.

After calling herself single, Akothee attacks everyone referring to her as such

Kenyan artist and businesswoman Akothee has released her new single “Simu,” but some netizens have misinterpreted the song’s lyrics to mean that she and her husband have broken up.

Akothee took to social media to address the rumors, saying that she is “not pleased” that people are waiting for her marriage to fail. She also questioned why she would create posters to announce that she is no longer married.

“Who organizes a poster to announce they are single?” she asked. “Stop diverting from the point, accept that I have dropped a club banger and it’s now on YouTube.”

Akothee is a well-known figure in Kenya, and her personal life is often the subject of speculation. However, she has made it clear that she is not interested in discussing her marriage with the public.

“My marriage is my business,” she said. “If I want to share something about it, I will.”

In the meantime, Akothee is urging her fans to focus on her music. “Go listen to my new song,” she said. “It’s a club banger!”

Early this year, Akothee wed the love of her life.

Denis Schweizer, popularly known as Omosh, wed at the Windsor Golf and Country Club in a lovely garden ceremony.

The couple, who were both dressed in white for the event, looked stunning.

Akothee wore a white Achkan, popularly known as a Sherwani, and looked lovely in her well-publicized Ksh 700K white garment.

The nuptials were among the most widely covered in Kenya.

Rue Baby defends her mother Akothee who revealed she’s single again

The daughter of Kenyan artist Akothee, Rue Baby, is well known for defending her mother whenever vile followers attack her cruelly online.

One admirer voiced his concerns about the singer’s “inability” to settle down in the comments section of a recent post by Akothee, where she spurred talk that she would return to the streets just months after she wed. He also commented on her age.

The Akothee post explicitly states “Niko Single Tena,” which not only drew a barrage of comments from worried fans but also drew criticism in the same vein.

However, Rue Baby joined the comments discussion after noticing a particular post that unfairly attacked her mother and overruled the supporter’s criticism.

“Tulia mama ushakuwa shosho,” the fan wrote. I’m attempting to picture how you might appear without makeup.

“No you’re not her fan,” Rue Baby quickly shot back, “you’re a jealous, bitter, hater.”

On the other hand, Akothee hasn’t commented on the post, which some of her admirers also think might be a song she’s about to release, and instead considered raising interest in its release.

It is obvious that the rumors spreading in the comment area are unnerving as her supporters eagerly await word from madam boss.

Akothee gushes over her humiliated ex, Nelly Oaks

Akothee, a well-known stage name for Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, has said that her manager Nelly Oaks, who was once her lover, will always be a part of her family.

During the opening of her daughter Vesha Okello’s new company, Chateau 254 Cellar & Gastro Club, Akothee spoke with Nairobi News and praised Nelly Oaks.

“To me, Nelly will never be an ex. That’s all, allow me to dance,”

As she joined Oaks and other celebs on the dance floor, Akothee said,

The man behind my brand, my best friend. He has a big heart, and handling me with all my drama is a huge task. Nelly is family, and we come from far. His grandfather left a legacy in my community.”

Akothee expressed her sincere gratitude to Oaks for his everlasting support and dedication to her family in her address.

“When you see Nelly around me, I don’t care what you want to think. He takes care of my children and goes out with them.”

Vesha began a new chapter as she began her entrepreneurial adventure with the event, which was attended by a number of celebrities and well-wishers.

Even after their romantic connection ended, Akothee and Oaks have continued to share a close relationship and friendship.

In addition to sharing her personal experience of parenting her children by herself, Akothee gave advice to single mothers at the occasion.

“You don’t become a single mother by choice. My children understood the assignment and decided to play a child’s role. Being a single mother, you make decisions by yourself, ask yourself questions, call yourself a board meeting leading everything.”

Akothee reveals details about her 2nd wedding ceremony

Renowned musician and businesswoman Akothee has surprised her fans by changing her plans for her much-anticipated second wedding with her husband Denis Schweizer.

The couple had originally scheduled their second wedding ceremony for July 10, but it appears that the event will no longer take place as planned.

Akothee had already tied the knot with Schweizer in a lavish ceremony in April, and had previously announced her intention to fly her entire bridal team to Switzerland for their second wedding.

However, the talented musician has not yet communicated any details or updates regarding the change of plans for her second wedding.

Fans and followers eagerly await an official statement from Akothee to shed light on the reasons behind this unexpected alteration.

It’s worth noting that there can be various reasons why individuals opt to change their wedding dates. Some common factors include venue availability, family and guest constraints, weather considerations, personal circumstances, cultural or religious preferences, and vendor conflicts.

Without further information from Akothee, it remains unclear which specific reasons prompted her decision to modify her wedding plans.

Akothee recounts bone-chilling robbery encounter

Entrepreneur and musician Akothee has warned her fans about the increasing cases of robbery on Kenyan roads at night.

Akothee said that she was recently attacked by a group of armed men while driving through the Kendu Bay area. The men blocked the road with stones and demanded her belongings. Akothee was able to escape unharmed, but she said that she was shaken by the experience.

Akothee urged her fans to be careful when traveling at night, especially in rural areas. She said that there have been a number of recent attacks on motorists, and that some people have been injured or killed.

Akothee also said that her manager was recently robbed while traveling in Kisii county. The men broke into the bus that he was traveling in and stole his laptop and other belongings.

Akothee’s warnings come at a time when there is growing concern about the security situation in Kenya. In recent months, there have been a number of high-profile attacks, including the recent terrorist attack on a hotel in Nairobi.

Akothee’s advice is a reminder that everyone needs to be vigilant when traveling in Kenya, regardless of the time of day. If you are planning on traveling at night, it is important to take precautions, such as traveling in a group and avoiding isolated roads.

If you are unfortunate enough to be robbed, it is important to stay calm and cooperate with the robbers. Do not resist, as this could put you in danger. Once the robbery is over, report it to the police as soon as possible.

Akothee’s father says he never saw her with any man before “Omosh”

Singer Akothee has debunked rumors that she has been married seven times. In a recent post on social media, Akothee said that she has only been officially married twice.

“I told my father that people on social media say he has received 7 dowries from my 7 husbands, is it true?”

Akothee’s father, who she was visiting at the time, also denied the rumors. He said that he has never received dowry from any of Akothee’s husbands.

“His answer, ‘No, I haven’t even seen you with any man.”

Akothee said that she is tired of the rumors and that she wants her fans to know the truth. She said that she has only been in two serious relationships that have led to marriage.

Akothee urged her fans not to believe everything they see on social media. She said that there are many people who spread lies and rumors in order to damage her reputation.

Akothee’s fans have been supportive of her. They have said that they believe her and that they are tired of the rumors.

Akothee accuses Omosh of S* Gender Based Violence

On Sunday, singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee posted a video of her and her husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Shweizer enjoying romantic moments on the stairs of their mansion. In a video, she posted on her Instastories, the mother of five was seen laying on the stairs with Mr. Omosh playing on top of her. The mzungu born in Switzerland was clearly eager to have intimacy and the musician was heard warning him after discovering what he wanted.

When the canoodling got Omosh excited, she rebuffed him saying,

“Honey, there is CCTV here. Why on the stairs? You can wait,”

In response, Omosh pleaded with the mother of five to continue their conversation in her room with them.

Akothee, on the other hand, declined her husband’s invitation and insisted that they first go to the farm before entering the bedroom.

“First we go to the farm. I won’t promise anything, we’ll sleep. We go to the farm and see what the workers have done.”

While the singer was using one hand to record the video, the duo could be seen kissing frequently.

Omosh appeared to insist on sharing a passionate moment with his wife, who was overheard joking that what he was doing to her constituted sexual and gender-based assault.

“You know this is SGBV.”

Omosh immediately got to his feet after the complaint and refuted the charges.

On April 10, 2023, Akothee and Denis Schweizer exchanged vows in a magnificent ceremony at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club in Nairobi.

Numerous family members, close friends, artists, and well-known politicians from the nation attended the musician’s wedding.

At least 300 guests in all were invited to the event. A second wedding has already been planned by the pair, and it will happen later this year in Mr. Omosh’s native Switzerland.

Akothee Opens Up About Beef with Cebbie Koks

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, better known as Akothee, recently shared a heartfelt account of the challenging dynamics between her and her siblings, particularly her younger sister, Cebbie Koks.

In an emotional interview with Presenter Ali on Thursday, June 22, Akothee delved into the hurtful events that transpired.

Akothee spoke fondly of her father, highlighting his unwavering support as her number one fan. She emphasized her role in supporting her family, both emotionally and financially, over the years.

However, when she announced her own wedding plans, it coincided with her sister’s upcoming wedding, which led to conflicting circumstances.

Akothee recounted how she supported her sister’s wedding wholeheartedly by allowing her children to attend the ceremony. However, behind the scenes, tensions simmered, and there were unresolved issues between them.

Akothee explained that her sister crossed certain boundaries, and she expected an apology that never materialized. Consequently, she did not feel welcome at her sister’s wedding.

According to Akothee, she heard that her sister convinced others that there was no actual wedding and that Akothee had merely sought to overshadow her special day.

Akothee’s interview has sparked a conversation about the challenges of sibling relationships. Many people have expressed their support for Akothee, while others have offered their own experiences with difficult siblings.

Akothee’s story is a reminder that even the strongest relationships can be tested. However, it is also a reminder that family is always there for us, even when things are tough.

“When I announced my wedding, my younger sister was having a wedding as well. Omosh wanted to bring cows in December but i told him to wait we were having another wedding.

On my sisters wedding i gave the much support i could… it shows that i didn’t have a problem with the wedding. There is a problem between us that needed to be solved. So how could i just invite myself there?

That time we had wrangles with my sister and she’s the one who is always crossing my line and i expected her to apologise which never happened. So there was no way i could bring myself to a table i am not invited.

I was waiting for my sister to come and tell me you know lets put our differences aside. I am sorry. the only word i was waiting to make her realize she’s really hurt me to the core… and it would have ended there.

Everybody saw me like a bad person and i can remember i was the unifying factor for my family. I’ve been there , I’ve educated them, I’ve supported them, but when it came to me things started changing.

From what we heard, i think she convinced everybody that there was no wedding, and that i just wanted to stand her wedding.”

Akothee’s asks “Omosh” an insane request

Akothee and her husband are traveling to celebrate their second honeymoon. She took the time, as she always does, to share a bit of her experience with her internet fans.

Madam Boss and her husband Dennis shared a moment while eating on the KQ flight. He asks her to speak something in his language, and when she doesn’t succeed, she demands that he say it in Kiswahili.

“Chakula chema hakuna la ** hapa. This is Kenya Airways. This is not Swiss Air. So say chakula chema or I call the crew to come take away the food. Chakula chema, hapa tunaongea Kiswahili.”

Akothee and “Omosh” inform followers on Instagram that they are traveling for their honeymoon.

“Honeymoon continues. Omosh says we shall be on honeymoon until the next wedding, he is loving me in different angles & styles ????????????????????????Hera nega nyathi jomoko. Guess our Next honeymoon destination& The flight booked .@misteromosh.”


Akothee Opens Up About Challenging Dynamics With Her Sister Cebbie Koks

Kenyan musician Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, recently shared a heartfelt account of the challenging dynamics between her and her siblings, particularly her younger sister, Cebbie Koks.

In an emotional interview with Presenter Ali on Thursday, June 22, Akothee delved into the hurtful events that transpired.

Akothee spoke fondly of her father, highlighting his unwavering support as her number one fan. She emphasized her role in supporting her family, both emotionally and financially, over the years.

However, when she announced her own wedding plans, it coincided with her sister’s upcoming wedding, which led to conflicting circumstances.

“When I announced my wedding, my younger sister was having a wedding as well. My husband, Dennis Omondi, wanted to bring cows in December, but I told him to wait because we were having another wedding,” Akothee said.

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks, was not happy about this. She felt that Akothee was trying to upstage her wedding, and she spread rumors about Akothee.

“My sister started talking bad about me, saying that I was trying to steal her thunder,” Akothee said. “She even told people that I was not a good person.”

Akothee was hurt by her sister’s words, but she tried to ignore them. She focused on her own wedding, which was a beautiful and happy occasion.

However, the rift between Akothee and her sister has not healed. They are still not speaking to each other, and Akothee is still hurt by what happened.

“I don’t know if we will ever be able to repair our relationship,” Akothee said. “But I hope that one day, we can find a way to forgive each other.”

Akothee’s story is a reminder of the importance of family. Even though Akothee and her sister have had their differences, they are still family. Akothee hopes that one day, they will be able to repair their relationship.

Akothee’s story is also a reminder of the power of words. Cebbie Koks’s words hurt Akothee deeply, and they have had a lasting impact on their relationship. Words can be powerful, and they should be used carefully.

Akothee’s story is a cautionary tale. It shows how easily relationships can be damaged, and how difficult it can be to repair them. If you have a sibling, cherish your relationship. It is a precious gift.

Akothee Shares Touching Revelation About Her Father

In a heartwarming Instagram post on Sunday, June 18, Akothee shared a touching revelation about her father. The singer and businesswoman revealed that her siblings had tried to prevent their father from attending her wedding.

Akothee wrote that her father had been a single parent for most of her life, and that he had worked hard to raise her and her siblings. She said that he had always been there for her, and that he had been her biggest supporter.

Akothee said that her siblings had tried to prevent their father from attending her wedding because they were jealous of her success. She said that they had told their father that she was not worthy of his love, and that she would never amount to anything.

However, Akothee said that her father had defied their wishes and had attended her wedding. She said that he had been the happiest man at the wedding, and that he had danced and laughed the night away.

Akothee said that she was grateful for her father’s love and support. She said that he was her hero, and that she would never forget the sacrifices he had made for her.

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Akothee also shared a few memories of her father. She said that he had always been a joker, and that he had loved to make her laugh. She said that he had also been a hard worker, and that he had taught her the importance of perseverance.

Akothee said that she missed her father dearly. She said that she would never forget him, and that she would always cherish the memories they had shared.

Akothee’s post was met with an outpouring of support from her fans. Many people commented on the post to express their admiration for Akothee’s father, and to offer their condolences.

Akothee’s post is a reminder of the importance of family. It is also a reminder that even when times are tough, there is always hope.

Akothee blasts haters claiming Omosh is homeless

Akothee, the Kenyan singer and businesswoman, has blasted Kenyans for suggesting that her husband, Omosh, is homeless and broke.

In a series of Instagram stories, Akothee shared videos of herself and Omosh enjoying their time together in an undisclosed location. In one video, Omosh is seen driving Akothee around in a car. “This is the life I have always wanted,” Akothee says in the video. “I don’t want to change anything.”

In another video, Akothee and Omosh are seen shopping at a supermarket. “Should I tell guys, bye-bye and you guys are not seeing me anytime soon? coz I’m so done,” Akothee says.

Later on in her Instagram Live, Akothee addressed the rumors that Omosh is homeless. “Those who say Omosh doesn’t have a house, is that true?” she asks. “Where does he live? Does he live on the street? Is this your house? Or is it mine?”

Akothee then goes on to blast Kenyans for being so quick to judge. “Why are you so nosy? Why can’t you just let us be?” she asks. “Omosh is married now. Where is your house? Do you have a pot like this? That’s why you come here to try to control people’s lives and chase them away.”

Akothee’s outburst comes after she and Omosh were married in a lavish ceremony in Mombasa on June 10. The couple has been together for several years and have one child together.

Akothee is a popular figure in Kenya and has been outspoken about her struggles to make it in the music industry. She has also been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and has spoken out against domestic violence.

Omosh is a popular actor in Kenya and has starred in several TV shows and movies. He is best known for his role in the TV show “Tahidi High.”

The couple’s marriage has been met with mixed reactions from Kenyans. Some have congratulated the couple, while others have expressed their doubts about the relationship.

Akothee has dismissed the naysayers and says that she is happy with her decision to marry Omosh. She says that she is confident that they will have a successful marriage.

Akothee Narrates Terrifying Flight Experience

Popular Kenyan singer Akothee recently had a terrifying experience while aboard a flight with faulty brakes.

Akothee boarded the flight in Nairobi, Kenya, on her way to a performance in Mombasa. The flight was uneventful until the plane began its descent into Mombasa. As the plane approached the airport, the pilot announced that there was a problem with the brakes and that they would be making a longer-than-usual landing.

The plane touched down safely, but the experience was anything but smooth. The plane bounced several times on the runway before coming to a stop. Passengers were shaken, but there were no injuries.

Akothee took to social media to share her experience. She said that she was “terrified” and that she “thought she was going to die.” She also expressed her gratitude to the pilot and crew for their safe landing.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of air travel in Kenya. The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has launched an investigation into the matter.

Akothee’s experience is a reminder that even the safest form of travel can be dangerous. It is important to be prepared for anything when flying, and to always follow the instructions of the flight crew.

Akothee Says Her Husband Loves Her Dark Skin

Renowned musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has revealed that her dark skin is the special feature that her white husband, Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer, likes the most in her.

In a post on her Instagram page on Thursday, the mother of five said that Mr. Omosh might not have come into her life last year if she had made any changes to her skin.

“Akothee is black. What my husband likes the most is my skin. The number of kisses I get because of this skin is huge,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee’s message comes at a time when there is a growing conversation about colorism and the importance of embracing one’s natural skin tone. The singer’s words are a powerful reminder that beauty comes in all colors and that we should all celebrate our unique features.

Akothee is a role model for many women, and her message of self-acceptance is an important one. She is proof that it is possible to be successful and beautiful, regardless of one’s skin color.

In her post, Akothee also encouraged her followers to love themselves for who they are. She said, “Don’t change yourself for anyone. Be yourself and the right people will love you for who you are.”

Akothee’s message is a reminder that we should all be proud of our unique features and that we should never feel the need to change ourselves to fit in. We are all beautiful, just the way we are.

Akothee Enjoys Honeymoon in Greece, Addresses Critics

Singer Akothee is currently enjoying her honeymoon in Greece, and she has been sharing photos of her trip on social media. In one post, she addressed her critics, who have been asking about her husband’s whereabouts.

“I had no idea where we were going until we landed in Zurich,” Akothee wrote. “I’m so happy to be married to a European who acts like a Luo. Where are all my critics now? Your premium tears are loading.”

Akothee also anticipated her critics’ next move.

“You’re all going to be waiting for a baby bump,” she wrote. “I love how my life is your full-time job. Good morning, people.”

Akothee has shared photos enjoying her honeymoon alongside Omosh in  Santorini, Greece | Pulselive Kenya

Akothee’s honeymoon is a much-needed break from her busy schedule. She is a successful singer, businesswoman, and mother of five. She has been open about her struggles in life, and she has inspired many people with her story.

Akothee’s honeymoon is a reminder that she is a strong and independent woman who deserves to be happy. She is living her best life, and she is not going to let anyone rain on her parade.