Why we need to defeat the growing single mother epidemic

When you listen to your favourite celebrities, women such as Carol Sonnie, Maureen Waititu, Akothee, tiffany Muikamba and the rest of them, you’d be led to believe that single motherhood is not only heroic but is also easy.

Reality of single motherhood dawns on young Tiffany Muikamba, she calls out deadbeat baby daddy – Bensoul

And when Father’s Day comes around a lot of celebrities celebrate their single mothers who raise them by taking on both the role of mother and father. The same happens on Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, hell even on Men’s Day. And we are led to believe that there is no nobler calling than that of being a single mother.

Carol Sonnie baby bump

But all of that is a trap. All of that is a lack of accountability and the resultant delusion meant to make single mothers feel good about their circumstances and also lower other women into the trap single motherhood. This is not to absolve the useless bums who get themselves caught up in situations where they either get baby trapped or are so reckless they have created multiple single mothers.

Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers

But when we go by concepts created by natural sciences such as Brifaults Law, we begin to understand that it is women and not men who are responsible for the creation of children as they select the men with whom to procreate with. If a woman does not use a man then he will not be able to procreate. And our history as a species proves this to be true given that in the past, for every one man that procreated, 17 women did so. Or to put it another way, for every 17 women who got to donate their genetics to humanity’s gene pool, only one man got the same opportunity.

There is clear evidence that single mothers get to choose the Men They procreated with and they are selecting the worst possible man to become fathers. They are selecting the “bad boys”: the irresponsible and immature men to procreate with.

Carol Sonnie’s revelation that single motherhood is tough is hilarious!

And for us to counter this speed of single motherhood we need to return back to the days when a woman would refuse to carry a child for any man who did not marry her. Marry before you carry.

And there are a lot of good reasons why we need to put a stop to the increasing numbers of single mothers. The statistics of single mother led households tell a rather damning tale. One that we should be very terrified of especially when we have situations of single mothers raising sons. When it comes to single mothers raising daughters we largely have to fear the fact that single mothers raise single mothers. Women who even though they might get married and up ruining their families by walking away when things get tough.

Amber Ray is the worst type of single mother there is

Of course that’s not to say that a woman should stay when her husband is abusive. And the fact that I have to clarify this in such autistic detail tells you that I am aware that feminists are waiting to twist my words to meet their ends.

But why is single motherhood the bane of any civilization’s existence? Why are my family against single motherhood? Let’s look at the statistics which will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt why we need to completely destroy single motherhood and return to nuclear families or even polygamous families before it gets too late.

Why Ms Morgan and other single mothers deserve no sympathy

90% of welfare recipients are single mothers
70% of gang members, high school dropouts, teen suicides, teen pregnancies, and teenage drug abusers are from single-mother households
63% of national suicides are done by individuals who grew up in single-mother homes
90% or runaway children are from single-mother households are from single mother households
85% of children with behavioural disorders are from single-mother households
80% of rapists motivated by displaced anger grew up in single-mother homes
85% of imprisoned youth grew up in single-mother homes

Yet another study I found revealed the following:

Children brought up in single-mother homes are:

  • 5 times more likely to commit suicide,
  • 9 times more likely to drop out of high school,
  • 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances,
  • 14 times more likely to commit rape,
  • 20 times more likely to end up in prison,
  • 32 times more likely to run away from home.

And again because I know the feminist witch coven is waiting to swoop in and misinterpret what I am trying to communicate, I need to clarify with autistic detail that I am not saying all the children born of and raised by single mothers are destined to become criminals vagabonds and wastrels. What I am however saying and what science is backing up is the fact that it is a herculean task to raise children who become successful balance adults as a single-mother. For the sake of our society, we need to return back to our traditional values before it’s too late.

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Akothee is reaping the energy she put out to fans

Akothee recently highlighted a fan who wished her to miscarry the baby she was with and sadly that was precisely the case she was dealing with that saw her hospitalized.

Akothee Is Learning The Hard Way- She Should Avoid Posting Her Private Life On Social Media

She and her new mzungu had been blessed with a baby but sadly she couldn’t carry it to term. And as you can imagine this was a truly traumatic. The couple who are currently taking time to not only recuperate but shower each other in love.

Akothee admitted to hospital

So why did the fan come out to wish death upon Akothee’s unborn child? Why would anyone feel comfortable to put such negativity out in the air and why would anyone be stupid enough to put it in black and white on a Facebook post?

Akothee decision to buy land with her partner is a monumental blunder

To understand that we also have to interrogate the type of energy madam boss has been putting out. Because let’s face it the past couple of months have seen her be nasty, cantankerous and unpleasant on social media.

She has been Conjuring up demons and seeing enemies even in her shadow whom she then begins to berate and attack and pretend she’s doing so fighting for her family to be respected.

Is Akothee Depressed?

She has literally been lying about what bloggers have been saying, conveniently forgetting the fact that she feeds them with the information that they put out. If she want as talkative and argumentative as she is on social media, no one would have anything to say about her.

And her fans have been taking note of this. The problem with being argumentative and derisive on social media as you begin to attract the type of people who naturally gravitate towards such content and it should come as no reminder that they too are negative.

Akothee and her love: why we don’t expect it to last

In a nutshell, Akothee has been creating her own demons and they have indeed materialized and want to let her know of their existence which is why someone would make such a while prayer to god almighty wishing for her baby to die.

You have to wonder why other celebrities do not meet this level of toxicity of negativity on their social media accounts. She’s the only celebrity who routinely has to deal with some of the most dark comments and spiteful followers.

Akothee Reveals Naughty Bedroom Secret With Her Mzungu Hubby

And sadly this is not a lesson she will learn anytime soon as she continues to encircle herself with yes men who are call her out on the fact that she is the one creating such a negative environment. And perhaps the solution she’s looking for is as simple as taking a social media break.

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Akothee decision to buy land with her partner is a monumental blunder

So by now unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Akothee and her new mzungu boyfriend are in love and they want the world to know. And while we are happy that she’s been able to find love again some of the decisions he’s been making a rubber questionable.

Akothee Ready To Sire 3 Children With Her Mzungu Boyfriend (Video)

For instance, the decision they made by a Prado together which many thought was merely a publicity stunt was a rather perplexing one because the white guy doesn’t seem to live in Kenya that often so will he buy her a 5 million shilling or what was going on there?

But now Akothee has done something even stranger when she took to her social media to post a photo of her and her man with a newt at the heads. The reason for this confusion is that the two aren’t even like formally married they are still in the dating phase.

Akothee crucifies bloggers for her sins, says ‘Mtanilipa 300M’

And whether or not we like to admit such things to ourselves this level of love bombing this level of anxious bonding is truly a red flag. The couple has not been together for a year yet they already making significant investments together and one can only hope that Akothee has received advice that would tell her how to cover herself legally.

Because otherwise this is really not a sound move imagine if the two of them have decided to invest in property together only for them to break up like Akothee does with most of her relation her relationships. That would mean 2023 would be filled with not just heartbreaks and also complaints from a woman who knows her dating history is chequered at best littered with the broken hearts of men in fact more men than formed the band Sauti Sol.

Akothee and her love: why we don’t expect it to last

I mean at the end of the day it’s her life but Jesus Christ I just hope he’s smart enough to have covered her bases. Can you imagine what this would mean for the mother of 5 if today, the couple ran into problems, end up breaking up and this guy decides to go after our property that would be devastating?

Akothee enjoying birthday vacationkothee

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Akothee and her love: why we don’t expect it to last

Akothee has a new man and she wants the world to know she is more than simply enamoured, she is in love and planning to spend the rest of her life with this new mzungu.

Akothee Responds To Online Trolls Criticizing Her With Mzungu Bae

But not everyone is convinced and a Facebook microblogger recently erroneously claimed she was in her 7th relationship with a 7th man and he went on to list some of the men.

But one thing that Akothee forgets is that she is the one who created this very situation that offends her so. You see, no one really goes around digging in her trash to find out what she’s up to. She is the one who never skips a beat when it comes to keeping us informed of what happens in her life.

Akothee Reveals Naughty Bedroom Secret With Her Mzungu Hubby

Remember when she was dating her immediate ex, Nelly oaks? Who would have known they were an item if she had kept her tongue tamed? No one.

Akothee with lover

And sadly, Akothee’s penchant for constantly chasing the headlines means that we are all too aware that she isn’t the type of woman who can sustain a relationship. Why do we say this? Because the aspects of her personality that she chooses to keep flaunting are the type that makes pair bonding very problematic.

Akothee Displays Divorce Certificates From Her Wedding That Costed Ksh 2500 (Photo)

Aside from this, we also have to admit that Akothee made a habit of crying wolf for no real reason. She is always trying to convince us that she is in a new relationship. Only for us to find out that it was either short-lived or a stunt for a song she is releasing. Then she turns around and gets upset that no one believes her. The lack of accountability on her part is head-splitting!

Then there is the little-understood reason why most do not take her new relationship seriously: she has been love-bombing a man she met just the other day. Why would that make us doubt whether or not she is serious? Because this is an adult who has dated another for mere months who is now declaring undying love. How long does it take for a relationship to transition from infatuation to something more substantial? Definitely not weeks.

Sarah Kabu praises Akothee for being an independent single mother

If indeed Akothee is going to marry her latest catch, we wish her nothing but the best. But as they say, hope for the best but plan for the worst. And the worst is that this farce will be exposed for being exactly that.

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Three questions we have for Akothee about her new mzungu

Akothee is in a new relationship and she seems happy. She finally admitted to being taken after weeks of denying being in any sort of relationship with a man. Granted, we’d all gotten the man in question wrong but we did know he was a mzungu.

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Boyfriend (Screenshot)

What was also additionally surprising is the fact that she is not with a geriatric man. Instead, she is with a young white man and the pair seem to be head over heels for each other with them currently being on holiday in Mombasa.

Akothee with son and baby daddy

I am sure there is a gang of young Nairobi girls who would want to grill Akothee on how and where she finds these wazungu because this is her third mzungu man that we know of. Sure she dated Kenyan men previously but one of these men was her first husband -the man who found an innocent, young Akothee before she became Madam Boss.

Akothee responds to rumors claiming she traffics Kenyan girls to Saudi Arabia

The second is the man who is doubtlessly punching the air as he sees her move on with her new man especially given how he damn near risked it all for his lady love (his family were upset he was dating a much older woman) and that man is Nelly Oaks.

Akothee with another one of her former mzungu lovers

And as I started thinking about Akothee and Nelly Oaks, I realised I had some questions about her new relationship that are going to touch on his person and they are:

Akothee Introduces Her New Mzungu Bae (Photo)

#1. Was Nelly Oaks a cover for your penchant for wazungu?

When you think about it, it seems like Nelly Oaks was just a smoke screen to distract from the fact she wants wazungu. I say this because he was at best, a commercial break and at worst, he was just a seat warmer while Akothee searched high and low for her next mzungu baby mama.

Akothee with Nelly Oaks while they were together

#2. Is she going to try and baby trap this mzungu?

While she was with Nelly Oaks, she had been intimating that she wanted some children before it was too late. However, she never really seemed committed to having them by Nelly Oaks. Perhaps she really does take swirling seriously but whatever. The question now is whether or not she is going to try and trap the man by getting pregnant is something only she can answer… Well, even if she doesn’t time will tell.

#3. Is this relationship just a fling or will we see her finally settling down?

I mean, she is a single mother of 5. That is no small brood. So does this mzungu know what is on the cards for him? Because Akothee needs to understand that he might just be looking for fun and while there is nothing wrong with that, we, as her digital in-laws have questions for him.

Then again, Akothee is a grown woman who knows how to filter for good men. So we probably needn’t worry too much about this relationship.

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Simps get crushed! Akothee continues to emasculate Nelly Oaks

It is rather hilarious to see just how poorly Akothee is treating her former partner Nelly Oaks. I mean, it would be concerning just how mean she has become if it weren’t so damn funny. Or perhaps I just happen to have a dark sense of humour? Who knows.

Ouch! Akothee reveals she was mentally & emotionally disconnected from Nelly Oaks while still dating

But bear with me. You see, while they were together, we were constantly inundated by stories, videos and photos of their “love, something that was always odd for me was the fact that he never really had a say in the narrative. He never really got to tell us about the relationship. Instead, he seemed to be waiting and following her lead.

Nelly Oaks was an accessory. Akothee was the author of their love story and this is always a recipe for disaster. Why? Because if you love a woman more than she loves you, you allow common sense to fall away from you and then eventually disgust her with the simp in you.

Nimechoka Na Mapenzi- Akothee Confirms Break-Up With Nelly Oaks, Says She’s Not Ready For Any Commitment

Why else do you think that between the two of them, it always seemed like he was the one who had to keep sacrificing? What a close friend told me of mine is that his father, hell, his family weren’t enthused by the relationship. Here was a woman way older than him who came with the baggage of 5 children their son claimed to love. Would they get to see grandchildren, nephews and nieces? His father was particularly miffed by all the BS. Meanwhile, what did Madam Boss have to sacrifice?

Akothee boasts about being the president of single mothers because of her litter of 5. She is set. Would she be willing to give Nelly Oaks a family of his own? Even before we cross that bridge, would she be willing to allow him to discipline her kids? And to what degree? We both know the answer to both questions so again I ask, what was she willing to sacrifice? She had all the benefits. She was the woman who had failed at love on multiple occasions, she was the woman who was dating a younger man and she got to control the relationship.

Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers

And now that she has revealed that she dumped him, she is still kicking him while he is down. A quick glance at his social media shows that he has chosen to refrain from discussing their relationship and its rather obvious demise. He has kept it classy. Perhaps that’s because he is scared of her. No self-respecting man would dream of being in his shoes. I can’t even imagine what family dinners and meetups are like; everyone must be reminding him that their father was not a fan of his relationship and he has to sit there and take it. When he decides to distract himself, he goes online to see yet another insult sent his way by Akothee with her rather dismissive takes on their relationship.

Simping is hard. But men like Nelly Oaks are incorrigible. So he is probably deep in Akothee’s WhatsApp begging her to take him back even if it means she uses him as her footstool.

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Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers

The actual title I wanted to go with was “Akothee is proof enough why men should steer clear of single mothers who want to be a Madam Boss” but I thought it too long yet it really sums up the entirety of what I want to say perfectly.

Nimechoka Na Mapenzi- Akothee Confirms Break-Up With Nelly Oaks, Says She’s Not Ready For Any Commitment

You see, when the simp, the buffoon, Nelly Oaks decided to date Akothee, I said things would soon go awry. Especially after I found out from a mentor and close friend of mine that he had already lost so much in his effort to try and make her happy and she hadn’t sacrificed anything… I am referring to the fact that his father was offended by the relationship which he might have thought of as predatory given the vast difference in age and experience.

As if to add salt on injury, she really had little to offer him in the sense of legacy. She doesn’t seem to want anymore children so he was sacrificing that aspect of himself too. And then she dumped him in such a dismissive way saying amechoka na mapenzi.

“Ofweneke is mine” Akothee confesses

And this brings us back to asking what exactly single mothers have to offer their partners. You see, Akothee is not merely a single mother but she is the “President of Single Mothers”. That is the title she gave herself. And though we have to commend her for really taking care of herself and looking great not just at her age but for the fact that she has sired 5 children, she is still single mother with deep ties to some of the fathers of her children.

Yet, when we discuss single mothers, women on social media want to act as if Nelly Oaks’ experience is not the average but rather an outlier case. So let us delve into this particular case of one man who dated a high profile single mother.

I Don’t Entertain Insecurity- Akothee Commands Nelly Oaks To Publicly Declare Her As His Wife

For starters, Akothee is a very wealthy woman, having invested the money from her white baby daddies wisely. As a result, she flaunts her wealth on social media. That created the impression among many that he was merely a social climber. That did damage to how everyone viewed him.

Then to top it off, he actually invested effort and time into trying to get to know her children. He actually spent time with them to the point they bonded. So not only has he lost her, he has lost the children whom he had grown to love.

‘I See Divorce Everywhere’- Akothee On Why She Will Be Keeping Her Love Life Off Social Media

Add to this the fact that she had invited him to live in her house. Yup, Nelly Oaks had taken up residence at Akothee’s mansion. Now he has to move out and start adjusting to being a bachelor once more.

Also, I doubt he was ever allowed to discipline her children. Really though, I highly doubt Madam Sibuor (Madam Lioness) would allow her children to be disciplined by her young lover. So whenever they started acting up, he had to repeatedly say, “I’ll tell mum!” like an impotent after figure.

Akothee finally admits Nelly Oaks is just a toyboy as she shares romantic text from mzungu sweetheart  

And still, someone will purse her lips to foolishly yell about how messed up it is men are steadily waking up to the fact that it is such a bad idea to date or even marry a single mother? Make it make sense. Do you want to know what makes all this worse? The fact that I can actually imagine Nelly Oaks begging Akopthee behind the scenes to take him back and make him a happy simp.

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‘Wachana Na DNA, Women Choose The Father Of Their Children’-Akothee Advices Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi breaking the ice a few hours ago on his reason for being referred to as a deadbeat by Jacque Maribe has seen several household names share their take on the issue. Eric is now vacillating between listening to what his counterparts have to say and what he actually thinks is right.

The conspicuous comments on Eric Omondi’s post after divulging that it was a one night stand that got Maribe pregnant’ have seen many people advice him differently.

Comedian ERIC OMONDI opens up on how he met and fell in love with ex-girlfriend, JACQUE MARIBE! | DAILY POST
Eric Omondi, Maribe & their son-Google

Akothee’s Advice

The President of single mothers; Esther Akoth has admonished Eric not to go for the DNA test that he was demanding, but to accept responsibility- being the biological father or not.

”Eric wachana Na DNA ,us women / mothers decides who father’s our children hata kama Sio Yako ,tumekuchagua ,wewe lea tu mtoto ni wetu sote”

She continued to state how hectic it is to go to a children’s court to solve this matter; which she refers to as trivial.

”Do you guys have an idea of what it entails making endless trips to a children’s court ?
Do you know the kind of parents you will meet at the children’s court ????. Both of you as public figures, you will be very embarrassed ,kupanga laini na wazazi hawana hata viatu . Eric siku hiyo hautaenda na security imagine ????????
????kwanza magistrate ataona hiyo range rover akushangae vile walinishangaa na V8 nikifukuzana Na baba ya akina Vesha”

The fact that Akothee has experience in single parenting, she went ahead to also advice Maribe to take responsibility  by herself.

”Jacky wewe pia chukuwa majukumu kama mzazi ,ignore Eric omondi and take charge of your child’s life ,you will have peace , huyu jamaa atakutoa figo ukose pumzi ya kutafuta ,I am speaking to you as a single mother of 5 children.”


Akothee is right about Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ng’ang’a

Akothee is the only celebrity who so far has come out to say something intelligent about the fact that Alfred Mutua and his now ex-wife have gone their separate ways.

Don’t Point Fingers If You’ve Never Been Married- Akothee Defends Alfred Mutua-Lillian Separation

Most other celebs are simply sharing their admiration and appreciation for the conscious rapper and that really does nothing to really support the man who is rumoured to be with the Machakos Governor’s ex-wife.


And while alot of people are simply enamoured by the scandal, Akothee came and cut right through the bullshit.

Akothee Disappointed After Nelly Oaks Deletes Her Photos From His Instagram

Rather than feed the gossip monster, she simply came and explained why they should be left to their own designs and why societal pressure kills alot of married people who are too scared to leave their already broken and sometimes abusive marriages.

Ex lovers: Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a

Taking to her social media she made the following comment:

Akothee’s advise to Nyota Ndogo on how to handle ‘Wazungu’ men


Watching people in mult-irelationships, unsatisfying relationships; broken marriages but still leaving together for the society; condemn The break up of GOVONOR & HIS WIFE .????
????some have never even tried living with a cockroach; but are full of screanshorts evidences????leave marriages alone .
????Bundles are cheaper ,typing is cheaper ,celebrating ones challenges is cheaper and easier ????Now , how is your own relationship going or taking you Now?.
This world is rotten, they will even celebrate your downfall at the grave ????.The same people who never checked on you while alive ,will come take selfies with your coffin.”

And she is entirely right. We need to stop shaming people who decide to walk away from a marriage for the sake of their health whether mental or otherwise.

If anything, Akothee is spitting facts about how we as a society contribute to the suffering of our own members and we need to pay her words some heed. We really do need to pay them alot of attention.

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Akothee shows us why men fear dating single mothers

Akothee, the president of single mothers in Kenya said something that I am sure she thought was innocuous yet it was rather telling and indicative of why men, especially men with options, do not want to date single others.

Don’t Lecture Me About Life- Akothee Warns As She Hints At Getting Back To Ex-Hubby- ‘Nataka Kumuonjesha Kakitu’

Speaking about her desire to revisit her old chapters of life, she stated:

”Mimi huyu jamaa Wangu nataka kumuonjesha ka kitu ,na vile niko na mastingo mob nimetoa kwa Wazunye? ????
Mtu asiniambie kitu , kwani ni kitu yako ? ,si mumesema kila MTU akae na bwana yake ? Sasa mtaniuliza nini?…
Don’t come lecture me about life , you know nothing on this streets .”

And this is something any man who was interested in her would view as a red flag. I get it, she is a rarity in single-mothers, she is an outlier who takes care of her body but we need to understand that to a man what she has just posted says that she is still hangup on her ex.

Here’s How Akothee’s 1st Born Daughter Vesha’s Lavish Birthday Party Went Down (Photos)

And what man wants to compete with the phantoms of the past? Unless ofcourse you’re dealing with an exorcist. Who wants to be compared to an ex and especially when it comes to something alot of men are insecure about? And this also raises the question of why Akothee would say this.

And it is not just her, she is a representation of women like Maureen Waititu who are wondering why men do not seem to excited at the prospect of dating her and her sisters. It’s bad enough high value men would be saddled with another man’s children, it is worse that now the comparisons would keep flying.

‘Be Financially Stable First Before Looking For A Financially Stable Man’ Akothee’s Advice To Daughter As She Celebrates Birthday

Imagine of you will, a man happens to start dating Akothee and then her ex, the father of her miiro children steps up and starts being the type of man she would want to deal with at present day? Would she not ditch him and run back into her exes arms? And if she wouldn’t then it is not without the realm of reason to realize she would at the very least cheat with the man.

Ms Akothee turns 40

That is why a song called “A case of the ex” exists. Thank my older brother for telling me about it. At the end of the day, I would never advise any of my friends to actually get into a relationship with a single mother unless they too are single fathers. And as a result, women like Madam Boss will remain single.

Sure enough, I would advise them to have fun with the single mother. Enjoy the experience and wisdom she has gleaned from dealing with other men before you but do not commit. That way, you can walk away from Akothee if or rather when she decides to watch a re-run of her x-rated memories.

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Akothee advice to her daughter about money and love is better suited for her sons

Akothee recently gave her daughter, Rue Baby advice on relationships and what she said essentially amounted to “chase money, don’t chase love” and while on the surface this seems like smart advice, I am of the opinion that the contrary is true if she wants her daughter to get a stable marriage to a high-value man.

Forty and Fabulous! How Akothee celebrated 40th birthday in pictures

You see, while she has the best intentions for her daughters and given her history steeped in poverty before she made some serious money through her marriages to some mzungus and so she knows what poverty exposes women to.

Rue Baby´s friendship with MCA Tricky worries her dad

Perhaps her advice is from the fact that she knows that being married to a man simply because you love him is not enough as her first husband fit this bill. Whatever the case may be, we all can agree that Akothee has her daughters best interest at heart but this is the type of advice you give your daughter only if you do not care for her happiness or her ability to fulfil her evolved desire for a family.

Akothee forced to share HIV/Aids results online to prove a point (Photo)

The very last line of her speech is a troubling one indeed because it sounds like she is telling her daughter to go for a man with money when she says,

“It is better to cry in Dubai than laugh in Kanyamkago”

But we shall address this later. For now, I chose to assume she was not advising her daughter to prostitute herself to sate her hypergamy. So let us move on with that in mind.

Akothee birthday
Akothee turns 40 in style with her daughters in tow

Akothee, like any mother, would like to see her daughter achieve independence but when biology comes into focus, the truth is that women who often pursue their careers do so at the expense of a family and children.

Akothee Explains Why She Prefers Hanging Out With Men Rather Than Women

You see, nature itself doesn’t care to be politically correct and more often than not, it defecates on the notions of third-wave feminism. that is why even on an animalistic level, with a rare few exceptions of outliers, double standards occur fairly regularly along gender lines. So for example, assuming a Rue baby, Akothee’s daughter who received the advice, is currently 22. Were she to pursue a career anywhere other than at her mother’s companies, she would only be peaking into the lowest tiers of management in her late twenties/ early thirties. From there, she would have to dedicate a crazy amount of hours to her work in order for her to rise up the ranks. She would probably start breaking into middle management and the higher tiers in her late thirties (if her ascendancy is fast-tracked) or mid-forties.

Akothee advised her daughters to chase money and not love.

Here I am assuming her trajectory mirrors that of her male counterparts. And while there is nothing wrong with dedicating your life to your career as a woman, men do not have the burden of bearing children bestowed upon them by nature. Only women do and even then, they are only given a short window of opportunity to do so and have healthy, complicated pregnancies and children.

I Spend Ksh 500,000 Monthly To Maintain My Homes, Any Man Coming Into My Life Should Match This- Akothee

So assuming Akothee gave her sons the same advice, they would flourish as they would first focus on getting themselves established before seeking romantic partners with whom to start a family with. The best advice she could give is to tell her daughter to ensure she is a top tier woman. That means she ensures she is feminine and immerses herself in the world of high-value men. She should also tell her daughter to be discriminating whom she chooses to date or have relations with as a high body count is a legitimate turn-off.
She essentially needs to teach her daughter to be fit, feminine and cooperative.


Now let us get back to the very last statement Akothee said. It felt like she was advising her daughter to get a rich man as she would prefer to cry in Dubai that laugh in wherever that remote corner of Kenya she mentioned is in. Unbridled hypergamy will lead to her daughter’s misery because it shall never be sated and the partners she will end up with will punish her for her greed (which they will pick up on subconsciously) knowing all too well she is only with them for their money. Akothee should ask her fellow female celebs who employed this strategy why they are single and searching in their forties.

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Akothee is right, women shouldn’t leave their marriages for frivolous reasons

Akothee, the singer who appointed herself the president of Kenya’s single mothers is back to discuss that very topic. She has opened up about the fact that a lot of Kenyan women who listen to her believe she is calling for them to leave their husbands and marriages.

Being A Single Mum Is A Circumstance, Don’t Leave Your Husband- Akothee Advices

Speaking via her Insta-stories, she said the following:

Akothee has spoken up about single motherhood being a problem

”It has come to my attention that I am mis-advising women to walk out of their relationships. The problem is that you don’t understand my English. Please, if you’re married, stay in your marriage. Even our own parents stayed in their own marriages. Being a single mother is not pride, it is a circumstance. And we can’t change anything about that.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

Anyway, we’ve got to be strong to live this life. If you think you want to leave your husband because you think Akothee is living a good life, I will never showcase my frustrations online. You could be living a better life than me. But anyway, choices are yours. If you want to leave your husband’s house, don’t leave with my name… You do not know what I’m going through off- cameras.”

Akothee with her daughters

And you have to give it up to Akothee for having the presence of mind to actually realize that some people were misinterpreting her words and she needed to correct them so as to actually give a more holistic understanding to her fans.

Akothee’s eldest daughter, Rue spends night in police custody (videos)

And the science of social studies backs her up. You see, right off the bat, statistics tell us that more women than men initiate divorces. That means that more women than men are opting to end their monogamous family setting for whatever reason. Beyond that, Akothee is also speaking to the women who have no real reason such as domestic violence.

Singer Akothee enjoying life at its best

And whether or not you believe infidelity is a deal-breaker is up to you but to willfully choose to raise your children in a single-mother setup is actually a huge problem because of what science tells us happens to them. Because make no mistake about it, they are adversely affected.

“Stop telling people your problems,” Akothee advices single mums

And if you can avoid putting yourself through the hustle of raising children on your own, if you can save your children from the trauma of being raised without a father, why would you chose to do so? that is the question I believe Akothee is asking.

Akothee posing

But I feel we should start by teaching our children how to select the best mate for pair-bonding. What I mean is that for Akothee’s advice to work, you have to know how to select a good man who will not run-away when children are procreated. Also, men need to be taught how to select women who have a marriage mindset.

Let us pull up the statistics on the matter:

According to the professional literature, the absence of the father is the single most important cause of poverty. The same is true for crime. Of all adolescents, those in intact married families are the least likely to commit delinquent acts. Children of single-parent homes are more likely to be abused, have emotional problems, engage in questionable behaviorstruggle academically, and become delinquent. Problems with children from fatherless families can continue into adulthood. These children are three times more likely to end up in jail by the time they reach age 30 than are children raised in intact families, and have the highest rates of incarceration in the United States. (Source: Effects of Fatherless Families on Crime Rates)

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Not yet uhuru: Akothee cares too much about Edgar Obare’s opinion

Akothee strikes all her fans, followers and haters as the very epitome of independence. She is the mother of five children, two of whose fathers support their children and mother’s lifestyle, and she has taken great care of her body so inspite of her brood, she looks better than a lot of women half her age without kids of their own.

Was Akothee’s advice to her newly engaged sister good or bad?

But there is one thing that really sticks out to me and that is the fact that Akothee isn’t entirely free of an obsession over what the next man is saying about her. Ad this time it is down to Edgar Obare and his tabloid offerings of her life.

edgar obare
Tea master, Edgar Obare

One would be forgiven for thinking that a woman who has her life together, her wealth in check would have way too much to concern herself with rather than the stories run by a blog but not her.

Akothee’s sister: Why grandiose engagements are a terrible idea

Akothee is obsessed with proving Edgar Obare wrong and the problem with that is the fact that she does little more than giving him validation because why else would a woman so fabulously loaded be intrigued enough to respond to a blogger whom she says is beneath her? Let that sink in.

Businesswoman, Akothee

In his most recent beef with Akothee, Edgar Obare shared some screenshots allegedly showing a conversation between Akothee’s sister and someone else that claimed the singer isn’t as financially secure as she claims to be.
Akothee decided to address the rumour after keeping quiet for a couple of days. Now she has offered to show people her recent financial transactions… She is a literal slave to Edgar Obare’s opinions and IG account.

Drama! Edgar Obare exposes Akothee’s sister Cebbie for being a husband snatcher just days after getting engaged (Screenshots)

Why else would Akothee feel the need to address Edgar Obare whom she claims is poorer than she? Afterall, she was having a one-woman party as she enjoyed her night but the main reason for that display of nonsense, the main reason for her party and the main focus of her week (clearly) has been Edgar Obare because she feels driven to prove him wrong -and he really couldn’t care less.

Kenyan singer and philanthropist, Akothee

You see, Akothee hired a DJ, she went on to go live on her IG and she channelled all her energy into proving to Edgar Obare that she has money, all the while, Edgar didn’t do anything more than share screenshots that he didn’t even go out of his way to look for. He simply got sent the damn things.

Think about how both have basically used their energy the last couple of days and you will realize Akothee is a slave to public opinion and in her mind, Edgar Obare (and other broke bloggers) is powerful enough to shape it.


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Was Akothee’s advice to her newly engaged sister good or bad?

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Kokeyo is engaged to be married after her now fiance threw down a really grand proposal for all to witness. The engagement was a rather interesting affair that say Cebbie’s guy gave her a car as a gift.

Drama! Akothee accused of waiting for Lady Maureen’s death to buy her coffin

Akothee’s advice to her younger sister, however, was just as interesting as what was going on during the engagement. Incase you haven’t read the advice, this is what Akothee had to say:


Businesswoman, Akothee


Akothee discloses the identity of the man who took her virginity back in the day! (Photo)

So is that great advice? Is Akothee right in telling her sister not to engage in coitus with her fiance? I would argue that it really depends on what side of the gender divide that you fall on…

akothee's sister
Akothee’s sister Cebbie gets engaged

You see, for a woman, this might actually be a great piece of advice. It keeps the fiance waiting upon baited-breath and wondering about how magical the wedding night will be. Whether or not it will indeed be magical isn’t anything to worry about because at the end of the day, it is about the mind and how magical it was and all that will be remembered through rosy-tinted glasses at the end of the day.

Is Akothee giving her daughters alcohol a good idea?

As for the man, all I can say is that when the wait is long, the juice is rarely ever worth the squeeze. Why? because at the heart of it, when it comes to seduction and attraction, women only make rules for the men they feel are beneath them. But that is my own anecdotal evidence. However, unless your woman is a virgin, it makes no sense for you to decide to hold off from pursuing carnal pleasures simply to uphold her notion of confusion as to what a European wedding is about.


So whatever you decide to believe about Akothee’s statement, chances are that when you do, your gender will strongly come into play because the only two ways to make any sense of it is either by viewing it whimsically/ emotionally or from a more grounded/ pragmatic approach.

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Akothee’s sister: Why grandiose engagements are a terrible idea

Akothee’s sister, a lady by the name Cebbie Kokeyo recently got engaged and her now fiance really pulled all the stops for his lady love. The man in question, a doctor by profession, decided that he wanted to put the world on notice about not just his love for Cebbie but also his capacity as a provider.

Drama! Akothee accused of waiting for Lady Maureen’s death to buy her coffin

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie, a lady probably accustomed at this point of living in her sister’s shadow now is the talk of town and with good reason. She is well on her way to getting married and starting a family and for once, she isn’t in Akothee’s shadow.


That said, however, I would like us to focus on Juspus Gentry, her fiance. So let us set Akothee and Cebbie aside momentarily. And focus on my argument that these grandiose engagements are a horrible idea.

What a woman! Akothee fiercely weighs in on Tanzanian actress Shilole’s domestic attack

Juspus is a man in love and men tend to love romantically. That often translates in them fully throwing their entire being into the relationships they get into -atleast during the first few days, weeks, months and years of their relationship.

akothee's sister

However, this situation is bad for any man worth a damn. And this is for three obvious reasons. I want us to look at the reasons and divorce our emotions from the motion:

Akothee discloses the identity of the man who took her virginity back in the day! (Photo)

First, such displays of ostentatious wealth always bring about the scrutiny of the taxman and no sane person wants KRA looking at their affair.
Justus’show of love for Akothee’s sister was meant to be an earnest display of affection. However, it could very well result in the taxman looking with a keener eye at their personal businesses. Any businessman would tell you this is not an ideal situation.

akothee's sister

Secondly, such loud announcements put everyone on notice. That always comes along with the added pressure of having to deal with people’s opinions. And while at this point in time this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, whenever celebrities really need privacy, they are denied it and marriages are filled with great moments and crappy ones like every other situation in life.
And when you want some privacy to deal with an issue, you will be denied it because you welcomed netizens into your personal lives. And if the marriage suffers the fate of falling apart… Things will get worse for both the parties involved.

Singer Akothee unveils never before seen photo from her Church wedding (Photo)

Thirdly, and finally, this is a form of buying affection. It is going to have the effect of training Justus’partner, Cebbie to please him with the implicit promise of a reward. You see, Justus is showing that he is more than willing, he is infact able to give a reward for behaviour he finds pleasing. He is buying affection and that is not how you want to ground your relationship.

akothee's sister

The only foreseeable payout would be if the couple are narcissists and this has raised their public profile. That is the only way anyone would argue that the rewards of grand engagement ceremonies outweigh the detriments.


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Is Akothee giving her daughters alcohol a good idea?

Akothee recently took to her social media account where she revealed that she is a proponent for giving daughters alcohol at home. The logic that informs her decision is that she would rather her daughters experiment with alcohol at home so they do not get taken advantage of by men.

Akothee gives interesting reason why she serves her children alcohol (Photos)

While the intentions behind her stance is a noble one, I can’t help but remember the old saying that the road to hell is paved by good intentions. Why you ask? “Surely, how can a mother trying to teach her daughters to handle themselves be a bad thing?”

Akothee with her daughters

Well, for starters, it skates on the thin ice that could lead to alcoholism if it breaks. If you understand how alcoholism works, then you know that normalizing the indulgence in alcohol at home often exacerbates the situation.

Aww! Akothee gives daughter blessings as she goes into marriage (Photos)

Add to this the fact that the only solution to ensuring her daughters know how to handle themselves is for Akothee to teach them minus the practical lesson of how to handle liquor. This takes us back to the old adage in the Bible about raising children right. At the end of the day, Akothee has shown an understanding of this fact in that she is aware that her daughters’ safety is an onus that lays squarely on them.

Akothee with her daughters
Akothee and daughters enjoying drinks

And while this understanding is clear, how she has followed up on it is the issue. She shouldn’t put alcohol in the faces of the young women but rather teach them how to conduct themselves like they would have learned at a finishing school.

Akothee doesn’t seem to have a full understanding of how alcoholism works but one of the factors is genetics. So if her daughters haven’t yet shown a propensity to hit the bottle hard, putting this lure right in front of their faces could spark it. Then what?

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Is Akothee looking to re-finance with baby number 6?

Akothee is one of the hottest celebrity entertainers in Kenya at the moment. Whenever she creates a social media post, she is almost always guaranteed to go viral but you had better believe she is always guaranteed a headline.
She is a star who knows how to connect with her audience.

Akothee gives interesting reason why she serves her children alcohol (Photos)

That said, Kenya’s entertainment scene doesn’t pay and that is something Akothee herself has stated. She is aware that all the attention she gets from her craft as a musician can only fully be monetized outside of the entertainment scene.


As a result, she uses her brand clout to get endorsement deals but also to push her own companies of which her most spoken about was her tours company. It shouldn’t take genius-level intellect to see where this is going…

Aww! Akothee gives daughter blessings as she goes into marriage (Photos)

You see, Covid-19 is a pandemic that has forced the entire world to go into self-quarantine. This has seen a lot of businesses and companies fold under the burden of not being able to operate. The most affected industries are the aviation and hospitality industries. You see, due to the lockdown, international and domestic travel have been killed. As a result, hotels, tour agencies and other related business have all but folded.


And with everything that has been happening, in Kenya, artists havent been allowed to perform as the emphasis of the government’s approach beyond educating people on the benefits of washing their hands has been enforcing social distancing measures.

Esther Akoth alias Akothee

Akothee for her part began to announce she had an itch for baby number 6 during this period. What does that mean? Well, for starters, that the timing is a little off. The mother of 5 who has managed to maintain her physique to a level even single young women without children cannot, is keen to have a baby at the wrong time. Unless…

Akothee declares war on Nigerian woman who insulted her ego

Well, unless Akothee knows the child would net her a high-networth white man because let’s face it, Akothee has shown a penchant for spring the offspring of white men with her youngest children being the result of such dalliances.

And because I know her famous anger and emotional outbursts, I am expecting the Akothee rant in which she threatens legal action for my opinion before subsequently telling me she can pay my rent (I wonder whether she did the same for the other guy she offered to do this for), I will simply remind Akothee that the timing of her statement is off.

And for me, looking in from the outside, the only reason a person would look for a child during such uncertain times is because they know the child’s upbringing is guaranteed and given that Akothee has famously praised on of her mzungu baby daddies for being a great provider…

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Underappreciated: Akothee is a rarity on the East African scene

Akothee is a gem that we as Kenyans have woefully underappreciated. That said, I wouldn’t place the blame squarely on Kenyans feet. You see, Akothee often finds herself embroiled in controversies often times that she has created whether wittingly or unwittingly. She always creates publicity stunts that are often cringeworthy but also, she does a lot of charity work -much more than any other Kenyan celebrity.

“I begged celebrities but never again!” Akothee declares after bagging 2M Instagram followers

But on closer inspection, you realize just how brilliant a brand she is. I cannot say much about her music. That is a matter of taste. But when it comes to Akothee the entertainer as a brand, she is brilliant. From her image to her antics and wardrobe, everything has been crafted to ensure she not only grabs your attention but is memorable too.

Akothee working out

Let us start with her image. Akothee started from the ground up. She worked on her body and trust me when I say she has put her blood, sweat and tears into it. She is a mother of 5 and you wouldn’t believe it. Akothee is always working out, and unlike a lot of Kenyan celebrities, she isn’t doing bullshit workouts. Akothee has muscle tone. She works to keep herself sexy and as a result, she is the fuel for a lot of men’s fantasies.
Even her hair is a character all on its own. When she is at home, it is in matutas. And when she has a show, a weave miraculously appears. And you can tell from the comments on her social media page that people notice the changes.

Akothee chilling at hoome

When it comes to Akothee’s dressing, the best thing about it is that it reflects normal Kenyan life. When she is at home, she dresses in old rags. When she is in the shamba, she dresses up like a farmer. When she is on the red carpet, her dressing is exquisite.

Akothee to finally settle with mzungu baby daddy for his selfless act

And when it comes to her publicity stunts, even her simple opinions are so well crafted, they always elicit emotion. When it suits her, she is a feminist spewing hate and fire with the best of them. When it suits her, she is a tradcon, spewing timid, conservative views with the best of them. She will defend one woman and do so with every ounce of energy she has, and the very next day, come at another with all the anger she can muster.

Why is she a gem? Because she has managed to crack the code. She is a celebrity in every sense of the word -atleast in the modern understanding of it. We accept that her personal life and her music career fascinate us in equal measure.


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The reason why every woman including Vera is thirsting after Babu Owino

Isn’t it interesting to see just how much popular Babu Owino has become all of a sudden with the “fairer sex”? Babu Owino has had the biggest come back of 2020 and the year is not even halfway through. The Embakasi East Member of Parliament was in the political doghouse after he was allegedly captured on camera shooting DJ Evolve in the neck at point-blank range.

CCTV footage of Babu Owino shooting DJ Evolve emerges online

That action once upon a time would have been enough to end his political career. And indeed, many a political pundit expected it to but he has somehow managed to rebound and become even more popular all as the victim of that alleged shooting still lies on a hospital bed.

But what is behind his resurgence to popularity among Kenyan women? Surely there has to be a logical explanation as to why even celebrities like Vera Sidika are thirsting after Babu Owino and Akothee is falling over herself to Baptist him as a man born anew.

Vera thirsting over Babu Owino

Reprieve for weed smokers as Babu Owino supports proposed Marijuana Control Bill after ‘personal experience’


What is it about Babu Owino that makes him stand out in a sea of 349 MPs? I mean, sure not all of them are men but out of that collective, why does Babu Owino stand out to the point women feel no shame having him as their MCM while the likes of Jaguar go largely ignored? Let us delve right into it.

For starters, Babu Owino dresses well. This is one of the facts that a lot of men underrate. Men largely believe they can dress in anything along as they have a fat bank account. And those same men then start to complain about their only attracting gold-diggers. What do you expect if you are attracting women expecting them to look beyond arousal cues and instead focus on “more than just clothes”? What do you think women will focus on if they are ignoring their arousal instincts?
Babu knows how to dress to accentuate his lithe frame. And in an August House filled to the brim with fuddy daddies, this is a huge advantage to him.

Secondly, Babu Owino has a decent body. As I pointed out above, Embakasi East’s Member of Parliament is in far better shape than his colleagues. We could take the example of Jaguar who also dresses well as well as the example of George Theuri. These two men dress well but they are fat. Human beings did not evolve to be fat and this from an evolutionary standpoint is unattractive to both members of the opposite sex.

He has a bad boy reputation and quite the mean streak. Babu came up through the ranks of Nairobi University politics and rose to become the chairman of SONU. Those of you who have experienced public university politics know it to be a cutthroat affair where opponents usually set each other up with serious health implications. Bwana Owino was able to make a name for himself in a race of thugs and this gave him a serious bad boy mystique. Then add to that the charges he is currently facing involving an alleged shooting incident at B Club and you kinda see why he is the ultimate bad boy.

“Maybe she was calling my name during S~x” Babu Owino speaks after hearing Lilian Muli’s baby is a copy paste of him

Babu Owino is demonstrably a handsome man. Please, go debate this point with your girlfriend.

He has status. The fact that he is a popular ODM lieutenant means he attracts a lot of media attention. Add to this the fact that in Kenya, politicians were the first generation celebrities and you understand why he has so much status and social equity. Lord knows women love a famous man and who has a better chance of being famous across the entire country quite like a politician?

And finally, Babu Owino is rich. In a third world shithole like Kenya, MPs and other politicians are at the top of the socio-economic totem pole. Being a rich man allows whichever woman you choose to know her provisionally needs are taken care of so a lot of Kenya’s women would cream themselves at the chance to catch his attention.



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Bahati redeems himself as he teams up with Akothee for “Nakupa Moyo “

Now after going on spree with Gengetone artists, now Bahati drops another song dubbed “Nakupa Moyo”. In this he enlists the self declared president of single mothers Akothee.

Bahati  has been on the receiving end lately in the manner in which he was doing his music.He has even been bashed for “mocking God”in the name of making music.

In what seems like a way to redeem himself Bahati has dropped ‘Nakupa Moyo”.

A song of thanksgiving to God for being faithful in the journey of life. I think I missed this side of Bahati’s music too.

The kind of music that would make you feel the conviction.

On the other hand we can’t just ignore how diverse Akothee is. She is a woman that posses talent, ambition and is clearly a motivation to many when it come to dealing with life’s hurdles.

Though controversial her following would give you a totally different perspective of the mother of five.

Gospel artist, Bahati

Nakupa Moyo

Nakupa Moyo means I give you my heart. The two teamed up for this amazing worship like  song where Akothee starts off  reminisces of her past life.

She is grateful to God for getting her through the darkness of life. She sings of when she was working hard to make money and she is thankful that God did not forsake  her.

As you watch the video you notice the the conviction in Akothee’s voice and yes I wouldn’t mind having this on my playlist every morning.

I however, must confess the luo vibe put in by Akothee got me hooked and yes this song might have just redeemed Bahati.

Further, Bahati comes in pouring his heart out on how he is thankful for all he got.He is thankful for his job, family that the only thing he can offer to God is a thankful heart to God.

The lyrics are also simple and easy to understand.


As we jam to the scenic worship song, we must appreciate that it was done under the EMB records by producer Paulo and Teddy B.

The visuals were done and directed by Young Wallace. They could not have done it any better.For one hate them or love them this song is beautiful.

In the meantime watch and tell us what you think. For rating I will go with 9/10.

Why Tanzanian artist are slowly warming up to Kenya

For a while now Kenyans have enjoyed music both from Kenya and Tanzania thanks to the partnership between the two countries, musicians such as Susumila, Gabu, Bahati, Willy Paul, Akothee to name but a few.

In what seems like a wave, Tanzanian artist seems to be warming up to Kenya and they’ll seem to love the music that we do in Kenya while you can say the same thing to Kenyan music lovers.

Recently, we have seen musicians like Susumila warmed up to Tanzania’s Mbosso and Lavalava together they did big good songs that clearly have gathered good numbers on YouTube and given them the views that they deserve.

One would ask why the Tanzanian boys and girls seem to be warming up to Kenya. Well, if you ask me I believe that because of the Swahili dialect they use and the poetic nature is why Kenyans love is their music.

Mbosso and Susumila

Tanzania the crown takers of new-age R&B?

I’m in for the longest time we have not had the 90s r&b that would create the mood in all what seems like the love renditions of music. However, the Tanzanian boys seem to have mastered the art of doing RnB music using Swahili.

A good example is “La vie” a song done by Kenya’s Tanasha Donna and Wasafi’s Mbosso. Barely a week and the song was able to get over 1 million views on YouTube.

Well yes, some would say it’s because she is close to Diamond Platinumz but again whether she is or not, Tanasha can sing.

Furthermore, when you listen to the songs it gives you a reason to fall in love again and again with your heart or not it does give you a reason to love.

But anyway whether they just coming to Kenya just for the numbers or not it is clear that Bongo artists have seen good potential in Kenyan-Tanzanian collaborations.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian’s whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes are the laziest lot in East Africa. Forgive me if you feel offended. To start with, they rarely ask for collaborations form East Africa. It is a good thing to have local collaborations.

One thing that is a fact is that they are too lazy to cross borders. Sometimes one might think it financial but come to think of it.

Only two or three of Kenyan artistes have sought collaborations with big Tanzanian artistes. The rest are so comfortable in their own zone.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, the problem is not that they cannot get these people to work with them but just lazy people who want things to come easy.

I am saddened by the fact that they go to look for Tanzania artistes who are already dead in the music scene. Look at Nameless and Darassa. He ought to have collaborated with the guy when he was still selling in Tanzania.

In music, one should flow with the wave and what is hot. Apart from Akothee, I am yet to see any other Kenyan artiste who has collaborated with Diamond Platinumz.

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Also, it is the only way that they will make a name in Tanzania. Look at the example of Willy Paul, he has made use of Rayvanny, Tanasha has made use of Mbosso.

I feel sad that Kenyan artistes want to rush to these people when they can barely hit in their village. It takes hard work and determination to make it.

Imagine the things the Tanzanian big names are doing. Who bewitched our very own? Why is it so hard to get collaborations in East Africa?

Kenyan artistes only look for collaborations with Tanzanian's whose names are almost extinct in the game

Kenyan artistes should feel challenged considering that this artistes who are making are even taking major events in our country. I doubt there is anyone who will go for a lazy artiste.

In addition, it is time that they took the opportunity and emulated their counterparts. Look for Harmonize, Diamond, Mbosso, Alikiba, Rayvanny and the others.

Stop going for people like Mr Bleu, they can barely make it on their own.

Akothee is officially tired of dating

Singer Akothee will not be looking for a man again anytime soon because it’s frustrating and draining her.

The singer took to social media recently to reveal that she doesn’t want a man anymore because relationships have been stressing her.

“Single and not searching let everyone live a afree life that makes them happy, relationships drains me , I forget myself and start investing on my relationship. I have officially taken a break from dating anyone or anyone dating me . leave me alone ???????????? I have papa Oyoo and papa Ojwang in my head ,its enough headache ????????” she posted on social media.


It’s not the first time the singer has made such comments. several times Akothee has claimed she doesn’t need a man but has always ended up in the dating pool.

Akothee begs women to stop entertaining their exes in bed and Zari totally agrees 

We all know singer Akothee has advice for days ranging from all kind of topics.

On social media, the mother of five, who just shared her ex-lover recently on the platform praising him, warned fellow women to not give their former lovers the cookie once they part ways.


She poured her thoughts in a very long posts warning women to avoid being caught in this cycle and guess who else agreed? Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan.

“I know it hurts, give it time. Women take their children with them after a break up because of the pain they incubated for years.

“Once they get courage and stand on their feet without you in their lives they become wild and venomous, bitter and cautious.

“They don’t trust what you can do next! You already betrayed your commitment, nothing can make it better at this point! She is still collecting herself and needs no distraction, leave her alone.

“When you break up with your woman, follow up with your children the moment it happens send gifts food, pay school fees.

“It’s not time for freedom for you, to post on social media how good you are doing after she left! How you can pick the next chick because you are hot!

“Definitely, you are hot because you don’t carry pregnancy and has no idea of how labour pain feels children did not break up with you, you broke up with their mother, your sexual urge got finished but love never dies you can’t love your children and hate their mother  its your sex life moment that got boring.
“Men break down in clubs and cry after drinking alcohol, that’s when they will open up and tell you “my wife left me???? and she left with my children ????????????????, this kind of men hurt deep inside, and will make so many mistakes trying to fill in the gap, be a man, walk up to the mother of your children, ask for forgiveness.

“Accept that its all water under the bridge and concentrate on the children, live her new life alone, you can’t take her back.”

Akothee went on:

“She grew wings under your frustrations, when you thought she is a nobody, when you thought she is outdated, ugly and old, she is low class with no fashion, wait until someone picks up the container you threw away and make a lamp out of it, then you will come up with all kinds of stories and title, and number 1 title is prostitute you will be the first man to spread the name of your children’s mother in all sorts of bad image. Men take care. I have only seen men regret after an ugly break up, some even beat up their children in the mix. You will outdo your actions ones it’s done. And women once it’s over its over, don’t allow him to come for sex, noo.”

Zari, who can totally relate to the post from the drama Diamond has shown her, commented on the post agreeing.

“Couldn’t have said it any better ????,’ she said. 

Akothee: What Ezekiel Mutua said about me was hate speech

Akothee recently revealed that Ezekiel Mutua’s “parting legs” criticisms on her was very unprofessional.

Mutua, the KFCB boss, took to Facebook to post a long scathing post about Akothee after she had an explicit performance that angered many.

Akothee said that Mutua’s post was more than just a look at her career but was meant to tear her down. Speaking on Mambo Mseto, Akothee said that Mutua should have used better channels.

“I’m actually happy when people criticize me you know, I’m able to differentiate between a constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Ya Ezekiel Mutua was hate speech, it wasn’t anything to do with criticism or anything coz at his age I believe he must be the age of my dad, if he really wanted to correct me I believe there is a professional way of doing it but again ukienda kupiga kelele huko kwa twitter,” she said. 


Akothee added that Mutua is also an attention seeker and was looking to get her’s. And he did.

“He is someone looking for attention, for my attention. So I believe he was busy being entertained ni vile tu alikataa kukubali ni fan amekaa kwa corner flani hapo. About my fans huwezi kuwa mtu ambaye vitu zako zote tu ni correct,” said the Oyoyo singer.



Akothee confesses that she won’t change her dress code despite being a born again christian now

Singer Akothee has angered several Kenyans in the past over explicit dress code. Not once has the controversial singer stepped out in revealing clothes leaving majority of Kenyans in their feelings.

Akothee recently revealed that she’s a new person now and that she has accepted Jesus Christ. She was speaking in an interview on Kiss 100.

“Since I came from Turkana I am a new person. People saw me doing gospel in the morning and did not know what this year came with. I got saved, yeah,” she said.

Not changing


Anyway, Akothee also shared that being saved doesn’t mean she will change a lot especially, her dress code. She also had a very interesting explanation why she wouldn’t change.

”I got saved but I will not change my dress code. God does not see that as a sin. I came out of my mother’s womb without clothes,” she added.