Akothee reveals biggest mistake she will live to regret

Singer Akothee has always been one to publicize her family on social media and after years of not giving her kids privacy; Akothee now says she wishes, she knew the kind of damage she was exposing her children to.

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The singer shared her regrets through a detailed Instagram post showing a conversation between her; and one of 5 kids requesting for their IG account to be deactivated.

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From what we can tell is that the ‘child’ was no longer interested in exposing their life on social media; hence the request to have their accounts removed for good. For this reason Akothee went ahead to vent on her caption talking about things she regrets to have done as a parent. Her post read;

The mistake I will leave to regret, Introducing my innocent children to the mean Internet, full of witchcraft; Witches from All corners of the world . To me I thought it was wonderful sharing my life to uplift or motivate someone,at the expense of my family’s privacy! Shit !

Give your children privacy

Well, having exposed her 5 kids to the online life, Akothee’s children have not only been trolled but abused, hated/picked on; and can no longer live life as other normal kids enjoying privacy even in public.

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But now that the damage is already done, the singer says her next plan is to hold off from publicizing love her life from IG; and hopefully fans will also understand why she now has to practice a more private life.

I would advice new parents to keep off their children of this mess of social media.
And for that reason soon my love life will be off social media,. I already feel the heat and I will have to find a way to forgive myself for hurting my family ???? I HOPE YOU TSKE THIS HOME ????