Akothee Should Stop Promising Men Children.

Akothee’s brave character makes her stand-out from public criticisms considering she has had a vast experience in showbiz. Being a mother of 5 has not barred her from living her best life and dating whoever she wants. You can yap all you want, but Akothee won’t stop at any cost.

She’s a fan of love. And she’s getting love over and over despite her numerous break-ups.

Bearing that in mind, Akothee’s relationships have been clumsy since she never seems to find the right person even though she’s willing to try.

Just this year, Akothee has been in 2 different relationships. Her previous one with her former manager Nelly Oaks didn’t end in an amicable way. The two were deeply enamored of each other; but it was short-lived.

Akothee’s Love For Kids

What are Akothee kids up to? - Tuko.co.ke

Akothee had even promised to sire 2 kids with Nelly before their break-up. This came to pass.

Now, the single mum is dating a new ‘mzungu’ whom she has been showing off with.

The obnoxious thing is that, she’s also looking forward to having babies with him.

Vile napendwa hivi , huyu nikimzalia si atanifurisha kichwa Sanaa 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Si nitawasumbua hii mtandao haki mmmm.
Wacha tuanze kutafuta mtoto hii Christmas.
Welcome home honey , I love you
The King of My Queendom,” she wrote on her social media.
Well, there’s no biggie on her sentiments. But the truth is, Akothee is just bluffing with her claims of siring a child with the new catch. She has to accept that she has already hit menopause; unless they do it some other way like adoption. Akothee should now focus on taking care of her kids rather than making false promises of siring more.

Why Akothee Shouldn’t Be Excited Of Her New Boyfriend

Akothee is always up & down replacing men like it’s a piece of cake. The mother of 5 has had more boyfriends than her daughters; and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Menopause or not, Akothee is always willing to add to her 5 children- she has confirmed her love for children on several occasions.

She even promised to bear children for her ex-boyfriend Nelly Oaks. The two were enamored of each other until this year, where they decided to go their separate ways. The baby issue came to pass as Akothee didn’t fulfill it. In a matter of weeks, Akothee found a replacement for Nelly Oaks.

Akothee’s Failed Relationships

Akothee with son and baby daddy

Bearing that in mind, Akothee has dated several men; but none of them have been able to hold on; not even her baby daddy Jared; whom they sired together daughters.

Despite Akothee being wealthy, she has not found genuine love over the years. She has gone to the extent of dating white men; but it’s still not working.

That being said, Akothee’s most recent mzungu boyfriend might also end up just like the rest. Eventually, he might decide to walk away. And from what we know, Akothee is a don’t care who wouldn’t mind if he walks away. For this reason, Akothee should stop gushing over the new guy; as it might end up the usual way-breaking up.



Akothee’s Mzungu Boyfriend Isn’t Man Enough

Akothee is replacing men out here like a piece of cake. The mother of 5 isn’t tardy when it comes to getting a new lover. It will only take her days, or a few months to clinch a man.

The fact that she’s a sucker for love pushes her to cosseting newly found love. Over the years, we have learnt that she’s in love with white men. The men she has dated says it all.

After her break-up with her former manager Nelly Oaks, it took her less than half a year to get another lover; a white man, whom she monikered Omondi. The dude didn’t even have an Instagram account. But Akothee made sure he was on social media. She has been flaunting him over & over; confessing how he swept her off her feet.

They have been head over heels for each other since then. And their chemistry is quite palpable.

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Akothee’s New ‘Bimbo’ Lover

Akothee with lover

With her boyfriend in tow, Akothee has been up & down doing interviews on how they’re ‘meant to be’ and how she met the new guy. The conspicuous thing is, the guy is always silent behind the scenes. Additionally, Akothee has been claiming that they already have investments together, and that the guy bought her a new car. It’s in black & white that she’s the bread winner among them. But she’s hiding it. The guy doesn’t seem to be as interested as Akothe. And if so, he’s not showing it. I bet the relationship will be short-lived.



Akothee take it slow, you don’t have to win every online battle

Singer Akothee must be facing some tough time judging from how she has been moving on social media. You see, for the past few weeks, the lass has been dealing with family drama – then there was the sibling rivalry story that claims she has been competing with her younger sister Cebbie.

Well, judging from Akothees weekend post we can now tell that the her mental and physical health are not so good – which leaves me wondering why she exposes herself to such situations when she can hire a social media manager to handle such situations on her behalf.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Akothee admitted to hospital

Okay we get it, Akothee isn’t the type of woman to let bloggers troll or paint her in a certain way; nor is she willing to let relatives pick on her – yet she is the reason they are who they are today. So she claims.

Anyway with all this pressure the singer was recently admitted to hospital and Akothee being ‘a star’ she had to post it on social media – maybe for pyblic sympathy or something….but either way she still publicized it.

Akothee admitted to hospital…….again

But come to think of it…..why wouldn’t she just avoid the whole drama queen stunts to avoid landing herself in hospital every now and then….I mean is it really worth it?


Akothee Should Practice What She Preaches

Akothee has recently been at loggerheads with bloggers writing negative things about her. She has made videos threatening to sue anyone who dares cross her line.

The interesting thing is, no one is taking Akothee seriously; she has contributed to all the negativity she receives. Her conspicuous skits involving white men has been an endless colloquy that won’t stop soon.

Despite being a mother of 5, Akothee is always up & down, looking for love and replacing men like it’s no big deal. Either way, we have to admit she’s enjoying her life with her own money.

From her socials, we can discern the latter; and add how real she is when it comes to putting things in black & white. She doesn’t fake it.

Akothee’s Controversial Advice

Recently,  Akothee shared about Davido’s loss of his son with Chioma. She supports the speculations that some people have an ‘evil eye’ on social media.

Her caption read;

This message is very deep wao 🙏🙏🙏

”Keep your love and pregnancy off social media . Evil eye is REAL.

Despite supporting the same, Akothee lives contrary to it. We’re used to her posting her love life on social media; subjecting herself to public scrutiny. She’s never tardy when it comes to posting her new man. Either way, it’s actually a good piece of advice, but Akothee doesn’t live up to it.




Cebbie Nyasego accepts Akothee’s apology but……….boundaries!

We all have that one sibling that gets on our nerves every now and then – but because they’re family – you can’t get rid of them or create more tension and I’m guessing this is what Akothee and Cebbie’s relationship looks like.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

The two made this clear after their private affairs came to light…thanks to Akothee who outed her beef with Cebbie during a live session – a move she now regrets especially since it was done while angry.

From the live it seemed that Cebbie and her mum had ganged up against Akothee…who on the other hand couldn’t shut up on how she has helped her family – yet they still pick on her…but again – helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean you own them, to a point where you boss them around, forgetting they two have feelings. Right?

Cebbie accepts Akothee’s apology shingo upande

Well after the whole scandal guess who finally decided to eat the humble pie….yes Akothee who aplogized to her sister Cebbie for the drama….reminding her that they are blood but judging from the response she got – I don’t think this relationship will ever be the same.

You see, there is a way you can tell a person’s feelings from they express themselves on paper or word of mouth. And in this case to have Cebbie reply to anapology with;

Good morning.

Lemme put this here, I’m unable to reply to all the messages.

1. I appreciate your efforts of reaching out to me.

2. I also acknowledge with lots of Grace and humility that you genuinely pray for me and my family.

I thank everyone who takes their time to pray for my union. Marriage is sacred and fragile. I don’t take it for granted

Proves that indeed she is either fed up with her sisters shannigans or isn’t about to allow negative energy around her again.

But…. what’s better than choosing your own piece of mind? Nothing.

Again….seeing Akothee is now beefing with bloggers for writing negative stories about her – it only shows that she never takes blame for her actions….might be same…same case to thst of Cebbie.




Why Akothee Should Stop Blaming Bloggers

Akothee has been on the limelight for the longest time; and mostly, for her unscrupulous acts. After unveiling her new boyfriend, Akothee is now known to fancy white men. She has not only dated them, but even got married and sired kids.

Recently, Akothee went on a rant on social media to threaten bloggers and everyone who was bad-mouthing her. To add salt to injury, she threatened to sue bloggers for a whooping ksh 300 million.

“It has come to my attention that Kenyans have been looking for me. I am here and I’m here to stay.

You wake up in the morning, and the first thing you come to is my page. You do not even have a life that’s why you are always gossiping about mine. Akothee this, Akothee that….Oh, role model, Akothee has many husbands, body count.”

Why Akothee Should Shush!

But what’s the use of complaining? Akothee should blame herself. The main reason being she exposes her life and subjects it to public criticism. Keep in mind Akothee is always ready to flaunt her new lover; or rather, her next move.

What do you expect after showing off your life? Obviously people will talk about you. And one thing you can’t stop as a celebrity is fans talking about you.

This is exactly what’s popping. But Akothee is disenchanted with people talking about her. The only way to solve this is to avoid exposing herself too much.


Akothee crucifies bloggers for her sins, says ‘Mtanilipa 300M’

As soon as I came across Akothees latest post on Instagram where she threatened to sue bloggers…immediately Jay Rock ft kendrick lamar’s certain song started playing at the back of my mind jamming to miss with that bullsh.t….cause someone is tripping.

Akothee performing

And nothing personal but is it just me or does Akothee always cast the first stone before she crying foul or rather portraying herself as the victim? Okay – you see Akothee is now complaining about bloggers writing negative stories about her on social media instead of focusing on her music or projects like they should.

But again, if the drama in her personal life is more interesting than her music, why blame the messenger delivering news. Right?


Anyway as seen on a new post the singer threatened to sue bloggers for Ksh 300M….a statement she put out shortly after claiming these same bloggers are broke keyboard warriors, poor at heart and bitter broke…..but still wants to sue them for Ksh 300M? Zima hiyo kitu.

Akothee brand depends on clout

Well, truth is – Akothee did not lie about bloggers not focusing on her music and she wasn’t also wrong about that broke part…I mean who isnt?


Most of kenyan bloggers are beggers per say ,poor at heart and bitter broke.. They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down ,it fulfills their emptiness. I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog ,when they said they wanted me to talk about my life ,to inspire peioke , ” “me Inspire people 🤣🤣 with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?” And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, that was the End of our engagement 🤣🤣🤣, they never post my shit and I equally don’t miss them ,I am a blogger myself .and I only blog about my life because I have one .


To All kenyan Bloggers ,This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand ,tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand . I don’t need you ,you need my content , period . Wacheni kunipost sitaki

But come to think of it, Akothee’s brand depends on the drama revolving around her. For some reason her fan base wants to hear about the famiky fights, the baby daddy drama, her life and kids….and not what song she just dropped or what mzungu she is currently dating.

If you don’t believe me….watch how the lady will make news this week compared to the past few weeks she’s been oversharing stuff about her new man.

Again….I don’t think Akothee should be pointing guns at bloggers calling them names – just to get their attention….wewe weka family drama and sit down we help you clout chase.


Is Akothee Depressed?

Akothee has been undergoing a sporadic period of ups and downs all by herself. To begin with, the entrepreneur has been at loggerheads with her relatives. Her most closest rival is her sister.

They are both planning weddings and none will attend the other’s nuptial. The other reason for Akothee not being in a good relationship with her family is financial matters.

”Since I stopped dishing out money and attending to family problems apart from my parents and grandparents, I am hardly loved.

My family has no idea of my wealth nor my whereabouts, even if I die today, they have no idea of whom is handling my will or bill’s, they are guests in my life,” Akothee wrote in part.

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Akothee Depressed

Akothee with lover

But this is not the reason for her conspicuous silence. Akothee unveiled her mzungu boyfriend and declared her undying love for him. But recently, the singer hasn’t been posting him on her social media.

Instead, Akothee has been making posts insinuating that she’s at her worst.

From what she has been posting, we can deduce that Akothee is definitely undergoing some hardship; most likely being dumped by her mzungu boyfriend. But this is not the first time Akothee is getting dumped by a white guy. It’s high time she gets used to it. But this is why we can conclude she’s definitely undergoing depression,


Why Akothee will not be attending her sister’s wedding in December, she spills tea

Akothee says her famiky has been stressing her with issues for months but in December 2021 she decided to cut off people bringing negative energy around her Aura.

Well, among the people she cut off are younger sister, Cebbie Nyasego and I strongly believe ex boyfriend, Nelly Oaks found himself in the mix too. Speaking during a live session on her gram, Akothee left many of her fans surprised by her confession – exposing her family for ganging up against her – yet she has no problem with anyone.

While on live, the singer let it slip that due to bad blood between her and Cebbie Nyasego – she will not attending small sister’s wedding set to happen in December. A hurting Akothee was heard saying;

We are having another event in December which I am also happy about. I am so happy. From the bottom of my heart, I mean well. The only thing is I was not going to go to that wedding anyway because me and my younger sister have not been in good terms for close to a year now, maybe you do not know. I haven’t said she is evil but I packed my bags out of that relationship.

She gossips me alot

As if that was enough – Akothee went on to clap back at her sister who allegedly claims the singer never defends her whenever dragged by tabloids or comments from fans.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

To her, she has no control over such matters especially when Cebbie Nyasego is the one doing the gossiping. She said;

Again, another message landed on my table that my sister said that I don’t defend her when you people are attacking her. Please, I am human, I don’t know how I’m supposed to defend my young sister. She is the one who was gossiping me somewhere for reasons I don’t know then this thing went viral. This internet will kill me. Please delete those things. She was lying, she accepted she was lying, now delete it, it is not her.

And in conclusion – the mother of 5 begged fans to quit trolling her sister and Nelly Oaks – since the blame is landing on her.

Today I have asked for forgiveness on her behalf, please leave me alone I beg you. Don’t drag my younger sister on my wall, don’t attack Nelly Oaks, please let these people live their own lives. Please let me live my own life too,”


“I can’t compete with my own project” Akothee claps back at family members accusing her of envying small sister

Akothee has been ranting on social media about her family and siblings who seem not to like for some reason. Well, it all started with Akothee complaining about wanting to disown her own people since theyve stressing with issues she cannot seem to understand.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

With the issues piling up – Akothee recently held a live session where she called out her own mother for not being supportive towards her; and instead seems to be fueling the family issues by taking sides – which is not fair since she too is a daughter of hers just like Cebbie is.

Akothee also talked about how the mum or rather family thinks she envys Cebbie who will be walking down the aisle in December; and instead of her (mum) being happy that both her daughters are getting married soon – they all decided to gangup on Akothee claiming she is competing with her younger sister.

Clap back

Okay. This being a family matter – i guess all we can do is report what has been posted on social media; and although publicizing such issues doesnt help….all i know is that Akothee has not been having it easy hence the online rants.

Akothee with her family in France

Anyway clapping back at ger family, Akothee through her social media wrote;

No elder sibling can support the younger ones and start competing with them. How can you compete with your own project? Its like competing against yourself.


There is nothing like siblings rivalry if you’re not arguing over family inheritance.

Well – like i said, we cant sort out family issues on social media. But at least we now know Cebbie is to walk down the aisle this December.


Akothee ready to walk out & abandon family, says “she has had enough”

Akothee is back to publicizing her family problems on social media and although she is one big artist…not forgetting wealthy – i still cant understand why she chooses her social media as a place to seek therapy for all her family problems….but yea, were back at it and this time around she wants to call it quits with her family.

Well, a few hours ago the singer shared a post venting about her family which she says has been stressing her over the few months. From what I can tell is that shes back to having issues with her siblings who btw – don’t seem to be her biggest fans.

Through her IG stories, Akothee started with

I have no idea why its always me in question. Was it wrong for me to be born in this family?


I wish my grandfather was alive

Where are the parents?

Okay…not that I know Akothee’s family but I want to believe she has a mother and close relatives to intervene in such situations; but since she wishes her grandfather was around to sort the current issue – means she on her own.

In addition to the rant…Akothee went on to add;

You’re the one to live with the dents of upgrading people to a level they couldn’t, behave faithful at because they had not grown into it organically.

And lastly….Seems like the lady is thinking of abandoning her family because at this rate, Akothee is fed up with her close relatives.




Sarah Kabu praises Akothee for being an independent single mother

Sarah Kabu is proud to see Akothee living life to the fullest and unlike other single mums who are yet to get to the singer,s level….. Mrs Kabu thinks Akothee is an example every other woman out here should try to learn a thing or two from.

Mrs Sarah Kabu

The Bonfire CEO said this on a new post shared on her page where she praised Akothee for picknicing on her owned backyard lawn with bae; something she is sure many women cannot relate to or might never relate with.

Although this is the first time we’re seeing Sarah Kabu take interest in the life of Akothee…truth is we don’t know whether this is how a new friendship will be born or if Sarah Kabu is admiring life as a single mum…maybe? Anyway she wrote;

Akothee with lover

Single ladies does this picture speak volumes to you? Yaani Akothee is picnicking with new mzungu boyfriend on her backyard lawns.

Work for your own

This being a post directed at single ladies looking for an easy way out of poverty…Mrs Kabu discouraged them on depending on Sponyo’s yet they can earn their own

Ladies work hard sio lazima uenjoy such stuff via sponyo usiteseke kwa mapenzi

Awesome advise right? But again Akothee has been in this game for years……and I mean years…..which explains why she can picknic in her backyard….while the rest of the other single mums can only afford apartments with small balconies….which are specifically for storing mitungi ya maji.


Akothee Reveals Her Main Reason For Not Be-Friending Women

Without a doubt, Akothee is one of the most sought after female celebrities, and her antics in speaking out her mind are impeccable, and to some, admirable.

Despite having tumultuous relationships and marriages, Akothee isn’t one to tolerate nonsense from friends, especially women.

Opening up about her previous life experience, the musician shared a detailed message on her gram, claiming that she’s not scared of losing friends;

”Something happened to me like 3 years ago . I nolonger fear people walking out of my life or even accepting me the way I am,I nolonger welcome new friends in my life especially females 🙄 If you knew me before Fame I will keep you ,after fame it’s all social climbing game 💪 joka you didn’t post me and post for me this that 🙄 . I no longer feel pressure to say no ,I say it without feeling guilty, I nolonger wait for validation,if you like me okey if you don’t like me it’s also okey all I care for is that I love myself Soo much that you will not hold for long before you like me back, it’s you who know what you don’t like about me ,but I don’t even care because I don’t want to know. I nolonger call those who don’t call or check up on me , I don’t attend impromptu invitations 🤣🤣🤣. In my businesses ,yes I micromanage all my businesses,and will never let go off my hands ,human beings are full of talks than actions .I am the vision bearer of my dreams so I will hold onto it until I achieve my goals.


Dr Ofweneke reveals why he is charging Akothee Sh 1.4M to host her white wedding

Its funny that Akothee has been dating her young Mzungu boyfriend for a few weeks now and we’re already hearing rumors about an upcoming wedding….and I’m thinking Akothee doesn’t waste time huh…?

Anyway as you’ve probably already heard, Akothee is allegedly planning a white wedding with her new man and since the event will go down in Kenya, the singer wants Dr Ofweneke to host her ceremony….simply because she approves.

Anyway sharing new details of her upcoming wedding, Akothee through her Instagram page shared a photo of Ofweneke to which she wrote;

Wee I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official Mc on my wedding day both white and traditional, 🙄🙄🙄

Ofweneke on why he is charging Akothee Sh 1m

Well seeing how expensive the comedian is charging Akothee for the show,we couldnt help but wonder why…i mean, it’s just a wedding right?

However according to Ofweneke the reason he is charging madam boss 1.4 is because once again, Akothee is choosing a Caucasian over African brother…..

 Kwani Kenya Hakuna wanaume ? Ni madharau Gani hii unatuonyesha, wewe lipa 1.4 ksh ama ulete MC Mzungu basi 🤦

But again….the heart wants what it wants, and for Akothee i guess white men are her fantasy.


Akothee Calls Out Dr Ofweneke Over Hefty Payment To MC Her Wedding

Akothee is once again in love- And the intriguing fact is that she’s willing to get married again and settle with her newly found mzungu boyfriend monikered  Schweitzer. How do you even pronounce that name? Anyway, Akothee’s white boyfriend has dearly swept her off her feet; and she can’t keep calm about it.

The perennial gushes she has been showering him with prove that Akothee has indeed fallen head over heels for the guy.

Akothee’s Love Life

Akothee previously had a tumultuous time with her relationships, not forgetting to mention her marriage. The colossal number of men she has dated and replaced already hint that she might as well fail in her current relationship. But who are we to judge?

Marriage Plans

The musician recently shared with her fans that she’s ready to be a submissive wife and settle down with her new guy. And marriage plans are already underway. But comedian & MC Dr. Ofweneke might have just blocked the party. This is after his demand of Ksh 1.4 million in order to emcee Akothee’s wedding.

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Unsettled Predicaments

Akothee took to her Instagram to express her disappointment with Ofweneke, adding that they are good friends and that amount is too much.

”Wee I thought we were friends @drofweneke is charging me 1.4 m to be the official Mc on my wedding day both white and traditional, 🙄🙄🙄 ati kwasababu ni Mzungu 🤦
Babe why ?
His answers
Kwani Kenya Hakuna wanaume ? Ni madharau Gani hii unatuonyesha, wewe lipa 1.4 ksh ama ulete MC Mzungu basi 🤦
Someone tell @drofweneke haki sio kwa ubaya ,sikuona yeyote abayenifaa poleni basi,” she wrote.

Ofweneke commented and demanded a 50% down payment for the agreement to stand. They’re yet to bargain and come to an agreement.


Akothee accuses Government of ‘turning a blind eye’ to Kenyan women suffering in Gulf countries

Its no secret that women are willing to do anything to ensure their families are living okay. This is what most young girls have found themselves stuck in countries like Saudi Arabia where they travel to work as house girls hoping to make a better living.

Diana Chepkemoi returns home from Saudi Arabia

But as you’ve heard….vitu kwa ground ni different as most end up nasty bosses who mistreat them and some even say they’re physically, mentally and sexually abused by those they work for. However despite the many testimonies – including the latest case of Diana Chepkemoi…the government still remains silent.

Akothee calls upon government to help women stuck in Gulf countries

However self proclaimed president of Single mums Akothee has come out to call upon the new government asking them to intervene. Actually Akothee sounds surprised that women are still getting transported to countries like Saudi Arabia and no one is saying anything;

How many of these cases do we have in a week? How many mother’s , voiceless women are suffering in the hands of this Saudi Arabia thing , this is demeaning as a country, what can we do stop this kind of mess. Why are people allowed to leave their country and not have the freedom to quite when it’s not rosy anymore? What is someones child ,mother doing in deportation, detention, jail while the family is waiting happily that they are making a living . Halooo. SIRIKALI HALOO SIRKAL HALOO.


The Don’t care type

Seeing that the matter also involves human rights, Akothee also questioned the Kenyan Embassy to Saudi Arabia for playing the bigger part ruining these ladies by their silence. She wrote;

Where is human rights exercised?
What’s the Kenyan embassy to Saudi Arabia doing ? I thought their work is to take care of their citizens in foreign countries 🙄as A mother this is LABOUR PAIN.

Akothee also took a swipe at naive ladies still seeking jobs in the gulf countries – knowing very well how house girls are treated there.

I know someones daughter will still ignore this post ,and is busy signing forms and desperately can’t wait to fly
385k for 3 years 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Kwani huko housegirls wanalipwa ngapi ? 🤦

Well…with Diana Chepkemoi’s story already forgotten after so much publicity…,I guess it’s every man for himself and every bureau aiming for profits.


‘I Was Still In Shock’- Akothee Admits She Battled Depression Before Finding Love Again

Musician Esther Akoth is still in disbelief that she has been able to bag herself yet another boyfriend after her separation with former manager Nelly Oaks. The mother of 5 recently unveiled her newly found love, and expressed how dearly she had been swept off her feet by the hunk mzungu gentleman.

She started off by flaunting their lovely vacation, where she introduced the newly found love. Her caption;

”Sawa basi ,
It’s yeeeeeeeeees

Someone tell my mum atoke tu church aende home I went for a lunch date in mombasa shortly”

She has since been flaunting him over and over on her social media, confessing her unwavering love for him.

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Akothee On Battling Depression

I have never felt like this my entire 40 years" Akothee cries after finding true love in young mzungu boyfriend - Ghafla! Kenya

This time, the musician has divulged that she was actually not ready to love again before love found her. Opening up about the same, she penned via her Instagram;

”I was just chilling on my holidays after a long episode of fighting depression, I wasn’t looking for a relationship,I gave myself 2 to 3 years before thinking of having someone in my life ,then Boom 🙄, Found myself on the next photo,, before I know it , it’s on the next photo,” part of her message read.

She continued to claim that she’s still in disbelief that she actually found love.

”I am equally still in shock .I have been pinching myself if it’s true🤦 , for the past 3 months,I thought it was a joke ,eeeh it’s getting serious guys . Just thinking loud 🤦 someone tell me it’s true”

The comment section was filled with ambivalent reactions, with some claiming that the musician won’t be able to cosset the new relationship for long- considering her previous ones. Only time will tell.


“I have never felt like this my entire 40 years” Akothee cries after finding true love in young mzungu boyfriend

Akothee is in love and whether you like it or not she is not about to keep her mouth shut just because Kamati ya Roho chafu is watching and hating on the side lines….and since most of yall cant enjoy love with this bad economy – i guess mapenzi mtaionea kwa Akothee social media pages.

Akothee enjoying birthday vacation

Well, days after sharing a cute video spending time with her mzungu…wait the video was something like a music video where the young man is seen chasing after Akothee while on the beach at slow motion he carries her, spins her around before they fall on the sand….and the whole time I am watching the clip – I’m thinking kwani Akothee ameadd weight, ama huyu muzungu hana nguvu. But all in all they looked so cute, right?

Days later Akothee has shared an intimate photo while in the company of her new man to which she captioned;

6.8.2022 in Alba Italy never felt like this mu entire 40 years. Allow me to enjoy myself

Love is beautiful

Although Akothee has found herself  the perfect man – young, husband, Caucasian I bet she can now start planning for another child – that is if she isn’t already expecting her 6th child who she said would be from sperm donor.

Anyway I guess this is the only time most of her ex boyfriends might end up getting bitter…I mean have you seen her man?


I’m Ready To Settle And Be A Submissive Wife- Akothee

Musician and businesswoman Esther Akoth (Akothee) is ready to get married once again, despite her numerous previously failed marriages.

Despite having a tumultuous love life, Akothee has given herself another chance to love. This comes months after her nasty break-up with her former manager Nelly Oaks.
Akothee had even promised him 2 children before their amicable decision to part ways.

On To The Next

Akothee is never tardy when it comes to replacing men, however good or bad they were. And this is exactly what she has done.
This time, the singer has fallen in love with a ‘Mzungu’.
And she’s more than willing to settle with him.
Recent videos and photos have depicted how deeply they’re in love with each other.

Akothee Ready To Settle

Sharing via her Instagram, the mother of 5 revealed the latter, adding that she’s looking forward for a “till death do us part” relationship.

“A wonderful morning from Rongo spa, off to Ruma park.

I don’t know my village could become a paradise. The King was missing in action. I can now say my life is complete and ready to settle, ready to be a wife, a submissive one. Join us in making it to till death do us… ”

Akothee’s relationships have been shaky, and this might as well end in a cul de sac. Only time wil tell.


Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Boyfriend (Screenshot)

Musician Akothee has once again revamped her love life by bagging herself yet another mzungu boyfriend. The businesswoman and musician is famously known to date rich, white men- and she even has white baby daddies to spice it up.

The singer has revealed the mystery man on her Instagram with a video of the two having some fun at the beach on the coast. The playful couple was chasing after each other in white sand and the man could be seen playfully grabbing Akothee from the back in the video that is filled with romance.

In her caption, Akothee indicated that they had a deal that she will say yes to him if he manages to take her down which he did. Netizens have been left amazed with how easy it was for Akothee to leave the singles club while most have been trapped there for years. Akothee has only been single for a few months after her break-up with Nelly Oaks.

”Sawa basi ,
It’s yeeeeeeeeees

Someone tell my mum atoke tu church aende home I went for a lunch date in mombasa shortly,” Akothee’s caption read.


This is like her 3rd relationship this year. And Akothee is always willing to give men a chance.


Akothee distances herself from mzungu man rumored to be her latest boyfriend

It’s really been tough for Akothee now that her relationship with Nelly Oaks ended in the worst way ever. I mean, for some reason the president of single mums made it known that she had been fooling the guy for almost 6 months before she dumped him; and problem is – the way she said it sounded really bad.

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

Okay, yea we get it – she’s older than Nelly Oaks but honesty the man didn’t deserve such treatment and if he did, Akothee should have found a better way to do it; and not belittle him in public.

Anyway that’s water under the bridge and after months of staying single – Akothee recently shared a video enjoying breakfast with a certain Mzungu man; and knowing how she likes her European men – many concluded he is the latest man warming her bed.

‘Chill It’s not him’ Akothee denies dating mzungu man

Well having come across the many posts ‘introducing’ Akothee’s latest man, the singer now says blogs need to chill out and quit claiming the guy seen on her videos is her new man.

The singer revealed this in a post shared on her page where she went on to say;

Hey these are my guests visiting, I haven’t posted the man dating me, 🤣🤣🤣No ring on the finger yet 🤣,don’t be in a hurry,

However she promised to unveil her latest man very soon, but as for now – all she wants she wants is for news outlets to chill and give her time until she’s ready.

when time comes you will see him.just calm down Wacha MBIO ✌️‼️


Akothee and baby daddy coparenting sons in toxic environment

Akothee’s life is just interesting. Judging from the stories she tells – one would think her life is something like a movie. I mean the 41 year old mum of 5 has 3 baby daddies but only one out if the three is the responsible one.

Baby daddy (A)

Forget about the Kenyan one, but let’s call him baby daddy A. His girls are already grown and working courtesy of their mum. Well the other two baby daddies are European and unfortunately – dad to her eldest son (baby daddy B) still remains bitter about her.

Akothee with baby daddy (B)

Apparently for the years they have been coparenting it’s been like a drug dealing exchange where he (baby daddy B) drops his son and step son (son to baby daddy C) at a certain place where she then picks them and drops them to the other baby daddy (C.)

Determined to make it work

Well…judging from the way some ladies are set up I’m pretty sure they’d have already given up on the coparenting – if this how they’d do it. I mean they’re kids, not product….why not make it a blended family already?

Baby daddy (C)

Which also leaves me wondering why Akothee also puts up with the guy if he is hard to handle…but again – just like any mum I bet it’s just another sacrifice she is making for her son since he didn’t sign up for such parents.

However true…Akothee is a woman of steel yaani nikupambana na situation venye inacome.


“It’s not rivalry it’s JEALOUSY” Akothee reveals as beef with sibling escalates

Lately singer Akothee has been throwing shade through her social media pages talking about why minding your own business as a person is important. At first it looked like she was just doing her regular thing until todays post where she called out one of her siblings for envying her.

Although the sibling she threw shade at is not named – netizens in the comment section believe she is beefing with her younger sister Cebby. Not quite sure where but rumor has it that chances are that the sisters are beefing because of wealth.

Apparently one feels jealous of the other sister’s success and instead of accepting the little offered to her by the rich sister – she (the jealous one) goes on to bad mouth her.

Last time, the two sisters were said to be beefing over the same issues and barely a year since that incidence they’re back to it again.

Akothee speaks

If not for the post shared by singer Akothee where she wrote;

Well there are those siblings who will constantly hurt you, cause you pain and feel like nothing happened. Cease & desist. Guard your peace ✌🏽 Sijataja mtu

And respond to a fan who jokingly wrote;

Sibling rivalry it’s especially women😝😝

To which Akothee responded saying;

No nothing like sibling rivalry it’s Jealousy. Call it by its name.

Well, I guess this is another story of Joseph and his brothers relived again.


Akothee celebrates 41st birthday on board expensive Yacht

Akothee may have turned 41 years about 3 months ago but this doesn’t mean she’s stopped celebrating her journey into the 4th floor. I mean, she has all the money she needs (but keeps working harder for more) her girls are grown and independent; while the boys are living large in Europe. Talk of blessings on blessings.

Singer Akothee enjoying life at its best

Of course having had her kids while still young means she’s got to grow with them and looking at how they relate – let’s just say they’re more of friends but…with boundaries.

Anyway thanks to Akothee’s latest post – we have reason to believe that she’s currently celebrating her 41st birthday somewhere in Europe. Madam boss made this known after sharing a couple of photos enjoying herself on a private yacht to which she captioned;

Akothee enjoying vacation

This is how you should celebrate your 41st birthday, 4th floor is no joke, it must be respected 🤣🤣Done with educating my girls. The boys are safe. What else in life ?

Life at 40

Mmh well, like we’ve always said – Akothee is one wealthy business lady most Kenyan celebrities (both men and women) can’t compete with. She is on her own level and lane which is no secret.

However having struggled while young to fend for her girls, she didn’t get to enjoy life that much; but and that she’s past that stage – all Akothee wants to do at 41 is live life to the fullest.

Esther Akothee living large

The little girl Esther Akoth Kokeyo
My S”” life just begun. 🤣🤣🤣
You can take this to the nearest bank
@akotheesafaris thank you for this adventure

Madam boss at 41

Akothee announces plans of having baby No. 6 through IUI treatment

Singer Akothee is not done having babies and even at 40 years – she’s still determined to have one more child before hitting 45 years.

The singer who already have 5 kids revealed this in a new post where she mentioned about going for artificial insemination to have her 6th baby. The treatment will apparently happen in France where she’s currently vacationing while visiting one of her daughters.

Being one who is quite outspoken, Akothee went on to reveal that she settled for the treatment since it looks like she won’t be bagging a good man anytime soon. Or rather, bail ya men ya sahii haiwezi. 

I have something for kids. I miss something and I don’t want to get pregnant at 45 . Since looks like a partner won’t be possible soon. I will be going for Artificial insemination here in France 📌

Don’t ask for my baby daddy

Having dumped Nelly Oaks who was a good candidate to have her 6th born with, Akothee went on to urge her fans not to ask about her baby daddy’s whereabouts – since she too wasn’t going to find out much about him.

With all the money she has, the singer made it clear that she will not be entertaining any drama from a man; since all she wants is a baby and not a grown man to stress her out.

So when you see me pregnant don’t ask me who the father is . 🙏 All I want is my own baby with No drama,. Cheers and good night. Do what you want to do in this life ,Its your life .💪

And you stilll think money can’t buy happiness?