“I have always been the first to apologize” Akothee vows never to settle

Akothee has had 10 years of therapy to help deal with some issues from her past and now that she is stronger – the lady says she will not be allowing toxic energy around her aura.

Well – it hasn’t been easy dealing with a baby daddy that wasn’t supportive during her struggling days; to family members who feel they deserve a cut in her wealth now that she has money.

Speaking about this experience, Akothee earlier today shared a post where she wrote;

Now I know I am not the problem. For a long time I have fell a victim in the hands of mean family members ,I have always been the first one to say sorry even when they are on the wrong , wait ,it dint take a week before I was crying again 💔💔🙏 hurting again , 😢

Everyman for himself

According to the lady some of her family members are well known takers and if not handed what they want – the relationship becomes bitter. Like it’s her place to provide and fulfill their every need and if not – there’s bad blood.

It took me 10 years of therapy ,crying and trying to figure out what else can I do 💪, then I realised Ooh Esther takers have no shame Guvers must creat boundaries 👏👏👏 today I can tell you for free ,I have blocked doors to even the closest family member , people I THOUGHT I couldn’t do without , people I EDUCATED and seen through life .and I don’t feel guilty about it . I am at peace and happy👏👏 .

But at 40 years, the mother of 5 has learnt that she owes no one anything not even her own kids! With the knowledge she now has, no one can guilt trip her even if it means becoming rivals.

AT 40 I cant afford to loose my sleep over lost envy in the name of rivalry . There is no rivalry Call it JELOUSY  PERIOD 🙏We can be in a family gathering and I don’t get carried away by the fact that ooh we are together ,shit ,I suffered and not going back . No hello ,no nothing ,not even them attending to forget about my wedding but even my burial .


Shots fired! Shots fired! Nelly Oaks responds to Akothee’s interview about their breakup

Barely a week after Akothee went on to throw shade at ex Nelly Oaks claiming she dumped him 6 months before ending the relationship; looks like Mr Oaks also has something to tell his ex girlfriend and mehn it ain’t pretty.

But like they say, pick fights with someone of your own size and maybe Akothee shouldn’t have cast the first stone because Nelly Oaks is conning in gun blazing and no regrets.

As Akothee boasts about dumping and leaving Nelly Oaks in a relationship he thought was blooming roosts; Nelly Oaks on the other hand is letting fans know what he was up to whenever his ex started acting up. With them other hoo ho*s and he is not keeping quiet.

Fear the silent ones

The fella made this known in an Instagram stories post where he flaunted expensive bottles of the good alcohol and in the back ground – you can hear drakes Money in the grace hit…..and the most interesting part is that he chose this part of the song;

I mean, where the f*ck should I really even start? I got hoes that I’m keepin’ in the dark
I got my niggas ‘cross the street livin’ large
Thinkin’ back to the fact that they dead


And at this point Im like….somebody take away Nelly Oaks phone! Ata choma!

But this being the first time we’re seeing him fire back indirectly means he is done getting toyed with; but since he also had other h*es on the side….I guess the score between him and Akothee is 1-1.



Lanes: Akothee on why she remains the highest paid musician in Kenya

Akothee is not getting off her high horse anytime soon and if you don’t like her – then that’s on you! Well after sharing details of how she dumped her ex, Nelly Oaks – the self declared president of single mums is now letting fans now know why she is the highest paid musician in Kenya.


Speaking during a recent interview Akothee went on to reveal that her rate card is what has her making money left right and center. This is because unlike other musicians who charge small amounts for their performances, she charges millions. Not Ksh 1M but Sh2, 352, 000.

Right now my rate-card is $20,000 (Sh2, 352, 000). Its value for money, I bring value. I think I’m the number one earning artiste in Kenya right now.


Well her only reason for asking for the crazy amount is because she always delivers what is expected of her; that is giving fans a perfect performance and the organizers also make money off her too.

Tough times

This is however new information since she had earlier revealed to charge Ksh 1 million for her services; but with the economy weighing down on everyone – she too has bills to settle and kids to look after.

Iwapo nikiitwa kwenye show mi hupeana rate card yangu ambayo ni Sh1 Miliion kwa sababu nauza brand… it is the value I am bringing on board.

And just like that – she’s able to keep her brand at the top and is never approached by con event organizers because she’s not one to play with her money or investments.


Ouch! Akothee reveals she was mentally & emotionally disconnected from Nelly Oaks while still dating

Singer Akothee recently revealed she’d parted ways with boyfriend Nelly Oaks following issues that were affecting her health. According to the singer, relationships were not only weighing her down but also distracting her.

The mother of five shared this through her Instagram page while announcing her breakup with Nelly Oaks saying;

I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn’t be a shock or a surprise. It’s just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my new Found happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment, questions, or answers to what transpired just didn’t want to hurt anyone. but sorry it is what it is

Despite the breakup post,madam boss made it known that she still respects the fella as they share a long history;

Me and Mr. N have a family Relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let’s respect family and keep family RESPECT, He is not someone I just picked on the streets. So for that matter Wishing All of you the best of life

Detached from relationship

However speaking to presenter Ali on a recent interview Akothee now says she detached herself from Nelly Oaks in December 2021. So basically the guy was in the relationship by himself for 6 months not knowing Akothee was done.

Okay – sounds really mean but then again Akothee isn’t the type to sugarcoat her stories meaning things didn’t end so well for the two.

  I would never announce a break up if I’ve not walked through it. Even the biggest of the biggest celebrities out there struggle with relationship… actually, according to me I had walked out of the relationship back in December.

And I guess this explains why the two no longer follow each other on social media and why they’ve since deleted each other’s photos on their social media pages too.


Akothee explains why she prefers death over divorce

Self declared president of single mums Akothee is back with another lesson for all of single mums thinking divorce is the solution to their failed marriages. This being a topic she’s tackled in her book Akothee Sibuor Madhako Quotes, the singer opens up on reasons why most separated couples should avoid dragging their personal lives to court.

Having had 3 failed marriages already I want to believe that Akothee knows one or two about marriages and relationships which explains why she continues to remain single.

Well according to Akothee it’s easier to live knowinv your spouse is dead rather than having to deal with them in court each and every time there’s a hearing. Addressing this, the single mum of 5 through her Instagram page wrote:

Pg 33) Its easier said than done , Divorce is worse than death , especially when children are involved. When you lose a loved one , you mourn you are broken once for the lose , you hurt you miss them ,and with time you heal! You start learning how to live without them 💪

Choose your battles right

Not that she’s encouraging couple to stick to toxic relationships but she encourages many to have a discrete separation to avoid messing with the kids mental health. She went on to say;

But with divorce where children are involved , if you don’t choose your battle wisely , you will be broken daily , buried daily , hurt daily as the kids grow, forget living for a moment ✍ breaking up with a loved one leaving you behind with his / her copies is not something you can deal with in 3/ 4 years, this takes TIME. . If you have to divorce or break up , do it descently , you are not the first or last ,people survived We are with you in prayers 🙏

But again – all relationships are different and they also end differently. Her advise many not work for everyone but at the end of the day – at least we get her point – and that is your mental health and that of the children should always comes first!


“Ofweneke is mine” Akothee confesses

Singer Akothee is one of the those artists who rarely give shout outs to fellow celebrities but when it comes down to comedian Dr Ofweneke – the mother of 5 can’t hold back from showering praise on this guy.


As seen on a new post aimed at appreciating Ofweneke for being her favorite MC, Akothee earlier this morning shared a long post talking about her work relationship with the comedian saying;

There are those who say they have your back ,then there are those who gives you their back to sit on when all the chairs are taken. That’s my Personal Mc Without @drofweneke in my Event ,I’d better cancel.

Why Akothee praises Ofweneke

From what Akothee says is that working with the comedian has always been easy for her since he always delivers as promised; and unlike working with other MC’s who will probably let you down or even fail you – Akothee says she’s never had to struggle when it comes to this particular comedian.

Akothee to Ofweneke

Just to prove how much his work is appreciated by Akothee and her relatives – the singer pointed out that her own mum looks forward to seeing Ofweneke MC; and incase he is not coming for Akothee’s event  – then she (mama Akothee) won’t show up either.

Akothee made this known on the same post where she went on to say;

Applause for the baddest MC
The most booked, the most active my mum always ask Is OFWENEKE the MC ? Then I am coming . This guy is Active❗️ He is already booked 4th june for me & 26th June for my sister in laws wedding 💋 And 3rd December for my other event 💪 You can now take him for the rest of the dates. Please 4th June 26th June 3rd December OFWENEKE IS MINE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Well – we’re not saying the madam boss is kissing @ss (she doesn’t) but looks like Ofweneke is really making her happy, right?

Imagine if all celebrities celebrated their MC’s this way… they’d be challenged to better their skills even more, right?


Akothee shares reasons as to why she has no female friends

Singer Akothee is not shy to admit that she is a loner. Unlike your usual female celebrities rolling around in group of friends – Akothee says she likes to roll solo and this is because she understands how friendships between females work.

Well – speaking from previous experience, the singer revealed that having female friends is a bomb; it can be fetal, unpredictable and once it goes off – things just become ugly. Doubting her? Ask Huddah what happened after she started making more money than her friends…they poisoned her.

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For this reason, Akothee through her gram explained why you will never catch her with female friends – even if it meant that life depended on it. She wrote;



When they start as friends they become very open to each other,open their hearts and pour out their hearts to each other! Their emotions lie to them they are in love with each other 💔 When they realise the other persons have more than what they have ! Mrs JELOUSY ” AKA competition gets its way INN ” 👉They forget that, everyone woman have different strengths capabilities and different up bringing, different calculations, origine and destination 💪 every woman has a different way of seeing things.

Competitive beings

Also read: Akothee on why she regrets the day she became famous

From what life has taught her is that women will always have some jealousy hidden somewhere in their hearts; however what many don’t understand is that they all can’t be equal. She explained her point using breasts as example saying;

Akothee with the only besties she trusts

we can’t All be equal and it has never happened and will never happen! Women should understand the narrative of Breasts👏 👉Some are round ,some are “yago”, some are huge some like nipples , some are standing ovation some are onto your marks 👌
But hey ! they All qualify as Breasts ,and met have different taste of them.

Also having seen what happened in Young, Famous and African, I guess you can clearly see why Akothee prefers keeping to herself; instead of surrounding herself with women rooting for her downfall.

Any woman competing to be the Number one woman of All women is making A fool of themselves! There will always be another woman doing other things you ain’t capable if doing . In short we all have different strengths so Stop BEING THE PREFCT IN THE CIRCLES OF YOUR FRIENDS,
As A woman ,don’t hesitate to walk out of a group of friends that make you feel small. RUIUUUN  GOODMORNING


Akothee reveals biggest mistake she will live to regret

Singer Akothee has always been one to publicize her family on social media and after years of not giving her kids privacy; Akothee now says she wishes, she knew the kind of damage she was exposing her children to.

Tbt: Akothee with her girls and ex husband

The singer shared her regrets through a detailed Instagram post showing a conversation between her; and one of 5 kids requesting for their IG account to be deactivated.

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From what we can tell is that the ‘child’ was no longer interested in exposing their life on social media; hence the request to have their accounts removed for good. For this reason Akothee went ahead to vent on her caption talking about things she regrets to have done as a parent. Her post read;

The mistake I will leave to regret, Introducing my innocent children to the mean Internet, full of witchcraft; Witches from All corners of the world . To me I thought it was wonderful sharing my life to uplift or motivate someone,at the expense of my family’s privacy! Shit !

Give your children privacy

Well, having exposed her 5 kids to the online life, Akothee’s children have not only been trolled but abused, hated/picked on; and can no longer live life as other normal kids enjoying privacy even in public.

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But now that the damage is already done, the singer says her next plan is to hold off from publicizing love her life from IG; and hopefully fans will also understand why she now has to practice a more private life.

I would advice new parents to keep off their children of this mess of social media.
And for that reason soon my love life will be off social media,. I already feel the heat and I will have to find a way to forgive myself for hurting my family 💪 I HOPE YOU TSKE THIS HOME 💪


Akothee on why she regrets the day she became famous

Singer Akothee is back with yet another social media rant and this time around, it’s on why she regrets the day she became famous. The singer revealed this through a detailed post where she complained about her fans not respecting her privacy.

According to Akothee some of these fans don’t seem to understand the difference between TV life; and the behind the scenes one – which allows her to go back to her normal self as Esther aka mama Rue and not Akothee the singer.

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Akothee’s rant

Speaking on how fame has affected her life so far, Madam boss through her Instagram page shared a detailed post where she wrote;

I regret the day I became famous,this bulshit ain’t getting funny, Even with my neck support and funny face ,some people would still insist on a selfie 🤳 Eeee

Akothee in need of a break

From what I’m gathering from Akothee’s post is that she would love to have some privacy for now especially since she is hurting and needs time to herself.

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Addressing the few fans who know nothing about giving their favorite celebrities a break, Akothee wrote;

Is this really love ama ni kitu sijui ?
Sometimes I am in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos PLEASE! I KNOW YOU LOVE EVIDENCE! NGOJENI KIDOGO.
THE YEAR STARTED ON A ROUGH PITCH FOR ME ! hata Nguvu ya kupiga picha Sina mtanisamehe.

But again, aren’t Kenyans the most snobbish people especially when it comes to ignoring celebrities on the streets?


‘I Can’t Describe What Is Eating Me Up’- Akothee H0spitalized For The 5th Time

The ‘president of single mothers’ Akothee is having a tumultuous time when it comes to her health. The mother of 6, who recently welcomed a daughter through surrogacy; has been on an illness spree which has seen her h0spitalized every now and then. On her side, it’s becoming difficult to explain what’s really messing up her health.

But the musician and entrepreneur had previously disclosed that she has been having sessions of physiotherapy to correct nerves on her neck and arm.

‘”I told you I have a pinched nerve on my neck that’s what affected my Arm , so I have sessions of physiotherapy to try correct it ! This thing hurts badly , especially at night ,I can’t find the correct position to place my neck ! My neck feels over burdened ,tired and burning like f!re 🙏 good night”

But this is probably not it. Akothee has this time shared that she doesn’t know exactly what’s messing her health up.

She wrote on her Instagram;

I can’t describe what is eating me up , but it keeps doing it’s thing at the worst moment of time .
We have been here since Saturday and this is our jamhuri celebration. Today I can lift my head 💪”
Numerous celebrities sympathized with Akothee, wishing her a quick recovery.
Her daughter Rue Baby wrote;
”Get well soon my love ❤️🙏🙏”
Radio presenter Mwende Macharia wrote;
”Pole mama praying for you❤️❤️❤️❤️ quick recovery..I miss your vibrant self”
Kabi WaJesus reacted;
”Quick recovery dear”
Despite laying on her hospital bed over & over, her lover Nelly Oaks has stood by her. She’ll definitely be well soon enough.

Never Drink Or Sleep With Your Bosses-Akothee Advices Her Daughters As They Graduate

Rue Baby and Vesha Shaillan have made their mother Akothee proud after graduating from University this year and last year respectively. The single mother of 5 is in seventh heaven, as evident from their recent photo shoot. Rue Baby is the latest graduate from Strathmore University; and her mum celebrated her for being focused and honest while in school.

”I have no idea where this school called Strathmore is ! I don’t even know the accounts details nor the bank they bank with 😭😭😭😭.
I just transfer money into your account with hope you will either choose to spend or pay for your FUTURE !”

The ‘president of single mothers’ is now rooting for further success of her two daughters after their graduation. She has penned a long message to them, admonishing them on the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind;


Thank you very much for showing the young girls a proper direction of being a child first ,a student, to an adult 🙏, some of us have nothing that our parents could celebrate about 🙏 From jumping over the fence chasing pregnancies ,come back blame everybody 💪

”👉Be humble as always
👉Degree is theory ,now gain experience and work on your work ethics . Practicals yield results
👉Be time conscious ,you have not much left.

👉work to get paid ,don’t get paid to work , money should not be your motivation. WORK should be your greatest inspiration 💪
👉Avoid that negative empty workmate ,ignore and persue your goals.

👉NEVER HANG OUT / DRINK / SLEEP WITH YOUR BOSSES, Never sleep around your workplace ,you need new environment to do your shit ! Keep Work work No ROMANCE 💪
Keep Work ! Work and work ALONE
KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL MY DEAR @veshashillan@rue.baby



“Please give them to me” Akothee offers to adopt the two toddlers abandoned by a roadside in a sack

Singer Akothee says her life has not been the same since her children are all grown up and no longer live in her home. From what she says is that the girls are fully grown independent ladies chasing their dreams; while the boys live abroad with their dad – leaving her lonely back in her mansion.

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However this lonely situation will soon change since is currently looking to adopt a baby; but the whole process is proving to be long and tedious. She revealed this while addressing a viral story of a mother who abandoned a year old baby and a 3 year old somewhere in Migori county.

In the detailed post, Akothee wrote;

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If this children are alive, please give them to me 🙏 I am in the process of adopting a child and it’s taking forever 🙏.

Trouble conceiving her own children

Almost 4 years after she lost her twins, Akothee says conceiving has been become quite hard since her uterus can’t hold a pregnancy. This is probably because of how hyper she can get while performing on stage, or when working on her farm back in the village; I mean, she’s just too vigorous.

Anyway speaking about the abandoned kids, the singer not only offered to adopt them; but promised to change their lives for the better. And being the madam boss she is, chances are that her offer is as serious as a heart attack.

My children are all grown and don’t need my attention, kindly give me this babies and see Gods miracles 🙏.I have more than enough to share with them 🙏 most rooms and. Beds have been empty since my children left for for further studies ,and my uterus is taking too long to bring somebody 🙏 miyauru nyithindo hi asayou 🙏

Akothee tbt

Having suffered to provide for her kids back when she was married to her first baby daddy; Akothee understands the struggles mums face when it comes to their kids. And, instead of judging the mum who abandoned two babies, Akothee went on to address her saying;

 Sorry for the mother who did this ,I can’t judge you ! I have no idea what you are going through ,God be with you 💪 Please migori county tell me when to come to where the kids are 🙏


Akothee Explains Why She’s Becoming ‘Fatter’ Despite Regular Exercise Routine

Akothee’s conspicuous weight gain at the luo festival & big reveal party held over the weekend got netizens talking.  The entrepreneur and musician has recently been on and off hospital; with her lover Nelly Oaks in tow. For those who know Akothee, you definitely know that working out is a regular routine for her.

This is why the sudden weight gain has become a worry to her fans. But truth of the matter, according to her, it’s a health condition that has kept her in such shape.

Workout WIth Madam Boss Daily - YouTube
Akothee Working Out-Google

She claims that the condition is scaring her & giving her sleepless nights.

”Don’t meet me and start telling me how fat I am, I am having a health condition, I am swollen due to struggling with sleepless nights of pain, I am afraid to go to bed for I wake up with numbness on my fingers ,this situation is scary for me.”

She continues to state how a relative is bashing her over the health condition;

”I pity one of my close relatives who said I am pretending 🤔 I still don’t know what to tell her 🙏
Kwani am I in a boarding school I need permission to go home ? ! Or who do I even take my pity too ? Am I an employee sonI could get free time to hang around my family & not go to work 🤔 Wao! if there is anyone who wishes you bad luck are people you take close to your heart 🙏 pray for them anyway
Goodnight 💪”



Avoid Drama & Take Up Responsibility- Akothee’s Message To Single Mothers

The ‘president of single mothers’ Esther Akoth (Akothee) has shared some shrewd words to single mothers; especially those with perennial baby mama dramas. The mother of 5 has connoted the need for independence when it comes down to taking care of their own children.

Akothee kids and names - How does the songstress handle her kids? ▷ Tuko.co.ke
Akothee and Her Children-Google

According to the singer and entrepreneur, single mums should avoid drama with their baby daddies and just let them be. She adds that drama exhibits desperation and toxicity in a woman- which shouldn’t be the case.

She shared via a long post on her Instagram;

”Any baby mama feeling like starting trouble to inbox me ! Let me tell you FACTS ABOUT This journey 🤔, you are Alone by the way 💪 ,the more drama you creat in your motherhood journey the more desperate & toxic you look .No man wants a dramatic woman full of her Exes issues . Being A single mother isn’t a tittle ,it’s a story of a successful journey of raising your children without the privilege of the other partner . Don’t brag with a one month old pregnancy calling yourself Single mother ! Single mother of which cat? Do you know what it takes to raise A child ? Forget about children! Carrying pregnancy doesn’t qualify you a mother!”

Akothee continued to urge women to step up and take responsibility;

”A mother is One strong person with all her flows ,owns up responsibility and step up for the missing part 💪 Women should step up and stop embarrassing some of us . Stand up and own your life/ responsibility as A mother ,How about widow’s? what should we tell them 🤔
Will they carry graves to court ! Will their children stop going to school since their dad is no more ! Aaa! Aaah! Wanamaaa”

Akothee’s experience as a single mother is indomitable and her advice will definitely suffice.


Akothee Explains Illness That Keeps Her On and Off Hospital

Akothee fans can now breath a sigh of relief after the mother of five got discharged from hospital after days of admission. With her lover Nelly Oaks in tow, Akothee’s recovery was much faster.

However, during the saturnine period, Akothee and Nelly Oaks remained surreptitious on what really transpired to bring her to hospital.

Akothee only gushed over Nelly Oaks and thanked him for staying by her side.

I celebrate you my king @nellyoaks no man can stand me since most of them are after AKOTHEE & not Esther Akoth Kokeyo , you are after nothing but my wellbeing. I declare you My Hero ,my sweetheart ,My love ,my protector and my guardian Angel ! NELSON OYUGI , two kids for you from my womb ,& no one can tell me shit on shit unless they can pay my bills even for just one day . Thank you very much for collecting me from a dustbin . No one is useless as a sick desperate rich woman 🤔”

There's no one as desperate as a single lonely rich sick woman – Ailing AKOTHEE slaps single mothers with the hard truth! Tafuteni wanaume. | DAILY POST
Nelly Oaks & Akothee-Google

Akothee’s Explanation

The musician has now come clean on what keeps her going on and off hospital. This is not her first time being admitted in hospital. Writing on her Instagram, she explained;

”I told you I have a pinched nerve on my neck that’s what affected my Arm , so I have sessions of physiotherapy to try correct it ! This thing hurts badly , especially at night ,I can’t find the correct position to place my neck ! My neck feels over burdened ,tired and burning like fire 🙏 good night”

In addition, she had stated that mild depression also contributes to her illness. For now, Akothee is in good health.


‘Nimekuwa Nikitafuta Mimba’- Akothee Speaks On Desire Of Adding A 6th Child (Video)

Musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth can’t deny the fact that she loves having numerous kids of her own. It doesn’t mind if she has to take care of them by herself. All she wants are kids, as many as possible. She has been having baby fever for the longest time.

She had disclosed earlier this year that she has been trying to sire kids with Nelly Oaks; not one, but two kids. It was a peculiar sentiment to netizens, who believe she already has enough kids.

Kenyan celebrity Esther Akothee, biography, family, investments, music career and net worth » Afronews Germany
Akothee’s children-Google


Akothee has now reiterated her interest in adding baby number 6. She already has 5; namely Vesha Shalian Okello, Celine Dion Okello alias Rue Baby and Prudence Apundo and two boys namely; Oyoo and Ojwang.

In an interview on Radio Maisha, Akothee has disclosed that both Nelly Oaks and herself have been trying to get kid(s). She maintained that Mwende of Radio Maisha inspired her to get pregnant.

”Ile wakati ulienda leave, mama umeni inspire nimetafuta mimba… It’s a good feeling to be in love. And in as much as you can have everything as a woman, Mwende ata nikue mtamu aje siezi jikula… Ata Nelly Oaks leo, tunatafuta mtoto. Tumetafuta sana.”

Akothee states that she doesn’t mind taking care of her kids on her own- since it’s something she’s been doing for the longest time. She admonished single women to do the same, instead of igniting drama with their baby daddies.

She also addressed her relationship with Nelly Oaks, stating that they dated off camera before she promoted her to becoming her manager.

The fact that they’re now aiming at having kids together will definitely spice up their relationship.

Watch her full interview below;


Akothee Sends Message To Her Fans As She Hits 3 Million Followers On Instagram

Akothee has become the 2nd most followed Kenyan female celebrity in the country after Tanasha Donna for hitting 3 Million followers on Instagram recently. The exuberant mother of 5 has taken to her Instagram to share her message with her fans upon the achievement;

Akothee’s Message

In a long post, she explained what we should expect from now on;

”Welcome to the page of REALITY 💪
Allow me manage your expectations my 3 m followers
👉1. On this page I am living my life to the fullest and this is my album that I am sharing with you .
👉2Anything posted on this page ,must have been worth it otherwise I would not endanger the lives of my fans
👉3. Any day something is posted that doesn’t go well with your day ,Ignore it and wait for your moment
👉4. The person on this page that you are following is not a very good person; she can be sweet and also the sweetness can turn sour in 360 degrees she is human.

👉5. This person understands only one logics about life. I am living it the way it’s coming ,I am not going to complicate anything in this life ,it’s served to me already complicated, why complicate it more ?
👉6. This woman has a past ,that she has equally embraced and now enjoying her present working towards her future ,so holding onto her past might not be of help for you ,but it’s your choice,just don’t bring it here ,we don’t revise past papers for new exams
👉7. She is very sensitive and a character analyst, don’t try to shower her with fake love for your own gains , there were people like that before you 🤦

👉9. This woman only cares for who cares for her ,anyway does she care if you love her or you don’t 😂😂😂, she doesn’t know you ,so keep the narrative sweetie
10. This woman is in her 40s leave her alone ,imagine trying to teach an old dog new tricks 😂😂😂
This one is a mobile cinema 🎥


“She knows I’m a disgrace” Akothee explains relationship with her mum

Mothers will forever remain special no matter the case; and I guess this is why Akothee feels that her mum feels like she is a disgrace to the family.

Probably the singer using the word disgrace was abit too much but truth is; Akothee can be a drama queen and some of her stunts tend to get out of hand. Like that time she danced on stage and her huha was caught on camera.

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Akothee’s wardrobe malfunction while performing

But again, that is the life of a celebrity and having been born special; Akothee turns out to be the sibling that can embarrass her family but at the same time make them proud.

Singer explains relationship with her mummy

Anyway during the recent Akothee foundation function, the singer shared a few adorable images in the company of her mum to which she captioned;

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Is Akothee the black sheep of the family

My. Mom has never missed any of my Events ,even when she knows I am a disgrace at times .

To justify the the ‘disgrace’ bit on her post, the celebrated singer pleaded with her saying;

Akothee with her mum

Mom just find a place in your heart to accommodate me with my faults , atleast 80% I make you proud . Hiyo 20% Wachia Mungu atasort 🙏💃💃 I am still work in progress I LOVE YOU HER EXCELLENCY HON YUNITA KOKEYO @akotheefoundation

But again, Akothee anapenda vipindi sana.


Akothee Expresses Disappointment With Kempinski’s Management While Celebrating 1st Anniversary Of Her Foundation

Singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth(Akothee) celebrated the 1st anniversary of Akothee Foundation on Saturday, September 25th, at the lavish hotel Villa Rosa Kempinski. Akothee’s foundation, whose aim is to improve the lives of people affected by poverty, drought and famine; has seen the lives of many people change over the period it has been in existence.

Akothee In Frenzy Of Rage

The mother of 5 has connoted that the hotel’s management is a total mess, adding that the managers of the hotel are unprofessional and bitter.

Sharing on her Insta stories, Akothee delivered the tirade against the management by writing;

“The management of Kempinski is a total mess, with ugly ATTITUDE. All my life I have held events in Kempinski (and) I have never met such arrogant unprofessional bitter managers.

“I regret having engaged Kempinski in holding the First Anniversary of my foundation. I will never ever step foot in that dirty dusty building. Will address this on Wednesday.”

Whatever Akothee underwent in the hotel greatly pissed her off. It’s only a matter of time before she unveils details over the same.

Anyway, her event was made exemplary by several celebrities who showed up to support her; including Kabi WaJesus, Churchill, Owago Onyiro, Robert Burale, Nameless, Wahu, among many others. Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga was Akothee’s chief guest.

Akothee threatens never to set foot in Kempinski after hosting 1st anniversary of her foundation | Pulselive Kenya
Akothee and Ida Odinga-Google

Akothee Foundation Marks First Anniversary of Helping the Needy, VIPs Grace Star-Studded Party ▷ Kenya News | Tuko.co.ke




Akothee Narrates Hardships Of Being A Celebrity- I Wish I Was A Normal Person Passing The Streets In Peace

Being a public figure anywhere in the world requires one to live up to certain expectations by fans. It’s not everyday that you bump on to your favorite celebrity at a public place since most of them keep their life lowkey. But not every public figure enjoys all the fame and popularity.

4 career lessons from Akothee, Kenyan singer and entrepreneur | She Leads Africa | #1 destination for young African ambitious women

One of them is singer and entrepreneur Esther Akoth; who has expressed her sentiments of desiring to go back to life before becoming a celebrity. The 40 year old is one of the most famous celebrities in East Africa; and the 2nd most followed female celebrity in the country; after Tanasha Donna.

Too Much Attention

This means that wherever she goes, she’s easily noticeable. Akothee explains on her Instagram that she dislikes all the attention;

”You all might not understand but allow me express myself today .

I may appear strong but deep down I have been broken Soo many times .
I am a moving damaged good .
,👉 I have realised that I have become very sensitive that I don’t even want to leave my house .
I don’t like people recognizing me in public and at times I just wished I was just a normal person passing the streets in peace…🙏
👉 My life is very hard as a public figure and entrepreneur…
👉I get traumatized before leaving my house or jumping out of my car 🙆. I already feel attacked even where there is nobody…”

Apart from being famous, Akothee is a role model to many women; who greatly admire her lifestyle.


Akothee Celebrates 73 Year Old ‘Mzungu’ Baby Daddy’s Birthday With Sweet Message

Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth has taken to her Instagram to celebrate one of her baby daddy’s birthday today, Sep 18. Akothee’s baby daddy, referred to as Papa Oyoo is among Akothee’s conspicuous baby daddies.

Even though Akothee has recently been on a love spell with her former manager Nelly Oaks, it’s needless to say that she has massive respect for her baby daddies.

Papa Oyoo, who was recently in the city, is celebrating his 73rd birthday; and Akothee is celebrating him with a long delightful message.

Akothee and papa Oyoo-IG

Akothee’s Message To Baby Daddy

She wrote on her Instagram;

Help me wish Otiyanani

From the day you sent your eyes on me ! You told me one thing 💋
👉I will make you a queen that you should be , I will be there for you until death do us part .😭😭
I can’t forget your words when we parted ways .
Your words 👉(You don’t have to live with the people you love ,and doesn’t mean you stop loving them 😭😭😭😭,I wIll always love you Esther mpenzi yangu )
I can still feel your warmth ,care and love. Jaduonng 🙏🏻
I can run around the world carelessly knowing very well ,you have my back and the backs of my/ our children .
As you turn 73 papa Oyoo
May God bless you KING .

Akothee made peace with her 3 baby daddies; who are helping her in raising their children. She might be adding a fourth soon; after claiming that she’s ready to add two more children with Nelly Oaks.



Mind Your Lives! – Akothee Hits Back At Fans Criticizing Her Relationship With Nelly Oaks

Now that Akothee has re-ignited her love life with her hunk ex-manager, only a few people are applauding her over the same. The presence of Nelly Oaks by her side evidently depicts how Akothee was desperately seeking for love. Even though she has recently been seeing her baby daddies, Akothee needed a man to warm her bed often.

Akothee goes ham on her now ex, Nelly Oaks calling him an 'freeloader'
Akothee and Nelly Oaks-Google

One-Sided Love?

On numerous occasions, she has come out to confess her perennial affection for Nelly Oaks; who reciprocates the same; but not often as her.

This has elicited several reactions from Akothee’s followers, with some claiming that the relationship will end up in premium tears.

This is not a big deal to Akothee, who strongly believes in ‘living the moment’. She cares less on when Oaks will go his way. All she wants is to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Recently, Akothee’s Instagram has been filled with photos and videos of them having a good time. She captioned one of them;

”He asked me out and his question were
👉Nellyoaks : babe, Do you have your girlfriends you would like to invite tonight ?
👉ME: Mmmm , You are my Best friend , I have only you , my daughters & my sister , however my daughters are tired and my sister’s phone is off , as long as I have you I have the world
👉Nellyoaks : Okey my love I understand , it’s the bottom that is crowded 💪
Let’s go you are The QUEEN 💋💋
My friends are excited to party with us
The party was lit 💋💋”

Akothee Vs Fans

The reactions from the fans;

”🔥🔥🔥😍it Will end in tears madam boss😂😂”

Akothee clapped back;

@nabuuman we are living happily for the moment, future takes care of itself ,stop anticipating for us ,live your life”

This is not the first time Akothee has been forced to defend her relationship from such shenanigans. She however, remains positive on her love with Nelly Oaks



Akothee reveals which of her 3 exes is a notorious deadbeat dad

Singer Akothee sometimes over shares on social media; but truth is, we are not complaining – but loving how real she is judging from the far she has come.

One of Akothee’s baby daddies

So far, many single mums look up to her but just recently someone joked about not following everything Akothee says; since one minute she can be single and the next – is seen with hot new man (Nelly Oaks) – so yea choose your struggles!

Anyway her life being so public we understand that the lady has 3 baby daddies that is; her first love that and father of her young girls and the two Caucasian’s who she enjoys talking about in Swahili – since clearly hawawezi elewa.

Akothee baby French daddy

The inactive baby daddy

However having the three baby daddies one would think that life for Akothee is smooth – since they all take care of their kids, right? But turns out that Jared Okello who fathered Vesha Okello, Celly Rue, Prudence Otieno.

However thanks to a new post shared by the lady – we now understand that out of the three; there is one specific that doesn’t do much or anything for his kids. The madam boss revealed this in a new post where she wrote;

Us we share bills equally amongst the 3 of us, Mee & the two baby daddies 🤭 for our two boys .

Takes a swipe at her daughters dad

Well even after the many years of back and forth – looks like madam boss remains bitter at the fact that she has to raise her girls alone; (not that she can’t – but at least show the man can show some effort.)

Anyway talking about this, she wrote;

Jared Okello, Akothee’s inactive baby daddy

But the girls ,mmmm It’s All me and Me Alone 💪💪💪💪👇 That’s why I will still remain president of songuche 💪

Anyway, to those thinking coparenting is easy; Akothee shared a piece of advice saying;

Co_oparenting needs patience , endurance , discipline , enough of water in your body , because once in a while ,you must cry 🤣🤣🤣. You are two different grown ups in different worlds . Nursing some hidden wounds 🤣🤣.


‘Ata Ukue Mtamu Aje Huezi Jikula’- Akothee Pens Letter Of Advice To Single Mums

Being the ‘President of single mums’ , Akothee never seizes to speak her mind to her fellow single women; especially those struggling to raise their children.

Having raised her kids mostly by herself, Akothee is a guru when it comes to giving life experience as a single parent; even though her baby daddies have been alive all this time.

Akothee kids and names - How does the songstress handle her kids? ▷ Tuko.co.ke
Akothee and her children=Google

In a long Instagram post, she scrutinizes the nooks and crannies of single-parenting;

”A letter to All single mothers , divorced, separated, desperated

1. Pain is inevitable ,you will never enjoy happiness if you haven’t felt how it feels being unhappy.
2.Honesty is the best policy. Be kind enough to yourself and accept that you are going through a challenge…
3.Never compare your family with others. We all broke our relationships with different reasons; we all dated different characters from different backgrounds, ethnic groups and races, we can never be the same. Comparison is a thief of joy…
Don’t panick if you can’t save a peny ,you are investing in your children , this is one of your biggest investments embrace it 💪
5. CO_OPARENTING- Never rejoice ,it’s never easy to share a platform with someone you don’t give goodies anymore , especially men ,never or have a problem with moving on, they wish you couid onjesha them kidogo. Do this at your own Risk ,hurt yourself more , sleeping with a baby daddy you ain’t living with anymore is suicidal…
6. DATING : date my friend… Before you introduce a man into your childrens life ,do a background check.
Hata uwe mtamu Bamba gani huwezi jikula 💃💃 ”


Akothee’s advise to Nyota Ndogo on how to handle ‘Wazungu’ men

It is no secret that Akothee has had her share of white men; and the best part is that she doesn’t mind speaking about it through her social media pages.

So far, Akothee has two mixed boys from previous relationships with her European men; and although she may have been willing to stick with her baby daddies – Akothee is not the type to give up her peace!

Anyway, just recently the mother of 5 issued what looks like an advise to women dating white men in a post where she wrote;

For wome dating wazungus, you know I have been there 🤔 Don’t kill yourself with what doesn’t give you peace. You might end up into a deep rest (depression)

Nyota Ndogo and mzungu husband

So far we all know that Nyota Ndogo has been having issues with her white man; and chances are that stories about her failed marriage could be true; but at the same time she loves to clout chase too – so who knows?

Anyway with her marital woes all over social media: Akothee decided to offer more advise to Nyota Ndogo saying;

Inbox me for tips before you loose your head or end up in jail. But just know you have one life, take control.


Tough Times! Akothee Complains About Parents Flocking Her Home To Borrow School Fees For Their Children

Akothee’s generous and benevolent attitude when it comes to helping the needy has been noticeable over the years. Well, a giving hand is never empty. But Akothee has now had enough after over 5 parents came knocking to her gate; asking for financial assistance.

This was after Akothee offered to pay fees for a class 8 leaver; who performed tremendously well in all her subjects.

After receiving her result slip, Akothee posted on her Instagram and captioned;

”My God this girl can’t stay at home.
My mom this early morning in my home with this girl, my mom will never leave me in peace when schools opens.”

According to Akothee, more parents are now begging for help with settling their school fees. Akothee vacillated between helping them and ignoring their plea.

”… More than 5 parents at my gate with fee structures, crying like babies. What do I do, my hands are full. I can’t pull this should I tell them to try where?”

Akothee continued to say that such occurrences break her heart and stress her;

”This is the worst time to be around home , my head is breaking and my heart broken already”

This comes at a time when parents are struggling to take their kids back to school; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which immensely affected their businesses and jobs.